15 January 2015
Orkney Energy Strategy Workshops

Orkney Energy Strategy Workshop One

Yesterday (14/01/2015) I attended the first of the Orkney Energy Strategy Workshops.

The day revolved around seven 'World Cafe' style sessions with everyone having the opportunity to participate in every subject under discussion. The seven heads of discussion were:

1. Low Carbon Approach
2. Renewables
3. Affordable Warmth
4. Transport
5. Research & Development, Innovation and Skills
6. Energy Security
7. Alternative Fuels

The key themes from each of these heads were distilled into five minute reports from each table at the end of the day and will be collated, written up and circulated to attendees before the next workshop which is scheduled for 27 January when the key themes, insights, ideas and questions will be explored. The results of that will inform the new Orkney Energy Strategy.

If you have any ideas, or views which you would like to add into the discussion about Orkney's energy future please feel free to contact me before 27 January.

Nic. Thake 15/01/2015

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