2020 has obviously been a strange and unsettling year for us all, and we're not sure when things are going to get back to normality. We are still closed at Wood B Good, St Colms Cards and Cafe, but we hope it won't be long until we're donning our work clothes, rolling up our sleeves and getting back to work. In the meantime it is really good to look back on happy, busy times and the successes we have had. 

Bumper Year for Wood B Good

2019 was a really busy year for Wood B Good, St Colms Cards and Cafe. We completed some big Wood B Good orders, including making lots of beautiful outdoor furniture and planters for the Macmillan ward at the new Balfour Hospital. Everyone in the workshop worked incredibly hard to get these items completed in time, and luckily the hospital was happy with the results.

The woodwork gang worked on lots of other projects, and made lots of lovely items for the christmas sale. Well done the woodwork crew!

Cafe oh-yeah!

It was also a really great year for our cafe, which went from strength to strength. It has been wonderful working in conjunction with the Hospitality department at Orkney College UHI - our cafe workers have had the opportunity to hone their hospitality skills in a more structured way, with the help of Daniel Laud and some of his colleagues. Menu-wise, the introduction of some savoury "peedie plated" options went down a storm, complementing our usual menu of hot filled rolls, homemade soup, and home bakes.

We have built up a really supportive customer-base who adore our cheese scones, Orkney Coffee and the wide range of Friday fancies cooked up by our hard-working cafe crew. Good job!

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