Skara Brae Rediscovered

Skara Brae is the best-preserved Neolithic settlement in northwest Europe, and is one of Britain’s most important prehistoric sites.  In the winter of 1850, a particularly big storm stripped the grass from the sand dunes covering the site, and led to the first recorded discovery of the houses we see today.

The remains of at least 13 stone-built houses, with paved passageways in between have now been identified, but it is likely that there were once many more.  Stone furniture such as dressers and box beds survive within the houses, many of which have walls still standing to head height. The rich collection of finds from the site includes many fine items in bone, stone, and pottery.  These form one of the largest and most significant Neolithic assemblages from Britain and we are privileged to have some of these artefacts within our permanent collection. 

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