15 June 2016Skara Brae Buddo

The Stromness Museum is very pleased to announce the 'rediscovery' of the Skara Brae Buddo, a whalebone figurine originally found in the 1847 excavation, but carefully packaged away within our collection until its rediscovery a few weeks ago.  

Curator, Janette Park, inspects Buddo below (photo Stromness Museum & Hugo Anderson-Whymark)


14 June 2016Stromness Museum on Twitter

We are now on Twitter! Hurrah! 

Here's our first photo on Twitter - wow, the Victorian Gallery has hardly changed! 

13 June 2016Tues 14 June - Early Closure

The Stromness Museum will close early on Tuesday 14th June - at 1.30pm - in order to carry out some work on the exhibition space.  It reopens as normal at 11am on Wednesday. 

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