History, Structure and Operation of the Trust

The Trust grew out of the Shapinsay Development Group which was formed in 2002 after consultation with the island. The Trust which is a company limited by guarantee was formed in 2003 achieving charitable status at the same time. As a company limited by guarantee its members are liable for a sum not greater than £1 should the Trust become insolvent. The Memorandum and Articles of the Trust form the governing document or its constitution - basically the rules governing the activities it can undertake, the structure of how it is to be managed and the rights and responsibilities of directors and members.

Membership of the Trust gives the members a vote each at the Annual General Meeting or AGM. At this meeting the directors tell the members what the Trust has been doing during the past year and present the accounts for the last financial year. If there are vacancies on the Board then members will vote at this meeting to elect new directors. Public meetings may be held at other times during the year to enable the directors to present various options to the community and to assess the opinion of the community. Other means of communication include newsletters, the website and the board in the shop window. This process is formalised in the drawing up of the Development Plan.

In order to be as transparent as possible, the Trust makes the Minutes of Board's meetings available to general public by including them in the Library Page on this website.

Finally the Trust has drawn up polices covering child protection, health and safety etc which are included in the Handbook of the Trust.



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