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Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for this Sunday 24/05/2020

documents/orphir church messages/serviceo-and-s240520.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for this Sunday 17/05/2020

documents/orphir church messages/serviceo-and-s170520.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for this Sunday 10/05/2020

documents/orphir church messages/serviceo-and-s100520.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for this Sunday 03/05/2020

documents/orphir church messages/sunday030520.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for this Sunday 26/04/2020

documents/orphir church messages/sunday260420easter3.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for this Sunday 19/04/2020

documents/orphir church messages/sunday190420easter2b.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for Easter Sunday 12/04/2020

documents/orphir church messages/easterserviceo-and-s120420.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for Palm Sunday 05/04/2020

documents/orphir church messages/orphir050420palmsuna.pdf

Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for 29/03/2020




The building is closed.  The church is open


Make us ready:


Holy One,

As we walk the road toward Easter,

we see earthly kingdom powers closing in on Jesus.

As we walk the road toward Easter,

we feel the viral spread of anxiety closing in on our lives.


We are worried and afraid.


Make us ready to go with Jesus.

Give us the courage of the disciples to follow him.

Give us the confidence of Martha to name his power.

Give us the trust of Mary to share our grief with him. 

Give us the vulnerability of Jesus to shed our tears, trusting that he weeps with us.


Make us ready, we pray in Christ’s name. Amen.

Prayer by Martha Spong

In all our doubts and fears it is good to remember St. Paul's words in Romans 8:38-39:


I am sure that nothing can separate us from God’s love—not life or death, not angels or spirits, not the present or the future,  and not powers above or powers below. Nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love for us in Christ Jesus our Lord! (Contemporary English Version)


Here is a link to the service planned by Martin for 22/03/2020

documents/orphir church messages/service-22.03.2020.pdf


  • There is to be no worship or social gatherings in Church of Scotland kirks. At this difficult time, please do keep in touch with others in the community by phone or through email. Our kirk will function in a different way over the coming weeks.
  • Orphir and Stenness kirk will send an email each weekend with the Link and a service prepared by Martin. Please let Nicol know if you are in contact with anyone who would like their email address added to the mailing list for Links and services.
  • Those with no access to email can be contacted by phone. 
  • If you, or someone you are in contact with, would like to access pastoral care by telephone please contact Olivia Tait 811392, Carol Mainland 873596, Nicol Sclater 811242 or Martin Prentice 851139.

A message from Martin

Dear Friends,

As a congregation and as individuals we are facing unprecedented circumstances. We have known about the Coronavirus Covid-19 for some time, but it has come as a shock to most of us that our church services and all other activities have been cancelled till further notice. In this situation there is a possibility that some of the vulnerable people in our midst may be overlooked, or that people may lose touch. It will be important for us all to help and support one another. To that end I hope to work with others to prepare and distribute material such as Link, and complete services, by email or by post.

[While we do not have our church services, other things are already happening. You may already know that Radio Orkney will be broadcasting a half hour “radio church” at 3pm on Sunday afternoons for the next few weeks at least. Revd Susan Kirkbride was arranging to do the first one on Sunday 22nd March 2020, and ministers from other churches and denominations will be in the studio in the weeks to come to present a short service with well-known hymns and songs so that you can join in at home.

In addition, Rev. John Butterfield hopes to put a short service on Facebook every day – see https://www.facebook.com/1215788431818871/videos/500578180628538/ ]*

This will be a challenging time for everybody, a time to look out for others, especially for those in need, and to look out for ourselves as well. It is a time for prayer. In the words of the Moderator, Rt Rev Colin Sinclair:

“May congregations find new ways of living though this time.

May we not forget our faith, but draw strength from it.”

You will find the complete prayer on the Church of Scotland Website at: https://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news-and-events/news/2020/a-prayer-from-the-moderator-amid-the-coronavirus-outbreak

If I can be of particular help to anyone, please contact me by phone on 01856-851139 or by email on MPrentice@churchofscotland.org.uk

May God bless you all.



Here is a message from June Freeth:

Hi All,


I just thought I would share this online service.

There is a play list link below which you can run through if you wish to listen to a full service with prayers and hymns or links to just the sermon and final blessing.  Please forward this on to anyone that you think might be lonely or missing church today.


God Bless,








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