The Attery Houses
The field of the farm of Grieveship, now occupied by the Grieveship East housing scheme, was the site of the A.T.S. camp during the 2nd worldwar .
(A.T.S.=Auxiliary Territorial service,now known as W.R.A.C.=Women's Royal Army Corps)
This was one of many army camps built in and around Stromness.After the war they were sold off and demolished.Stromness Town Council  acquired the Attery as" temporary"Council Housing,and it remained so for more than twenty years,when the present scheme was built .
Many families grew up happily in the Attery.Where the surrounding rough ground made a fine playground   
.They remember the drama of the early hours of Tuesday  January 15th 1952 when a 120m.p.h.hurricane stripped many of the roofs. Families occupied St Peter'sManse (now part of  St Peters House )  while the roofs were replaced .
Grieveship West occupies the field that was part of the farm of Quildon
 First hand memories of the Attery may be had from some  local Stromness residents who stayed there 

This local history has been given by Bryce Wilson  -  local Historian

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