25 November 2009
New Orkney Antiquarian Journal - Volume 4

Orkney Heritage Society will launch the Fourth volume of its New Orkney Antiquarian Journal at its AGM on 25 November.

The New Orkney Antiquarian Journal was first published in 1999 when it was recognised that much valuable research into Orkney's history was going unpublished, or was not readily available to the wider Orkney Community. It follows on from publications such as Old-Lore Miscellany, the Proceedings of the Orkney Antiquarian Society in the 1920's and Orkney Heritage in the 1980's.
The papers in Volume 4 cover most of the established scope of the Journal: by subject they span archaeology, place-names, medieval settlement systems, ecclesiastical history and sociology; geographically they focus on Orkney but include comparisons with the Faroes, Shetland and Norway; and chronologically they span from Pictish to Victorian times.
Dave Lawrence investigates the carvings on the ‘Peedie Pict’ bone. Doreen Waugh assesses the significance of ness- and other topographic place-names. Frans-Arne Stylgar discusses similarities in the settlement patterns of the Northern Isles and SW Norway. Barbara Crawford studies the Bishopric of Orkney in its context within the Archdiocese of Trondheim. Paul Sutherland reviews the trial at the Kirkwall Sheriff Court of two late 19th century tinkers for the culpable homicide of their young son.
Volume 4 is edited by James Irvine, who has already begun the process of assembling Volume 5: to be published next year
The Journal, which is a limited edition of 450, will be available at the Heritage Society AGM on 25 November at the special price of £9. Thereafter it will be for sale in local bookshops for £15 or from the Orkney Archive or Heritage Society website at www.orkneycommunities.co.uk where a discount for OHS members will also be available. Limited numbers of the previous Journals are also available from Orkney Heritage Society.
The AGM is in the St. Magnus Centre at 7.30pm on 25 November.
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