22 November 2011
Gift of Lochview in Stenness to the People of Orkney

The AGM of Orkney Heritage Society this week will hear how a property in Stenness has been acquired on behalf of the people of Orkney and how it will protect the future of the excavations of the Neolithic complex on the Ness of Brodgar run by the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology based at Orkney College UHI.lochview

Earlier this year it became known that the house at Lochview was about to be put on the market. The house is situated alongside the main trench of the excavations on the Ness of Brodgar and indeed the Neolithic buildings on the site are thought to run under the house and extend across much of the garden ground.

An anonymous benefactor, with a strong interest in the archaeological excavations, became aware of the impending sale and realised that it was a unique opportunity to secure the future exploration of the site.

Orkney Heritage Society was approached to see if it would be prepared to accept the gift of the property and to manage it for the future on behalf of the local community. The sale of the house has now been completed and the property is in the ownership of the Society.

The AGM is at 7.30 on Thursday 24th November at 7.30pm at Orkney College and will be followed by a talk by Nick Card, entitled ‘The Ness of Brodgar: A Millenium of Prehistory’.

The AGM will also feature the announcement of this year’s Laura Grimond Awards for excellence in architectural design and restoration.

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