06 March 2011
Laser Flare Test

 Local coastguard Ian Lindsey has organised a test of the innobative laser flare on Wednesday 9 September.

 The manufacturers describe it as a safe alternative to the traditional hand held red flare - and say it should be ideal for kayakers.
More info at www.odeoflare.co.uk
To test it out, Ian has arranged for the Kirkwall Lifeboat to head out into Kirkwall Bay with the flare - half a mile at first, then a mile and so on. The helicopter is also due to come down from Shetland with watch staff from the Shetland coastguard station. And Ian's own teams will be watching from on shore.
If you'd like to see the test from on shore, Ian says you're welcome to meet up at the Coastguard station in Cromwell Road around 7pm this coming Wednesday evening - the lifeboat will go out about 8pm.
The idea is to see how visible the flare is after dark, whether it would be identifiable as a distress signal - and its general effectiveness.
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