06 February 2013
Canadian lecture on role of Orcadians in development of Canada to be shown live in Orkney

An address by the 9th Earl of Orkney, Peter St John, will be broadcast live on February 18 in Orkney College thanks to an inter-continental collaboration between the Orkney Heritage Society, the Centre for Nordic Studies, and the St. Norbert Arts Centre in Winnipeg, Canada. The Earl will be speaking from his home community in Canada about the remarkable contribution of Orcadians to the development of what is now the world's second largest country. In his address, entitled “Orkney, the Fur Trade and Canada’s Emergence”, the Earl will explain how Orkney made an exceptional contribution to the establishment and early development of Canada. “Many people do not appreciate the extent to which Orkneymen contributed to the shaping of Canada when it was in its formative stages,” said the Earl in a recent interview. “I am eager to share this fascinating story with my friends across Canada and in Orkney.”

The Earlʼs address will be broadcast from Canada using video conferencing technology from the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) which can be viewed live in Orkney College on Monday 18th February, starting at 6.45pm. This free event is open to anyone who wishes to take part in person in this historic event. Alternately, by using the technology of the UHI, this event is available to stream live via your home computer. Anyone who is unable to attend in person can email CNS@uhi.ac.uk for further information. The lecture will also be recorded for future viewing.

Peter St. John taught International Relations at the University of Manitoba for thirty-five years, retiring in 1998. Since his retirement, he has continued to teach, not only at the U of M, but also at the University of Winnipeg, the University of Victoria and St. Andrew's University in Scotland. From the Great War to the Global Village is a proud collection of essays, initiated by the closing of the Manitoba chapter of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, of which he was last president.

In 1996, he won a U of M Outreach award and in 1997 the Stanton Award for Excellence in teaching. He is the author of Air Piracy, Airport Security and International Terrorism (1991) and has consulted widely for governments in North America. He also speaks regularly on radio and television, as well as to audiences across Canada and the United States.

Born in Victoria, BC, and raised in the Okanagan Valley, Peter was sent to private school in England and graduated from Oxford University. He is married to writer and publisher Barbara Huck of Heartland Publishing. Together they have six daughters and two sons, as well as a passel of grandchildren.

In 1998, Peter became the Ninth Earl of Orkney.


For more information, contact:
In Canada: David Church 001 204-797-2037
In Orkney: Lynn Campbell 01856 569300

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