19 January 2010
Canoe Polo Training

The first session of training for Canoe Polo took place at Kirkwall Pool on Friday 15 September when 13 kayakers turned up, both male and female and with an age range of 15 to 65 years!  There was even a small crowd of spectators to see what the hype in last week's paper was about.

After a brief overview of the rules, there was some dribble practice before selecting a couple of teams, mixing the experienced players with some of the new recruits.   Teams continued to be mixed up and several games were played.  The newcomers made a promising start with some determined play and showing a quick understanding of the game, while the more experienced players quickly found their form.  It was commented that, "Canoe Polo on a Friday evening was perfect for venting the week's frustrations".

Canoe Polo is a very exciting game to take part in - and to watch!

The good work continues this Friday 22 January, which is the last practice session before our first attempt at Division 2 on Sunday 24 January.  Travelling are Graham Summers, Torquil Clyde, Colin Rendall, Peter Woodward, Kristian Cooper, Ansgar Vinke and Mary Saunders.

The teams we play are Stirling University, Mighty DUCCS B, Scarlet Ladies B, Heriot Watt University and Fife CAG.

Canoe Polo sessions take place at 9 pm every Friday until 12 February at Kirkwall Swimming Pool.

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