17 March 2010
Sea Kayaks in the Swimming Pool

There has been great interest in our pool sessions this year, from adults and youngsters alike.  Many of our younger members are progressing through the Paddlesport syllabus with tuition from our team of coaches.  The results are amazing and it is so good to see so many paddlers of all ages out practising their moves and the number rolling is incredible! 

A very noticeable feature is the number of smiling faces and sound of laughter - kayaking should be fun!

A natural progression, especially for aspiring rollers, is to move on to sea boats. The sea kayak is an enormous thing in the pool so we are limited to six boats but it is great to practise brace strokes, rolling etc in the warmth and comparative safety of the pool.

We have been running sea kayak sessions on Friday evenings and they are very popular indeed, in fact usually oversubscribed.

On Sunday 21 March OSKA are organising an extra pool session for sea kayaks from 7.30 - 9.00 pm and this is open to KKC members.  Cost of the pool hire will be divided between participants.  If the session is full then the cost will be £8 per head.

If you are interested in practising your moves in a sea kayak in the swimming pool before venturing out on to the cold sea then give Dennis a ring on 872542 or reply to the Feedback section of this website.

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