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Phoenix House


Women's Aid Orkney can provide safe temporary accomodation, information and support for women and their children (if any) who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse regardless of their age, culture, disability, ethnicity or sexuality.



Phoenix House is a lovely spacious new building.  It has 4 self-contained flats, 1 of which has been adapted to ensure we can meet the needs of any women and children with disablities.  Each flat is fully furnished including a television, a dvd and a cd player. 

There is a communal sitting room where anyone staying at Phoenix House can get together or where, if you want, you can have 1-1 sessions with one of our support workers, there is a computer in the sitting room that you can have access to.  We also from time to time like to run group activites for the women including painting classes and confidence building. 

Our children and young people's workers have a room especially for the children and young people where they can support them during 1-1, group sessions or play sessions.                                                                                                  

The support workers are based in an office within Phoenix House where they operate an open door policy so that women and children feel at ease about approaching them. 

Security is very important to us and there is a safe garden with a high fence for privacy, there are also security cameras around the outside and inside of the building and our doors are always security locked and have a buzzer entry system to further ensure your security.


If you are suffering from any form of Domestic Abuse and feel you need help, we will aim to provide you with accommodation.  However, if at the time you contact us, there are no flats available in Phoenix House you can go on a waiting list and we can help you get emergency housing through the Housing Division of the Orkney Islands Council, where you can stay until there is a flat available in Phoenix House or you find alternative accomodation.  You have a right to get accommodation on the same day as you leave your home because of domestic abuse.  The emergency houses come fully furnished apart from a television, a phone and a radio. If you decide to go into emergency housing, a private let or stay with family or friends you can still recieve support from our outreach worker.


Support workers will work closely with the residents during their stay at Phoenix House and both parties will be involved in the decision to move on to alternative accommodation based on risk assessment and readiness from the resident to move.  Prior to moving out of Phoenix House, the support worker will have made arrangements for any additional support required and will have contacted any other agencies already involved in the residents care regarding contact details.  The length of the stay will depend on each individuals needs, but is usually about 6 months.  When women and children do move on from Phoenix House they will still continue to get support after the move.



Women and their children will be warmly welcomed into a secure and supportive environment with staff on-site to offer you daily support by listening to you, giving you advice and providing you with information.  However, staff also ensure that your right to privacy is respected at all times and they treat your flat as they would your home - they do not have the right to just walk in.


Our trained support workers at the refuge can help you with a wide range of issues which include:

  • Legal issues
  • Safety issues
  • Housing issues
  • financial advice, including benefit rights
  • Practical and Emotional Support
  • Supporting you in meetings with solicitors, other services etc
  • Offering a follow on service after you leave the refuge
  • Giving you advice on children's issues

You can have as much or as little input from the support workers as you feel you need.  Our workers will always listen to you and never judge you and most importantly your privacy is respected at all times.








Our trained children and young people's support workers will give your child/children time to talk, support them with school issues, organise play sessions and encourage them to get more involved in out of school activites.   There are different ways that this type of support can help your child/children:

  • raises their self-esteem
  • helps them to understand the situation
  • improves their relationships with others
  • gives them more confidence
  • helps them understand their feelings 

The children and young persons support workers play an important role in making sure that your child/children have a happy and positive experience while staying in the refuge.