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Welcome to Orkneycommunities Plus

If you imagine Orkneycommunities.co.uk as a fine robust house, beautifully maintained and with many original features, then Orkneycommunities Plus is not so much a Grannies End as a fine range of outbuildings.

Here you can find the works in progress, things that we'd like to bring to your attention, and general eerie-orums. Also, this could become a canvas for creative people to do creative things, so don't be afraid to contact us.

Sales pitch

Note also that Orkneycommunities Plus is simply another Orkneycommunities.co.uk member site- when we looked for a platform to do this we could find no finer one than our own, and your community group could also benefit from one of these low-cost easy-to manage sites... contact us.

NEW!- Monthly pictures feature has new home

The monthly pictures feature has come in from the cold of the old Orkneycommunities demo site, and has a new home in Orkneycommunities PLUS. There are actually still a few pictures to add to this, but in the meantime look at November's pictures and anticipate snow. It's going to be a terrible winter apparently...

NEW!- Image resizing tutorial

A tutorial on image resizing has been added here

Inaugural Meeting

The community portal project is nearing the end of its second year of a three year funding package. Due to the success thus far, the steering group has decided to form an independent organisation to take over the management of the portal and to build on the achievements to date.

A constitution has been drawn up and was adopted at the inaugural meeting on Tuesday 20th September in Orkney College. Click here to view the constitution.

A management committee has been elected. The members are:-

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