26 October 2011
Robert Byers of Eday

Jim Shearer was an RASC lorry driver in the 1944-45 NW Europe Campaign, rightly proud to be a Normandy Veteran.  The biography of Robert Byers, who served as an RASC ambulance driver in North Africa and Italy during World War 2, has been added to the Eday page of the website.  Robert as one of the "D-Day Dodgers" saw through a hard war in Italy, where he also drove as a despatch rider.  Robert came home to take over Green, the family farm on Eday, and bought grass seed from Jim.  Robert retired to Kirkwall, where died after a stroke in 1999.  His story has been added as a pdf to the Eday section of the website, or can be downloaded directly using the link below.

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