17 December 2010
Save, Save, Save!

The Development Trust was recently awarded £7,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund to carry out a research project into the prospects for improving the energy efficiency of homes in Shapinsay.

Many of these properties are classified as “Hard to Treat” under the Energy Saving Trust’s Home Insulation Scheme, (HIS), and as such often do not qualify for assistance with additional wall and loft insulation. HIS surveyors have visited Shapinsay over recent weeks, but have had little success in seeing many homes.

It is not too late to see if you can receive some help, however; it is worth ‘phoning if you haven’t had a survey, as you could be offered loft top-up insulation free of charge (if you already have between 2.5”/ 60mm and 6.3”/ 160mm). Homes that need cavity wall insulation or have no loft insulation at all will be offered it at a specially negotiated price, or even free of charge to householders that qualify.

The freephone number is 0800 512012 (request a free call-back if you like!)

Or fill in the details here.

Anyone who would like help with any of this please call Alan, our local Powerdown Officer on 01856 841695.

For the Development Trust’s part, our visits, carried out by Jill Spence from Orkney Energy Centre, have been most effective; all houses surveyed have had full energy reports completed on them, along with “thermal imaging” photographs, which identify hot and cold spots in a property. The householders will by now have received their photos back, with the aim that easy and inexpensive improvements can be quickly made.

Saturday the 26th February 2011 is the date for your diary; there will be a full report back to us on the least-expensive and most-effective ways of improving our “Hard to Treat” homes.

We’ll cover the very latest “green” solutions, and how they can be fitted into traditionally-built houses, long-established approaches, (that can often be D.I.Y. answers), and information as to potential help with funding, whatever approach you choose to take.

Look forward to seeing you, (and your photographs!) on the day.

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