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An Evening Wildflower Wander

by Graeme Walker - 20:48 on 06 July 2014

True to its word, to put on short notice events to take advantage of the wildlife moment, the Field Club organised a wildflower walk in a meadow near Finstown, on the evening of Wednesday 25th June 2014. 
It was a splendid, sunny evening with a slight north easterly breeze, as fourteen club members met in the Finstown car park and climbed up towards Heddle Hill, pausing only to look at the splendid display of blooms in the community garden. John Crossley explained that the meadow is unimproved (no applications of fertiliser, so low in nutrients), with underlying sandstone bordering on limestone, which makes for an interesting plant community. The meadow is grazed through the winter by sheep and cattle, which helps to keep the grass sward in check, increases the chances of wildflower seed dispersal and also ensures a good seed contact with the soil. Immediately upon entering the pasture, it was obvious that it was a special place, with plenty of Northern Marsh and Heath Spotted Orchid (plus a fair bit of hybridisation). 

Also in profusion were Common Twayblade, Butterwort, Lousewort and Lady's Mantle. Fewer in number, but a joy to see, were Fairy Flax, Moonwort, Ragged Robin, Eyebright, Wild Thyme and a Speedwell species, plus a small amount of Bog Asphodel which won't flower for several weeks yet.

The group spent an enjoyable hour of ‘gentle treading’, finding, identifying and photographing all manner of wonderful wild flowers.
Many thanks to Penny Martin and John Crossley for organising and guiding this rewarding evening field trip.

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