All the Waters in the World - Laura Johnston

by Stephanie Cullen - 11:46 on 13 November 2018


   Our latest exhibition at For Arts Sake is ‘All the Waters in the World’ by Laura Johnston, featuring representative illustrations of the Nine Daughters of Ægir.

   From its inception, the exhibition has been inspired by Laura’s family, she explains that the idea for the collection came from a verse of poetry that her grandad taught her:

“All the waters in the world no matter how they tried,

could never sink a ship unless they get inside.”

   A beautiful piece of advice to hand down to any generation, we’re sure most would agree. The artist has cleverly taken this sage wisdom and applied it to a visual representation of Norse mythology. Her work features, Ægir, ruler of the Sea, and his wife Rán, along with their nine daughters who all represent different aspects of sea waves.

   Laura works at Ortak, her experience with jewellery design certainly shows in her illustrations which are detailed and decorative while maintaining a technicality to be envied. What on first inspection may appear to be a simple geometric design or pattern, is actually a deceivingly clever piece of symbolism. Thus a simple chain of circles comes to symbolise the froth of daughter Uðr, slices of red in a picture give away that it is Blóðughadda who represents red sea foam, while Rán (renowned for capturing and killing sailors in her nets) is represented by a seashell with swirling mesh design coming out of its hollow. All the artist’s work is intricate and incredibly well thought out.

   As can be expected with such a meaningful exhibition, it has been well supported by Laura’s family and friends, a large number of whom attended a successful ‘Meet the Artist’ event. It’s been marvellous to see so many people in our gallery this month, we look forward to seeing more! Come see Laura’s work for yourself, the gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10-5 and Saturdays 10-4.

Comment from Sandy Scott at 21:36 on 13 November 2018.
Laura's family are very talented so it's no surprise this young artist interprets her subjects with such clarity and passion. There's a public venue for her in Aberdeen for her exhibition should she want to display any time.

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