14 January 2019Legion Singles win for Linklater

Stevie Linklater won the Kirkwall Legion singles beating Derek Firth in the final. Sports convener Duncan Cameron is pictured with them at the presentation.

The leagues resumed last week and there were few signs of festive hangovers on show, with a lot on the scorecards in both leagues.  
The Legion resumed where they had finished, by winning big over the Nomads, whilst Commodores also demolished the Bilco Boys.  
A close match was expected between Untouchables 'A' and the Golf club, and so it proved, with the Golfers winning 8-4.  
The other Untouchables side beat Warriors by the same score in what looks by the scorecard like an exciting match. Ill health and weather disruption affected the other matches scheduled for the week.

The 'B' league boys managed to fulfil all fixtures and two of the main promotion hopefuls both drew;  Murray Arms with Tankerness and RBL2 with Tigers.  
Exiles romped to a victory over Muppets to extend their lead at the top, whilst Quoyburray and Shapinsay also had convincing wins over Sanday 'B' and Sands.  
The Young Loons rounded off the week with a comfortable result against the Vikings.
Incidently, well done to all teams who played catch-up matches over the festive period, a great effort was produced in ensuring that the leagues were all caught up in time and is greatly appreciated.

Not A KDDL competition, but very much supported by league players, the Kirkwall Legion Singles took place on Friday night, when Stevie Linklater beat Derek Firth in the final.
The Legion Doubles takes place this Friday, before the resumption of the league ranking competitions the following week, with the annual KDDL outing to the Tankerness Hall for the Craigie Singles.

180s were hit by:  Roy Foubister, Keith Brumpton, Andrew Moar, Robbie Stanger, Gary Wilson, Ian Findlay, Raymie Rendall, Ian Linklater, Davy Henderson, Aaron Edwardson, Robbie Norquoy, George Low, Connor Crawford, Alister Rendall, Gordon Rendall (OGC) (two), Stevie Moar (two) and Stevie Garner (two).  Ian Linklater and John Garson both also scored 171.

Ton+ checkouts were scored by:  Stevie Linklater 100, Stevie Moar 100, Colin Ross 100, Derek Farmer 112, Keith Bain 113, Ian Linklater 116, Robert Hutchison 124, Jim Hamilton 124, Alister Rendall 124, Alan Findlay 154 and Brett Dickinson 120, 140.

'A' League         
Nomads 0, Legion 12, Bilco Boys 2, Commodores 10, Untouchables 'A' 4, OGC 8, Warriors 4, Untouchables 8.

'B' League    
RBL2 6, Tigers 6, Young Loons 8, Vikings 4, Murray Arms 6, Tankerness 6, Exiles 10, Muppets 2, Sands 3, Shapinsay 9, Quoyburray 10, Sanday 'B' 2.

Friday January 18, Legion Doubles (non-KDDL, paid up Legion members only)

'A' League        
Quoyburray 'B' v Legion, Bilco Boys v Wanderers, Untouchables 'A' v Legion Arrows,
Warriors v Commodores, Untouchables v OGC, Nomads v Sanday.

'B' League    
Murray Arms v Tigers, Exiles v Vikings, Sands v Tankerness, Quoyburray v Muppets, Sanday 'B' v Shapinsay, RBL2 v Young Loons.

Friday, January 25
Craigie Cup (Ranking), Tankerness Hall, names by 7.30pm

07 January 2019Golf Club win Swanney Cup

The second half of the season is up and running, although it may have been considered more of a canter, with only 5 teams turning up to compete in the Swanney Cup on Friday night for both 'A' and 'B' league teams.  
Disappointing but not altogether unexpected due to the scheduling problems, which saw it played only 3 days after New Year.  
Despite the numbers, it was an exciting enough competition, with the draw pitching the two 'B' teams in the same half as each other, guaranteeing 'B' league representation in the final, and it was the Tigers who came out on top beating Young Loons 3-1.
The only preliminary match pitched the highest placed 'A' teams together, and the Golf Club turned over Wanderers 4-0. They proceeded to beat the Nomads in the semi-final.
The gulf in class was not as apparent as it could have been, although the Golf Club eventually won 3-1, they were made to work for it.  Steven Griffiths played steady darts all night and deserved his point in the final match-up of the cup.
Stuart Thomson of Wanderers hit the only 180 of the competition.
With plenty of keen young players in the hall, and not enough teams to warrant a plate competition, it was decided to have a money-in, money-out singles for fun along the same format as the cup.  
17 of the 22 earlier participants entered, and it was Golf Club duo Stevie Linklater and Gordy Rendall who made the final, with Stevie just pinching it 2-1.  

Swanney Cup Final: Orkney Golf Club 3, Tigers 1

'A' League        
Legion v Sanday, Wanderers v Quoyburray 'B', Legion Arrows v Bilco Boys,Commodores v Untouchables 'A', OGC v Warriors, Untouchables v Nomads.

'B' League        
Tigers v Young Loons, Vikings v Murray Arms, Tankerness v Exiles, Muppets v Sands, Shapinsay v Quoyburray, Sanday 'B' v RBL2.

Friday January 11
Legion Singles (non-KDDL, paid up Legion members only)

Friday January 18
Legion Doubles (non-KDDL, paid up Legion members only)

Friday January 25
Craigie Cup (Ranking), Tankerness Hall, names by 7.30pm

05 January 2019League games set to resume

League darts resume on Monday 7th, and 'B' captains please note that both the Exiles and Muppets have switched home venues away from the Orkney Hotel. The Exiles are now playing from the Masonic, with the Muppets switching to the Shore.

Although non-KDDL, the much coveted Legion singles (for paid up Legion members only) take place on Friday 11th, with the Legion Doubles on Friday 18th.

180s were hit by: Brett Dickinson, Fraser Laird, Ian Munro, Sam Caithness, Karl Scott, Graham Rendall, Billy Ward (two), Leigh Shearer (three), Ian Eunson (three) and Robbie Stanger (four).

Ton+ checkouts were scored by: Michael Muir 100, Paul Foubister 115, Derek Farmer 120, Brett Dickinson 156, Billy Ward 156, Graham Firth 111, 127, Jamie Marwick 100, 103, 107, Leigh Shearer 108, 110, 156, Robbie Stanger 111, 125 and 160.


'A' League Commodores 5, Sanday 7; Untouchables 6, Commodores 6; Quoyburray 'B 3, Commodores 9; Legion Arrows 3, Commodores 9; Commodores 10, Bilco Boys 2

'B' League RBL2 11, Vikings 1; Shapinsay 5, Exiles 7; Shapinsay 10, Sands 2


Friday January 4, Swanney Cup (A & B teams) & plate competition, Masonic, names for 7.30pm

'A' League

Nomads v Legion; Sanday v Wanderers; Quoyburray 'B' v Legion Arrows; Bilco Boys v Commodores; Untouchables 'A' v OGC; Warriors v Untouchables

'B' League

RBL2 v Tigers; Young Loons v Vikings; Murray Arms v Tankerness; Exiles v Muppets; Sands v Shapinsay; Quoyburray v Sanday 'B'

17 December 2018Legion top at half way stage

The Kirkwall and District Darts leagues, kindly sponsored by Williamsons Butchers, have now reached the halfway point. 

There has been a great response from teams in getting catch up games played over the past two weeks, and all outstanding matches have now been arranged to be played before the turn of the year.  

It is hard to accurately tell the story at the top of the 'A' league with annual challengers Commodores still to play five fixtures, but in any case, the Legion will be sitting top come the recommencement of play in 2019 as they have maximum points from the first 11 games.  

The league has settled into quite a few distinct groups.  
The title chasers Orkney Golf Club and Sanday will most likely be joined by the Commodores, with the Wanderers and both Untouchables teams fighting for the last two top half spots.  
The bottom five teams are all still possibilities for the drop, especially if the Arrows and Quoyburray 'B' start taking points of their nearest rivals in the second half, which is extremely possible.

The 'B' league also has a few games yet to go, and leaders Exiles have full points from their 10 games.  However,  they have yet to play Shapinsay, who could put themselves in a great position hot on Exiles heels should they win that match.  
Murray Arms and RBL2 are still very much in the title/promotion race too at the midway point.

The other teams in the top half will have differing views on their 17 points so far.  Quoyburray, who were relegated from the 'A' league last season, must feel unlucky to be only mid table contenders, whilst the Young Loons are starting to reap the benefits of a couple of years experience and should be pleased with their haul of points thus far.
The Vikings and Sands occupy the bottom positions, but they will be hoping to start picking up more points in the second half of the season and are more than capable of doing so.

The results of all matches yet to be played will be posted in the first report of 2019.

The first of the KDDL cups of 2019 is Friday, January 4, with the Swanney Cup which is for A and B teams. The leagues then begin from January 7 onwards.

Not KDDL competitions, but popular with league players who are Kirkwall Legion members, is the Legion Singles on Friday, January 11, and doubles on January 18.

The next ranking competition is the Craigie Cup in the Tankerness Hall on Friday January 25.

On behalf of the KDDL committee, we would like to wish all players, sponsors, friends and followers of our leagues a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

180s were hit by:   Brian Moar, Derek Firth, Ryan Tulloch, Trevor Shearer, Jim Hamilton, Craig Taylor, Gary Wilson, Logan Peace, Jamie Drever, Robbie Norquoy, Davy Henderson, Darryl Robertson, Dennis Watt, Erlend Ritch, Don Wilson, Graham Firth (two), Alan Gray (two) and Kevin Gray (four).  Karl Scott had a 177.

Ton+ checkouts were scored by:  Gordon Rendall (SB) 100, Ivan Leslie 110, Stevie Moar 128, Keith Bain 128, Alan Gray 130, Brian Moar 143, Stevie Linklater 150, Brian Murray 158, Robert Hutchison 100, 132, 133 and Jamie Drever 110, 128, and 160.

'A' League            
Legion 10, Wanderers 2; Sanday 10, Legion Arrows 2; Bilco Boys 3, OGC 9; Untouchables 'A' 6, Untouchables 6; Warriors 10, Nomads 2; Bilco Boys 0, Legion 12.
'B' League        
Tigers 10, Vikings 2; Young Loons 8, Tankerness 4; Murray Arms 9, Muppets 3; Sands 4, Sanday 'B' 8; Quoyburray 5, RBL2 7; Tankerness 4, Murray Arms 8; Sanday 'B' 4, Exiles 8.

10 December 2018Festive Singles win for Ivan Leslie

Iavn Leslie beat Alan Gray in the Festive Singles final.

Friday night saw this season's ranking points competitions reach the halfway stage with the Festive Open Singles played in the Masonic.  
Annually the biggest of the ranking competitions, this year was no exception with 61 players taking part, ensuring it would be a long night of darts.
Whilst there are certainly no easy draws nowadays, the bottom half of the draw seemed to be stacked with big guns and inevitably some had to give way early on.  
Trevor Shearer had been in sparkling form earlier in the week, and he squeezed past Kevin Gray on his way to the quarters, where Ivan Leslie proved too strong for him.  Likewise Gary Wilson picked up another valuable 5 points as he reached the quarters, but could not get the better of Stevie Linklater.
In the top half, all eyes were on Tigers new signing Stevie Garner, who had put in an impressive debut in midweek and he did not disappoint, beating Wayne Monkman and then Nicol Gray, before being pipped by two ton-plus finishes by Brian Moar.
However, Brian's doubling ability completely deserted him in his quarter-final showdown with Alan Gray.  
Craig Taylor has been quietly picking up points in ranking competitions this season, but announced his intention to mix it with the top boys by beating Leigh Shearer, before also falling victim to the deadly double-itis against Kevin Peace in the quarters by a 3-2 scoreline.
Into the semi-finals, and it was Kevin Peace who struggled to slot into the doubles, allowing the calm and steady Alan Gray to make it to his first ever ranking final with a 4-1 win.  There was some power scoring on show in the second semi-final, with a few chances which went begging as Ivan beat Stevie Linklater 4-2.
The final saw the two Sanday team-mates lock horns, and it was an entertaining final to watch.
Alan resolutely went about his game, playing his best darts of the night. But Ivan was in sensational scoring form and took any chances that came his way.  
Alan went 2-1 up thanks to a 180 then 119 finish to the leg, but then Ivan hit top gear, stealing back with a 14 darter.  
Despite Alan having a couple of darts at a double, he was facing an onslaught of 140s and Ivan nearly checked the final leg with a 164 finish, but he made no mistake in tidying up with his next throw.
 Ivan left with the trophy, and £100 first prize but Alan left with almost as big a smile and £50 prizemoney, delighted with his achievements and proving that despite the oncoming tide of young talent in the leagues, there is still life in a few old dogs yet!

The annual big festive drinks raffle also took place on the night. Top prize went to Brian Stevenson Snr, with Gray Norquoy 2nd prize winner. There were also various others prizes given out to numerous other winners. Thanks to all who bought and sold tickets in what is a major annual fundraiser for the KDDL.

180s were hit by:  Alan Findlay, Trevor Shearer, Graham Firth, Ian Linklater, Ivan Rendall, Colin Ross, Daniel Nicol, Toby Penwarden, Derek Firth, Leigh Shearer, Steve Garner, Keith Brumpton, Ian Findlay, Kevin Gray, Stevie Linklater, Alan Gray, Ryan Tulloch (two), Gary Wilson (two), Davy Henderson (two) and Jamie Marwick (two).  Jim Hamilton and Jamie Marwick both scored 174.

Ton+ checkouts were scored by:  Alan Findlay 100, Andrew Clouston 101, Ryan Tulloch 102, Ian Findlay 102, Neil Tait 103, Jamie Drever 106, Davy Henderson 106, Erlend Lennie 114, Wayne Monkman 126, Garry Peace 127, Jason Cook 127, Colin Leslie 131, Simon Parry 157, Steve Garner 160, Kevin Gray 160, Trevor Shearer 100 and 106, Ian Eunson 101 and 120, Brian Moar 109 and 115 and Alan Gray 119 and 144.

A League        
Legion Arrows 2, Legion 10 ; Nomads 4, Wanderers 8; OGC 11, QBB 1; Untouchables 9, Bilco Boys 3; Warriors 3, Untouchables 'A' 9; Untouchables 'A' 7, Wanderers 5.
B League            
Tankerness 3, Tigers 9; Muppets 4, Young Loons 8; Shapinsay 6, Murray Arms 6; Quoyburray 10, Sands 2; Vikings 1, Quoyburray 11.
Festive Singles        
Ivan Leslie 5, Alan Gray 2.

03 December 2018Albyn Shield win for Jamie Drever


The first of the 'B' league ranking events took place on Friday with 26 players entering the Albyn Video Games Singles.  
Erlend Ritch was one of the hot favourites and he booked a semi-final tie with Toby Penwarden following a win over the ever-improving Jason Cook. Toby took a leg off Erlend but the Exiles man was able to put himself through to the final.
In the bottom half of the draw, Jamie Drever had battled through a tough draw and resoundingly beat Derek Farmer 4-0 in the other semi.  
The final was streamed worldwide by the wonders of Facebook, and it appeared to be a very good final.  
There were plenty of big scores and pressure finishes but in the end Jamie emerged triumphant with a 5-2 win, adding yet another 'B' ranking singles title to his two previous 'B' league singles triumphs.
The Legion's bid for yet another 'A' League title gathered huge momentum this week with them beating Commodores, then watching nearest challengers Sanday and Golf Club draw with each other.  
Sanday's challenge faltered further later in the week with a narrow defeat to Untouchables, whilst Commodores remain poised to potentially leapfrog the other two following a nail biting win over Wanderers.  
The Bilco Boys move into double figures for the season after a very good win over struggling Warriors, whilst fellow relegation battlers Arrows and Nomads both lost out to Wanderers and Untouchables 'A' respectively.  
Quoyburray 'B' remain pointless but signs of improvement are definitely there as they took 3 games off in-form Untouchables.
The Exiles remain on maximum points in the 'B' league following two big wins this week, and are followed in second place by Shapinsay who overcame Young Loons.  
Sands had a tough week playing two of the title contenders but they will be looking for points in the next few games to try and lift from bottom spot.  
Murray Arms retained their place amongst the four promotion hopefuls with a win over Sanday 'B', whilst mid table candidates Muppets and Tankerness both took three points from their matches.
This Friday sees the Masonic host the final ranking event of the first half, the festive open singles.
 It's usually a really enjoyable night and the KDDL committee will be doing the famous festive prize draw towards the end of the night.  
Players are requested to please remember to return all tickets and money to the committee before the draw.
180s were hit by:  Wayne Monkman, Billy Ward, Freddie Tait, Simon Parry, Brian Moar, Stevie Linklater, Trevor Shearer, Erlend Lennie, Alan Gray, Archie Yule, Erlend Eunson, Derek Farmer, Nicol Gray, Davy Henderson, Ian Linklater (two), Brett Dickinson (two), Paul Foubister (two), Martin Peace (two), Darryl Robertson (two), Erlend Ritch (two), Robbie Stanger (three), Robbie Norquoy (three) and Kevin Sarling (three).  Brian Moar also scored 177 whilst John Thomson scored 171.

Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Brian Stevenson 100, Derrick Firth 100, Simon Parry 103, Karl Scott 107, Jamie Drever 109, Craig Moar 110, Erlend Ritch 111, Ian Munro 111, Graham Firth 112, Trevor Shearer 134, Robbie Stanger 135, Ian Linklater 155, Brett Dickinson 100 & 102, Erlend Lennie 100 & 119 and Don Wilson 110, 120 & 136.


'A' League            
Legion 9, Commodores 3, Wanderers 7, Legion Arrows 5, Sanday 6, OGC 6, Quoyburray 'B' 3, Untouchables 9, Bilco Boys 8, Warriors 4, Untouchables 'A' 9, Nomads 3, Commodores 7, Wanderers 5, Untouchables 7, Sanday 5.

'B' League            
Tigers 5, Muppets 7, Vikings 3, Tankerness 9, Young Loons 4, Shapinsay 8, Murray Arms 9, Sanday 'B' 3, Exiles 9, Quoyburray 3, Sands 0, RBL2 12, Sands 0, Exiles 12.

Albyn Video Games Singles final  
Jamie Drever 5, Erlend Ritch 2
Friday December 7,
Festive Singles (ranking), Masonic, names by 7.30pm

'A' League            
Legion v Wanderers, Sanday v Legion Arrows, Quoyburray 'B' v Commodores, Bilco Boys v OGC, Untouchables 'A' v Untouchables, Warriors v Nomads.
'B' League            
Tigers v Vikings, Young Loons v Tankerness, Murray Arms v Muppets, Exiles v Shapinsay,
Sands v Sanday 'B', Quoyburray v RBL2

26 November 2018First ranking points title for Leigh Shearer


The Jim Scollie Masters took place in the Legion last Friday, the first since the darts legend, more affectionately known as Tattie Bogle, had passed away. 
It's safe to assume he would have thoroughly approved of the darts on show, with sub-15 dart legs aplenty and none more so than in Wayne Monkman's 3-1 win over Brian Moar in their last 16 tie, with the first three legs all being 14 darts or less.
Brett Dickinson finally got points on the ranking table and did so in style by reaching the semi-final, where Leigh Shearer was just too steady for him.  
In the top half of the draw Ian Findlay had made good progress, but this was also halted at the semi-final stage by Ian Linklater.  
There are arguably few players in better form in the KDDL at present, and this was the second trophy shootout between these pair in the three competitions held thus far.
Ian came away victorious in the Louttit Singles, but it was Leigh who would be grinning at the end of this cup.  
Both players threw some steady darts, with Ian posting two 180s, but it was Leigh's cool finishing coupled with some sublime setup shots that proved to be the winning formula. 

Great to see a new face winning a ranking event, and Leigh becomes only the 15th singles winner since the Ranking system was introduced in the 2007-8 season.

This Friday sees the first of the 'B' league singles ranking cups, the Albyn Video Games singles, which adds points on to their main ranking points tally in order to pick the 'B' teams for their representative matches.  
Then on Friday December 9, its the final Ranking event of 2018, the Festive Singles, where our big prize draw raffle will be drawn.  

Can all players please start returning tickets (sold and unsold) plus money to David Henderson at the Bank of Scotland as soon as possible please.

180s were hit by:  Gordon Rendall (OGC), Ian Findlay, Roy Foubister, Jason Cook, Steven Low, Keith Bain, Graham Rendall, Steven Griffiths, Jak Kissick, Ian Munro, Darryl Robertson, Neil Drever, Derek Farmer, Pattie Sinclair, Brett Dickinson (two), Kevin Gray (two), Andrew Moar (two), Paul Foubister (two), Graham Firth (three), Ryan Tulloch (three) and Ian Linklater (three).  Wayne Monkman scored 177.

Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Graham Firth 100, Robbie Stanger 100, Paul Foubister 102, Neil Drever 106, Alan Gray 106, Graham Rendall 108, Raymie Rendall 109, Nicol Gray 112, Leigh Shearer 112, Brian Murray 116, Neil Tait 117, Kevin Gray 118, Erlend Eunson 120, Ryan Tulloch 137, Ian Linklater 160 and Brett Dickinson 106 & 116.


'A' League    
OGC 7, Untouchables 5, OGC 5, Legion 7, Nomads 9, Legion Arrows 3, Warriors 9, Quoyburray 'B' 3, Untouchables 'A' 10, Bilco Boys 2.

'B' League            
Young Loons 7, Quoyburray 5, Shapinsay 8, Tigers 4, Muppets 6, Vikings 6, RBL2 11, Tankerness 1, Sanday 'B' 3, Young Loons 9, Quoyburray 4, Murray Arms 8.
Jim Scollie Masters
Leigh Shearer 5, Ian Linklater 2


'A' League            
Legion Arrows v Legion, Nomads v Wanderers, Commodores v Sanday, OGC v QBB,
Untouchables v Bilco Boys, Warriors v Untouchables 'A'.

B League            
Tankerness v Tigers, RBL2 v Vikings, Muppets v Young Loons, Shapinsay v Murray Arms,
Sanday 'B' v Exiles, Quoyburray v Sands.

Friday November 30
 Albyn Singles ('B' Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30pm

Friday December 9
Festive Singles (Ranking), Masonic, names by 7.30pm

26 November 2018Latest darts round-up

'A' League            
Legion 10, Untouchables 2, Wanderers 2, OGC 10, Sanday 9, Warriors 3, QBB 3, Untouchables 'A' 9, Bilco Boys 6, Nomads 6.

'B' League            
Tigers 4, Sanday 'B' 8, Vikings 2, Shapinsay 10, Tankerness 9, Muppets 3,
Murray Arms 9, Sands 3, Exiles 9, RBL2 3.

Friday, November 23.
Jim Scollie Masters (Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30pm.

Friday, November 30 .
Albyn Video Games Singles ('B' Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30pm.

'A' League            
Legion v Commodores, Wanderers v Legion Arrows, Sanday v OGC, Quoyburray 'B' v Untouchables, Bilco Boys v Warriors, Untouchables 'A' v Nomads.

'B' League
Tigers v Muppets, Vikings v Tankerness, Young Loons v Shapinsay, Murray Arms v Sanday 'B', Exiles v Quoyburray, Sands v RBL2.

180s were hit by:  Kevin Gray, Wayne Monkman, Ian Linklater, Aaron Mitchell, Stevie Linklater, Gordon Rendall (OGC), Colin Barnett, Erlend Lennie, Pattie Sinclair, Sam Caithness, Colin Leslie, Ian Eunson, George Low, Colin Findlay, Keith Bain, Derek Ward, Erlend Ritch, Kevin Sarling, Neil  Drever, Darryl Robertson, Derek Firth (two), Alan Gray (two), Gary Wilson (two), Gordon Rendall (SB) (two), Dennis Watt (two) and Brian Murray (two).

Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Kevin Gray 100, Kevin Sarling 100, Wayne Small 101, Colin Leslie 102, Don Wilson 102, Jamie Drever 104, Stevie Moar 111, Fraser Laird 112, Robbie Norquoy 114, Derek Firth 120, Keith Bain 122, Ian Linklater 150 and Ivan Leslie 100 & 104.

13 November 2018Pit Stop silverware for Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray, right, beat Stevie Linklater in the Pit Stop Cup Final.

With a quarter of the league matches completed in the KDDL schedule, the leagues are beginning to take shape.  In the 'A' league, the top four teams most would have predicted all had good wins and now occupy the top slots.  Below them, Wanderers fought back to share the points with Untouchables and Bilco Boys had a crucial win down in the depths of the league against Quoyburray 'B'.

In the 'B' league the two new entries this year, Exiles and RBL2, occupy the first two positions, with the two relegated teams from last year, Shapinsay and Quoyburray, in third and fourth respectively.  Sands and Young Loons played out a stalemate, whilst Sanday 'B' scraped past the Vikings.

The second of this years ranking points events took place on Friday in the Orkney Golf Club, attracting a decent entry of 40 players.  As usual with so many entries, there were some mouthwatering early ties, with some big names falling early on.  The semi-final line-up included some familiar names, with Kevin Gray beating Ian Linklater 4-1, and Stevie Linklater beating Ryan Tulloch without reply.

It was fitting that the best two players on the night contested the final, and what a final it was.  Kevin raced into a two leg lead, courtesy of back to back 15 darters which included a 156 finish.  Stevie pegged back the third leg before Kevin took the fourth. At this stage the averages were almost TV standard, with Kevin on 103 and Stevie on a very respectable 80.  

Missed doubles from Kevin and a resurgence from Stevie, saw the scores level again at three all and it really was anybody's match at this point.  The darts became a little nervy as Kevin pinched the seventh leg.
Then a narrowly missed dart from Stevie at double 16 on a big finish left Kevin to mop up double tops, which he did with aplomb.  

A great final for the spectator, with final of averages of 77.96 (Kevin) and 75.82 (Stevie) only dipping at the end as the finishing line came in view.

180s were hit by:  
Stevie Moar, Ian Findlay, Neil Croy, Simon Parry, Brian Moar, Allan Brown, Billy Ward,  Keith Brumpton, Trevor Shearer, Ivan Leslie, Erlend Eunson, Alistair Rendall, Kevin Sarling, Andy Green, Alan Gray, Keith Bain, Wayne Monkman (two), Jim Brown (two), Dennis Watt (two), Graham Firth (two), Robbie Stanger (two), Ryan Tulloch (two),  Kevin Gray (four) and Leigh Shearer (four).  Robbie Norquoy scored 174, while Ian Linklater scored 177.

Ton+ checkouts were scored by:
 Gary Wilson 100, Ryan Wilkie 100, Colin Kirkpatrick 100, Trevor Shearer 106, Dennis Watt 106, Wilfie Tulloch 106, Alan Gray 106, Aaron Mitchell 107, Craig Taylor 107, Jamie Drever 110, Ivan Leslie 112, Simon Parry 113, Robbie Norquoy 140, Robbie Stanger 141, Jim Brown (104 & 116), Paul Foubister (112 & 117), Leigh Shearer (127 & 155), Brett Dickinson (106, 114 & 130) and Kevin Gray (106, 110, 120 & 156).


'A' League            
Warriors 2, Legion 10, Untouchables 6, Wanderers 6, OGC 9, Legion Arrows 3,
Nomads 0, Commodores 12, Untouchables 'A' 3, Sanday 9, Bilco Boys 8, Quoyburray 'B' 4,

'B' League            
Quoyburray 6, Tankerness 6, Quoyburray 8, Tigers 4, Sanday 'B' 7, Vikings 5, Shapinsay 11, Tankerness 1, RBL2 7, Muppets 5, Sands 6, Young Loons 6, Exiles 8, Murray Arms 4,

Pit stop singles
Kevin Gray 5, Stevie Linklater 3


Week Commencing Monday November 19

'A' League            
OGC v Legion, Commodores v Wanderers, Nomads v Legion Arrows, Untouchables v Sanday,
Warriors v Quoyburray 'B', Untouchables 'A' v Bilco Boys,

B League
Shapinsay v Tigers, Muppets v Vikings, RBL2 v Tankerness, Sanday 'B' v Young Loons, Quoyburray v Murray Arms, Sands v Exiles.

Friday November 23
Jim Scollie Masters (Ranking), Legion, Names by 7.30pm

Friday November 30
Albyn Singles ('B' Ranking), Legion, Names by 7.30pm

05 November 2018Linklater wins Cooper Cup and £1000 is raised for charity

Stevie Linklater won the Davie Cooper Cup beating defending Kevin Gray 4-3 in the closest of finals, which took place in the Kirkwall Masonic on Saturday.
Almost 50 players entered the charity competition which raised approx £900, to be split between the Fishermen’s Mission and RNLI. The KDDL will make it up to £1000.
Money was raised through high score fun boards, a coin push, football cards and a raffle.
League president Craig Taylor gave a huge thanks to everyone for the generous support and donations which made the day such a success.

Quite a busy week just passed in the KDDL and another great example of the ever improving standard.  Between league and cup matches there were 49 180s, with almost half being hit by 'B' league players!
The two crunch games in the top tier saw Legion narrowly defeat Untouchables 'A' while Commodores put 8 past the Golf Club, who themselves beat Nomads on Friday night.  Nomads also had  a crucial win over Quoyburray 'B', while there were big wins for Wanderers, Untouchables and Sanday.
The Exiles look a cut above the rest as they maintained their winning streak in the 'B' league, whilst Tigers, Muppets, Shapinsay and RBL2 all recorded wins.  Tankerness were held to a draw with Sanday 'B' in something of a shock result.
180s were hit by:  Erlend Lennie, Ryan Wilkie, Derek Firth, Alan Findlay, Ryan Tulloch, Trevor Shearer, Craig Taylor, Ian Linklater, Billy Ward, Robbie Stanger, Leigh Shearer, Andrew Green, Ian Eunson, Dennis Watt, Ali Flett, Brian Stevenson, Jason Cook, Nicol Gray, Robbie Norquoy, Nicol Holland, Gary Wilson (two), Kevin Peace (two), Jim Brown (two), Kevin Sarling (two), Stevie Linklater (two), Jim Hamilton (three), Erlend Ritch (three), Darryl Robertson (three), Jamie Drever (four), Kevin Gray (six)
Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Darryl Robertson 110, Jason Cook 110, Colin Kirkpatrick 118, Kevin Gray 120, Garry Peace 120, Jamie Drever 126, Erlend Lennie 160, Stevie Linklater 100 & 102, Simon Parry 100 & 108, Paul Foubister 100 & 112, Kevin Peace 105 & 115, Wayne Monkman 108 & 109, Ian Linklater 112 & 120 and Dennis Watt 101, 110 & 137.

'A' League            
Legion 7, Untouchables 'A' 5, Wanderers 10, Warriors 2, Legion Arrows 1, Untouchables 11, Commodores 8, OGC 4, Sanday 11, Bilco Boys 1, QBB 3, Nomads 9, Nomads 2, OGC 10.

'B' League
Tigers 8, Sands 4, Tankerness 6, Sanday 'B' 6, Muppets 3, Shapinsay 9, Young Loons 2, Exiles 10, Murray Arms 5, RBL2 7.

Friday November 9: Pitstop Singles (Ranking) Orkney Golf Club, names by 7.30pm.

'A' League            
Legion v Untouchables, Wanderers v OGC, Legion Arrows v Commodores, Sanday v Warriors, QBB v Untouchables 'A', Bilco Boys v Nomads.

'B' League
Tigers v Sanday 'B', Vikings v Shapinsay, Tankerness v Muppets, Young Loons v Quoyburray, Murray Arms v Sands, Exiles v RBL2.

05 November 2018Wilson claims the Tom Notman silverware


Well done Gary Wilson who beat Steven Linklater in the Tom Notman cup final.

League secretary Brian Moar is pictured presenting the trophies.


It was a week of 301 cups in the KDDL this week.
On Monday, the ‘A’ League 301 Challenge Cup, which was won by the Untouchables, took place in the Legion, beating the Commodores 4-0 in the final.
On Tuesday, the ‘B’ League 301 Cup was held in the Masonic. In a very close final, the Nomads took the title with a 4-3 win over the Vikings.
The Tom Notman Memorial Singles took place back in the Kirkwall Legion on Friday night, with Martin Peace beating Paul Firth 2-1 in a very close final. Tom was a very much respected founding member of the KDDL, serving as president and secretary over the years.
Despite having the week off for cup games, a couple of previously postponed league games took place.
In the Williamsons Butchers ‘A’ League, the Untouchables ‘A’ moved into the top half of the table, with a resounding 9-3 victory over Shapinsay.
Tankerness moved into pole position in the Williamsons Butchers ‘B’ League, inspired by in-form captain Robbie Norquoy gobbling up another brace of 180s as they narrowly defeated the Vikings 7-5.
The Davy Cooper Singles takes place this Saturday afternoon in the Masonic, with all money raised donated evenly between the RNLI and Fishermen’s Mission. Names by 1.30pm.
Donations for the raffle etc are very welcome, please take them along on the day or contact Craig Taylor on 07802 440068.
Then, next Friday evening sees the second of our ranking competitions, the Pitstop Cup, take place in the Orkney Golf Club.
180s this week were hit by: Jamie Marwick, Colin Barnett, Gary Wilson, Trevor Shearer (two) and Robbie Norquoy (two).
Ton-plus checkouts came from: Derek Manson 100, Brett Dickinson 101, Alistair Rendall 101, Neil Drever 105, Mark Shearer 110, Freddie Tait 110, Ian Linklater 113 and Robbie Stanger 125 and 101.


‘A’ League — Shapinsay 3, Untouchables ‘A’ 9.
‘B’ League — Tankerness 7, Vikings 5.


Saturday, November 4 — Davy Cooper Singles, Masonic, names by 1.30pm

Monday, November 6 — ‘A’ League — Commodores v Untouchables; Quoyburray v Warriors; Quoyburray ‘B’ v Legion; Sanday v Shapinsay; Legion Arrows v OGC; Wanderers v Untouchables ‘A’.

‘B’ League — Young Loons v Sanday ‘B’; Sands v Streamline; Nomads v Vikings; Bilco Boys v Murray Arms; Tankerness v Ale Stars; Muppets – no game.

Friday, November 10 — Pitstop Singles (Ranking), Golf Club, names by 7.30pm

05 November 2018League action continues

Another week over in the KDDL Leagues, kindly sponsored by Williamsons Butchers, and another display of big hitting across the board.  The Legion continued their winning streak against Quoyburray 'B', whilst the Wanderers move into second following a  ground out win against the slightly unfortunate Bilco Boys.  The Golf Club v Untouchables match was postponed, giving Sanday and Commodores the chance to move equal on points with the Golf Club, which they both did.  Indeed the Sanday game against Nomads produced some of the most notable scores of the week, including a 12 dart leg from Ivan Leslie and an 11-darter from Paul Foubister.  Untouchables 'A' finally got their first points of the season with a win over Arrows.

The scorecard of the week was found in the 'B' league, with multiple 180s and high finishes in the Exiles thumping of the Vikings.  RBL2 remain the only other side still on maximum points from the first three games, but they were pushed all the way by the Young Loons.  The Sands finally played their first game of the season but lost out to Muppets, followed the next night by a loss to Tankerness.  The Muppets in turn lost out to Quoyburray on Tuesday as they maintain their unbeaten start to the season. Shapinsay look like they will be up for a title push this season, brushing aside Sanday 'B', while over in the Legion the Tigers slipped up against the ever dangerous Murray Arms boys.

Tomorrow night (Friday) sees the Tom Notman Singles taking place in the Legion, names by 7.30pm.  Tom was another founder member of the league and played an important role in the early development of the KDDL.  The format is the old league format; 301 double start, best of three legs, and bull-up, mugs away and bull-up the order of play.

180s were hit by:  Ivan Leslie, Michael Muir, Graham Firth, Gary Norquoy, Gavin Linklater, Robbie Norquoy, Connor Crawford, Nicol Gray, Jamie Marwick, Gordon Rendall (SB), Ian Munro, Erlend Ritch, Brian Stevenson, Jamie Drever, Paul Foubister (two), Kevin Gray (two), Billy Ward (two), Kevin Sarling (two) and Dennis Watt (four).
Ton+ checkouts were scored by: Ryan Tulloch 100, Colin Ross 105, Dennis Watt 105, Derrick Firth 106, Karl Scott 106, Robbie Stanger 108, Graham Firth 110, Erlend Ritch 110, Wayne Monkman 116,  Neil Tait 120, Brian Stevenson 124, Michael Muir 130, Andy Green 134, Trevor Shearer 152, Ivan Leslie 104 & 155


'A' League:            
Legion 12, Quoyburray 'B' 0, Wanderers 8, Bilco Boys 4, Legion Arrows 4, Untouchables 'A' 8, Commodores 8, Warriors 4, Sanday 10, Nomads 2,

'B' League:            
Tigers 3, Murray Arms 9, Vikings 1, Exiles 11, Tankerness 8, Sands 4, Muppets 4, Quoyburray 8, Shapinsay 10, Sanday 'B' 2, Young Loons 5, RBL2 7.

Friday October 26, Tom Notman Singles, Legion, 7.30pm

'A' League:            
Legion v Untouchables 'A', Wanderers v Warriors, Legion Arrows v Untouchables, Commodores v OGC, Sanday v Bilco Boys, QBB v Nomads,

'B' League:            
Tigers v Sands, Vikings v Quoyburray, Tankerness v Sanday 'B', Muppets v Shapinsay,
Young Loons v Exiles, Murray Arms v RBL2.

15 October 2018Fourth time lucky for Ian Linklater

Pictured at the Loutitt Singles presentation are, KDDL committee member Brett Dickinson, runner-up Leigh Shearer, winner Ian Linklater and KDDL president Craig Taylor.


The first of the ranking points competitions of the year to gain qualification for the teams to play Shetland and the West was held in the Kirkwall legion on Friday night.
The Loutitt Singles attracted 44 entries, and some great darts were thrown on the night, with the odd shock results during the event to shake things up.
On to the semi-finals, Ian Linklater beat Paul Foubister in the first semi, with Leigh Shearer beating Stevie Linklater in the other.
The final saw Ian run out winner 5-1 against Leigh, finally winning the trophy, having being in the final for the last four years.
What a week that was in the Williamsons Butchers KDDL leagues!  
With 47 180s hit across league and cup fixtures its safe to say the players are beginning to find their range.  
A lot of close games in the 'A' league, most notably with the Bilco Boys picking up their first ever top flight points, and the Legion just pipping Sanday.
Wanderers travelled to the Tankerness Hall and managed to achieve their first ever whitewash, just getting the better of a despondent Quoyburray 'B'.
Down in the 'B' league, new boys Exiles trounced Tankerness, as did Murray Arms over the Vikings.
The teams that both dropped down last year could only draw with each other, and the Young Loons picked up points against an experienced Tigers side.

A League            
Sanday 5,  Legion 7, Quoyburray 'B' 0, Wanderers 12, Bilco Boys 7, Legion Arrows 5,
Untouchables 'A' 4, Commodores 8, Warriors 5, OGC 7, Nomads 5, Untouchables 7.

'B' League            
Young Loons 6, Tigers 6, Murray Arms 10, Vikings 2, Exiles 10, Tankerness 2,
Quoyburray 6, Shapinsay 6, RBL2 9, Sanday 'B' 3.

Louttit Cup Final    
Ian Linklater 5, Leigh Shearer 1

180s were hit by: Robert Hutchison, Kevin Peace, Alan Findlay, Robbie Stanger, Jamie Drever, Derek Ward, Steven Low, Nicol Gray, Brian Stevenson, Gordon Rendall (SB), George Low, Craig Taylor, Simon Parry, Ian Linklater, Stevie Linklater, Mark Shearer (2), Billy Ward (2), Ian Munro (2), Darryl Robertson (2), Gary Wilson (2), Erlend Lennie (3), Ivan Leslie (3), Erlend Ritch (3), Paul Foubister (4), Leigh Shearer (4) and Kevin Gray (5).

Ton+ checkouts were scored by: Derek Firth 106, Billy Ward 117, Keith Brumpton 119, Robbie Stanger 124, Leigh Shearer 126, Derek Farmer 130, Erlend Ritch 143, Ben Hogan 150, Ivan Leslie 100 & 116, Stevie Linkater 101, 111 & 160, Ian Linklater 108, 110, 120 & 145
Week Commencing Monday, October 22:

'A' League            
Bilco Boys v Legion, Untouchables 'A' v Wanderers, Warriors v Legion Arrows, Untouchables v Commodores, Nomads v OGC, Quoyburray 'B' v Sanday.

B League            
Exiles v Tigers, Sands v Vikings, Quoyburray v Tankerness, Sanday 'B' v Muppets,
RBL2 v Shapinsay, Murray Arms v Young Loons.

Friday October 26
Tom Notman Singles, Legion, names by 7.30pm

08 October 2018Leagues are up and running

The leagues are finally up and running, and right from the off the top two from last year hit the top of the table.  
Legion took 11 games from newly promoted Nomads, while the Golf Club had an impressive 11-1 win over the dangerous Untouchables 'A'.

 The Arrows find themselves in the lofty heights of third place following a big win over Quoyburray 'B' and Sanday just nicked all three points from their clash with the Wanderers.  

A share of the spoils was to be had between Untouchables and Warriors, a result which neither team would really have wanted to kick-start their season.

The Exiles took no time in taking pole position in the 'B' league, demolishing the Muppets en route.  
The Young Loons look to have built on the last two years of experience and had a good win over the Vikings to take second spot.  

RBL2 were just a little too clinical for the Tigers, while Quoyburray won by the narrowest of margins over Sanday 'B'.
Friday sees the first of this season's ranking points competitions, the Louttit Cup, take place in the Legion.
Competition for a place in the sides to face the West and Shetland near the end of the season is expected to be fiercer than previously, with an ever more dangerous group of youngsters emerging, as well as some new but experienced faces having joined the league.  It should be an interesting night of darts.

180s were hit by:  Stuart Thomson, Kevin Gray, Ian Findlay, Colin Barnett, Jason Cook, Steven Griffiths, Neil Drever, Gordon Rendall (SB), Patty Sinclair, David Henderson, Derek Farmer (two), Ian Linklater (two) and Brett Dickinson (two).

Ton plus  checkouts were scored by: Ivan Leslie 104, Gordon Rendall (OGC) 104, Brian Moar 106, Kevin Gray 107, Ben Hogan 107, Ross Groundwater 112, Kevin Sarling 101 & 113 and Stevie Linklater 106 & 116.


'A' League            
Legion 11, Nomads 1, Wanderers 5, Sanday 7, Legion Arrows 10, Quoyburray 'B' 2,    
OGC 11, Untouchables 'A' 1, Untouchables 6, Warriors 6.

'B' League    
Tigers 4, RBL2 8, Vikings 3, Young Loons 9, Muppets 1, Exiles 11, Sanday 'B' 5, Quoyburray 7.

Friday October 12,
Louttit Singles (Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30pm

'A' League
Legion v Quoyburray 'B', Wanderers v Bilco Boys, Legion Arrows v Untouchables 'A',
Commodores v Warriors, OGC v Untouchables, Sanday v Nomads.

'B' League
Tigers v Murray Arms, Vikings v Exiles, Tankerness v Sands, Muppets v Quoyburray,
Shapinsay v Sanday 'B', Young Loons v RBL2.

01 October 2018Great night of darts in memory of Jimmy Miller

Jimmy Miller memorial Cup winner Jim Brown (left), Eoin Miller and Kevin Peace (right).

Sanday A league 301 Cup Winners

RBL2 B League 301 Cup winners


THE 301 double start cups came into play last week and it was obvious that the rustiness of the previous few weeks were starting to disappear, with high scoring and big finishing appearing in abundance.
The 'A' league teams got underway on Monday and there were a lot of games going the distance.
Untouchables 'A' reached the final, but narrowly lost in the deciding team leg to Sanday, who had survived going the distance in every match they played that night.  

On Tuesday the 'B' boys got their eye in and it was once more the RBL2 team who reigned supreme, beating Shapinsay 4-1 in the final.

Then on Friday, it was the much anticipated Jimmy Miller Memorial Cup.  
53 players, including several non-registered players plus some of Jimmy's family took part, and it was every bit the fun night of darts Jimmy would have hoped for.  
A real family tie was drawn in the first round with Jimmy's son Eoin losing out to Jimmy's grandson George.
Always quick to praise and encourage the younger players, he would surely have been delighted to see other grandson Steven reach the last 16, along with fellow youngsters Alan Findlay, Jason Cook and Nicol Gray. That was as far as they would get however.  
Neil Croy was the last of his old team-mates to bow out, narrowly losing to Kevin Peace in the semi, as did Jamie Marwick to Jim Brown in the other.  
The final was watched by a packed Legion bar, and Jim Brown just proved the more consistent of the pair as he eventually sunk the double to win the cup 4-2 and become the first name on it, an achievement he said he was immensely proud of.

No cup game this Friday, however, the following Friday, October 12, sees the first ranking points competition of the season, with the Louttit Cup being played for in the Legion as players begin their quest to qualify for the team to take on Shetland next April.

180s were hit by:  Alan Findlay, Andrew Green, Jim Brown, Kevin Peace (two), Kevin Gray (two) and Brian Moar (two).

Ton plus checkouts were scored by:  Keith Brumpton 100, Craig Taylor 100, Kevin Sarling 105, Jim Brown 106, Neil Croy 108, Nicol Gray 110, Ian Findlay 111, Trevor Shearer 118 and Stevie Linklater 141.

301 Cup (A): Sanday 4, Untouchables 'A' 3
301 Cup (B): RBL2 4, Shapinsay 1
Jimmy Miller Memorial Cup final:  Jim Brown 4, Kevin Peace 2

Week Commencing Monday October 8:

'A' League            
Sanday v Legion, Quoyburray 'B' v Wanderers, Bilco Boys v Legion Arrows, Untouchables 'A' v Commodores, Warriors v OGC, Nomads v Untouchables.

'B' League
Young Loons v Tigers, Murray Arms v Vikings, Exiles v Tankerness, Sands v Muppets, Quoyburray v Shapinsay, RBL2 v Sanday 'B'.

Friday October 12
Louttit Singles (Ranking), Legion, names by 7.30pm

24 September 2018Darts cricket cup week


Cricket doubles runners-up, Ben Hogan and Craig Taylor, with winners Kevin Gray and Derek Firth. Kevin also won the singles, with Derek runner-up.

RBL2, Foubister Cup winners. From left, Neil Drever, Brian Murray and John Craigie.


Legion, Lynnfield Cup winners. From left, Derek Firth, Ian Findlay, Neil Croy and Kevin Gray.

As the new league season gets ever closer, last week saw the cricket version of darts take the fore.  The 'A' league boys bulled up on Monday in the Lynnfield Cup, and in their first appearance of the season, it was defending league champions the Legion who came away with the silverware, beating Sanday in the final.  The following night RBL2 triumphed in the final of the Foubister cup by defeating Quoyburray.

Kevin Gray won the cricket singles on Friday night, beating Derek Firth 2-0 in the final. They then combined forces to beat Craig Taylor and Ben Hogan in the doubles final by the same score.

With the players now starting to find their range at last after the summer layoff, there were several 180s scored, and Kevin Gray and Brian Moar both managed the rare feat of hitting three bulls in one throw.

On Friday, the inaugural Jimmy Miller Memorial open singles takes place in the Kirkwall Legion in memory of the darts legend and absolute gentleman who we very sadly lost earlier this year.

Jimmy was a founding committee member of the KDDL, past president, honorary president, and the only man to play every year for the 50 year existence of the league, winning numerous titles along the way.

This is open to all players and not restricted to KDDL members, with the cup very kindly donated to the league by Jimmy’s family.



Ryan Wilkie, Craig Taylor, Ivan Leslie, Jim Brown, Derek Firth and Kevin Gray (two).



Lynnfield Cup:  Legion 3, Sanday 1

Foubister Cup:  RBL2 2, Quoyburray 1

Cricket Singles:  Kevin Gray 2, Derek Firth 0

Cricket Doubles:  Kevin Gray & Derek Firth 2, Craig Taylor & Ben Hogan 0



Friday, September 28, Jimmy Miller Singles (Open), Legion, 7.30pm

Week Commencing Monday, October 1

'A' League:

Legion v Nomads, Wanderers v Sanday, Legion Arrows v Quoyburray 'B,'

Commodores v Bilco Boys, OGC v Untouchables 'A,' Untouchables v Warriors,

'B' League

Tigers v RBL2, Vikings v Young Loons, Tankerness v Murray Arms, Muppets v Exiles,

Shapinsay v Sands, Sanday 'B' v Quoyburray.

17 September 2018Second silverware for OGC.

Orkney Golf Club won the Spiers Cup. From left, Kevin Peace, Gordon Rendall, Keith Brumpton and Stevie Linklater.

THE first of the A and B combined cups, the Spiers Cup, took place last Monday in the Kirkwall Masonic.  
With the longer team format, and a pretty good entry of 12 teams it dragged on until close to midnight.  

Nevertheless, there were some good darts on show and some good performances from the B lads.  

One of those B teams managed to nip through to the final, but Shapinsay were just narrowly outgunned by the Orkney Golf Club, who have now won the first two cups of the season and certainly seem to be up for the title challenge this year.

This Friday sees the Legion play host to the Cricket Singles and Doubles competitions.  Stevie Linklater will no doubt be eager to retain the singles title he claimed last time around, while Brian Moar and Stuart Thomson will be hoping to do likewise in the doubles.

The 301 double start cups take place on Monday and Tuesday next week.
While next Friday sees the inaugural Jimmy Miller Open Singles Cup held in the Legion, generously donated by the Miller family.  

Jimmy was a huge character in his 50 years participation in the local darts scene and it will no doubt become a much sought after title amongst the darts players in Orkney.

180s:    Erlend Lennie
Ton plus checkouts: Colin Leslie 112

Spiers Cup: Orkney Golf Club 4, Shapinsay 2
Plate Competition:  Nomads 4, Young Loons 0

Friday, September 21, Cricket Singles & Doubles, Legion, 7.30pm
Monday,  September 24, 301 Cup (A), Legion, 7.30pm
Tuesday, September 25 , 301 Cup (B), Masonic, 7.30pm
Friday,  September 28, Jimmy Miller Singles (Open), Legion, 7.30pm


10 September 2018Golf Club and Shapinsay take first silverware of the season

Orkney Golf Club, St Ola Cup winners. From left, Stevie Linklater, Keith Brumpton, Gordon Rendall and Kevin Peace.



Shapinsay, St Ola Cup winners. Pictured from left are Ian Eunson, Jamie Marwick, Graham Rendall and Colin Leslie.

The 2018/19 season kicked off last Monday with the Allied Hotels cup for 'A' teams.  
The three man team format usually throws up a few unexpected results, and the first giant killing of the season went to the young Nomads boys over the Legion, with Ryan Wilkie putting Kevin Gray to the sword twice in the tie.  
Some early season rustiness was definitely on show, but there were some good darts thrown nonetheless.  
Brian Moar scored the first ton-plus checkout of the season, with a lowly 100 as his Wanderers side scraped through to the final.  
In the bottom half the Golf Club boys won through by defeating the Nomads, and in the final they were just too clinical for the Wanderers, winning 3-0 and collecting the first piece of silverware for the season.
The 'B' boys got underway the following night with the St.Ola Cup, and KDDL debutant Dennis Watt made an exceptional start, hitting two 180s, a 100 checkout and an 11 dart leg in his first match.  
His Exiles team made the semi final but lost out to RBL2.  Waiting for them in the final were Shapinsay, who had dispatched Quoyburray and Young Loons en route, and it was the islanders who ran out 3-1 winners.

Allied Hotels Cup: Wanderers 0, Orkney Golf Club 3
St.Ola Cup:  RBL2 1, Shapinsay 3

180s:    Dennis Watt (2)
Ton plus checkouts: Dennis Watt 100, Brian Moar 100

Monday, September 17, Lynnfield Cup (A), Legion, 7.30pm
Tuesday, September 18, Foubister Cup (B), Masonic, 7.30pm
Friday, September 21, Cricket Singles & Doubles, Legion, 7.30pm


21 August 2018New darts season about to begin

The 2018-19 committee is: president Craig Taylor; vice-president Stevie Linklater; treasurer David Henderson; secretary Brian Moar. Committee members: Robbie Stanger, Brett Dickinson, Ian Linklater, Robbie Norquoy & Richard Polson.


Kirkwall and District Darts League held its annual general meeting in the Kirkwall Legion last Thursday.  
A slight improvement on numbers present from the previous year heard detailed reports from league president Craig Taylor, giving an overview of the 2017-18 season, while treasurer David Henderson supplied the facts and figures surrounding the financial status of the league.

Seven of the eight committee from the previous year had intimated their wish to stand again, and were duly elected unopposed.  With no formal requests having been received in writing for any new committee members, it was opened to the floor and Richard Polson agreed to stand.  
Retiring vice president Robbie Stanger later agreed after the meeting to stand again to make up the numbers needed.  Craig Taylor remains as president, while Stevie Linklater moved into the vice president role.  
With secretary for the past 50 years Jim Scollie having sadly passed away during the previous season, only Brian Moar had intimated his wish to fill the vacancy and this passed unopposed.

A few changes were made during the AGM which will come into effect. There will be a verbal any other business part to the AGM, although it was stressed that any major issues, especially concerning constitutional alterations or large scale reconstruction of league structure are to be in writing two weeks prior so they can be included in detail on the agenda.

It was proposed to have the league starting later and finishing earlier, and a draft fixture schedule including such changes were put forward and accepted.  
There was also a call for the mixed A & B cups to be scheduled for a Friday night where possible, and to trial plate competitions at these to give teams a guaranteed couple of games each night. This was also included and altered in a draft cup fixture schedule, subject to availability of the venues stated.

The main change was the proposal which was carried which will see the committee propose to their Shetland counterparts for a 'B' county match between players from the lower leagues in each organisation for a trial period of two seasons, with the KDDL side being selected from the current 'B' ranking point system already in place, with the one condition being that 'B' players wishing to be selected must also take part in at least four of the seven main ranking competitions. This can only go forward if agreed by Shetland Darts Association who have a meeting this week.

24 teams have entered the KDDL this season, 12 in each of the A and B leagues, with 2 up and 2 down at the end of the season as agreed at last years AGM.
A league:  Legion, Orkney Golf Club, Commodores, Untouchables, Wanderers, Sanday, Untouchables 'A', Legion Arrows, Quoyburray 'B', Warriors, Nomads and Bilco Boys.
B League:  Quoyburray, Shapinsay, Murray Arms, Sands, Muppets, Young Loons, Vikings, Sanday 'B', Tankerness, Tigers, Exiles and RBL2.

Cup games commence from Monday, September 3, with League matches scheduled to start on Monday, October 1.
As usual, updates on KDDL activity can also be found on the Orkney Darts Facebook page throughout the season.

Monday,  September 3: Allied Hotels Cup (A), Legion, 7.30pm
Tuesday, September 4, St.Ola cup (B), Masonic, 7.30pm

22 June 2018KDDL AGM details

KDDL AGM Thursday, Aug 16th, at 8pm, 

Kirkwall Legion.


Deadline for agenda items and team entries:

August 2nd 8pm.


Registration books can be obtained now from committee.

See Orkney Darts Facebook page for update, info and contact details.


League president Craig Taylor Email: craigtaylormedia@hotmail.co.uk

22 June 2018Kirkwall darts league donate over £3500 to local charities

Kirkwall and District Darts League carried out its annual charity cheque presentations which saw a total of £3,561 donated to local good causes.

Brian Moar, David Henderson, and Craig Taylor from the league presented Marcus Vile and Kevin Wooldrage from Kirkwall RNLI with £500, Kirsty Sinclair from the Fishermen’s Mission with £500, and Jack Mcintosh from Eunson Kloss Residents Association with £561.90.

John Muir of Orkney MacMillan House was presented with £2000, which was raised between the league May weekend charity darts, and a gin tasting night organised by the Kirkwall Masonic recreation club chairman Mark Wroath, also pictured. Huge thanks once again to everyone who came along and supported the events throughout the year.

Darts league president Craig Taylor said: "Huge thanks once again to all everyone who came along and supported our charity events throughout the year. It is always a pleasure for the league to support numerous local good causes and carry out the cheque presentations at the end of each season."

21 May 2018Annual presentation night



2017/18 Roll of Honour from the darts presentation night listed below.

As I said last night, thanks very much to everyone for making it such a successful season darts wise. Thanks very much to league sponsors Williamson's Butchers, and The Brig Larder for sponsoring the KDDL Orkney shirts. The support is very much appreciated by us all.

Registration books are available now for next season by arrangement from committee. Enjoy the summer break!

AGM is set for Thursday, Aug 16th, at 8pm, in the Kirkwall Legion. Deadline for agenda items and team entries, August 2nd 8pm.

A League winners: Legion
Runners up: Orkney Golf Club
Wooden Spoon: Quoyburray

B League winners: Nomads
Runners Up: Bilco Boys
Wooden Spoon: Ale Stars

Most 180’s (38) Kevin Gray
Most ton plus finishes: (22) Kevin Gray
Highest ranked player: (55 points) Kevin Gray

Highest checkout: (170) Jim Hamilton
Most B League 180’s: (20) Gary Wilson
Highest B checkout: (161) Robbie Norquoy

League Singles winner: Robbie Stanger
League Doubles winners: Robbie Stanger & Stevie Linklater
Mixed Doubles winners: Ivan Leslie & Kelly Harcus

14 May 2018Darts presentation night this weekend

14 May 2018Tattie Bogle Shield raises money for charity

Pictured in the back row are members of Tattie Bogle's (Jim Scollie's) family. From left, Evelyn Sandison, Andy Scollie, Anna Flaws and Michael Scollie.
Pictured in the front row are the prizewinners, Rosie Davidson, Mark Shearer, Vanessa Robertson, KDDL president Craig Taylor, Nikita Scollie, and Sarah-Jane Marwick. Missing from the picture is Brian Stevenson Jnr


The annual Tattie Bogle Charity Shield took place in the Kirkwall Legion on Friday night, when Mark Shearer and Vanessa Robertson beat Brian Stevenson Jnr and Sarah-Jane Marwick in the final.
Prize board winners were Rosie Davidson and Nikita Scollie.
KDDL league president Craig Taylor said a huge thanks to everyone who generously donated prizes for the raffle, and helped on the night in any way.
£364.40 was raised for Eunson Kloss Residents Association which will be added to the £187.50 raised at the Steven Flett Memorial Darts for the same very good cause.
The last darts fixture of the season takes place on Saturday.
It is the annual trophy presentation night and the usual fun mixed doubles darts - names out of the hat.
Let’s make it a good night with a good turnout! It gets underway at 8pm in the Kirkwall Masonic.
Registration books for the 2018/19 season will also be available on the night from KDDL committee members.

07 May 2018May weeked darts raised £1300 for Macmillan Orkney

Pictured at the May weekend charity darts are, back row from left, runners-up John Marshall and John Kewlie, Nicky Laird and Hazel Groundwater.
Pictured front from left are winners Stevie Linklater and Craig Taylor receiving their trophy from Charlie Tulloch, and ladies winners Jean Scott and Debbie Tait.

The annual May weekend charity darts took place in the Kirkwall Masonic on Friday night, when the amazing sum of £1300 was raised for Macmillan Orkney.
On the night there are two competitions, men's and ladies doubles.
In the ladies competition it was Jean Scott and Debbie Tait who claimed the trophy by beating Hazel Groundwater and Nicky Laid in the final.
The winning ladies were presented with a brand new cup which was donated by ladies league president Hazel Groundwater in memory of Carole Celli who was always a great supporter of this event, and many other charity events.
Mintlaw players, on their annual visit to Orkney for the May weekend, always came along to support the event, and this year was no different, playing some great darts and very generously supporting the fundraising on the night.
In the men's competition Craig Taylor and Stevie Linklater ensured the trophy stayed in Kirkwall by beating the Mintlaw visitors John Marshall and John Kewlie in the final.
Huge thanks go to Charlie Tulloch from the Masonic for organising the fundraising raffle and bottle stall on the night, with helpers Liz Hay, Margaret Sutherland and Katie Croy.
Charlie has also collected 5 pences in a jar over the year, and had organised a gin tasting in the Masonic later this month, with these proceeds also adding to the total raised for Macmillan Orkney, in memory of Carole.
KDDL president Craig Taylor thanked all who very generously donated prizes, bought tickets, and had a go at the bottle stall and the bottle of port coin push. The eventual winner, after some fierce competition for the bottle was Gary Wilson.
The darts season is almost at and end, with just two events to go.
The first is the annual Tattie Bogle Charity Shield which takes place this Friday at 7.30pm in the Legion. There will also be a raffle and fun board competitions.
Funds raised at this mixed doubles event will be donated to Eunson Kloss Residents Association in memory of Jim Scollie and will be added to the money already raised at Steven Flett Memorial Darts last month.
Donations for the raffle will be most welcome.
Then, the final event of the year takes place the following week, the annual men and ladies leagues trophy presentation and mixed doubles darts on Saturday May 17. Names by 7.30pm.
There are still a small number of cups and trophies to come in, can they please be handed into the Masonic as soon as possible so they can be engraved.
Team registration books for the 2018/19 season will also be available on the night, and from them on, from committee members on request.


Friday, May 11
Tattie Bogle Charity Shield, Legion, 7.30pm.

Saturday, May 19
Darts Do - trophy presentation & mixed doubles.
Masonic 7.30pm.

30 April 2018Charity cups and presentation remain

With the lighter nights marking the fact that the darts season is almost at an end, only two charity events remain, followed by the annual trophy presentation night, making the end of the darting year for the KDDL.
This Friday the annual May charity darts fundraiser takes place in the Masonic, money from which will be donated to Macmillan Orkney, very much in memory of Carole Celli who always supported the charity fundraising at this event each year.
The format is the usual two competitions, men's and ladies doubles, enter with a partner on the night. As well as the darts, there will be a raffle and bottle stall.
Mintlaw players, on their annual visit to the county are also sure to be there supporting the event as always.
The following Friday the annual Tattie Bogle Charity Darts takes place, money from which  will be donated to Eunson Kloss Residents Association, added to the funds already raised at the Steven Flett memorial darts held the previous month.
The curtain comes down on the season on Saturday, May 19, in the Masonic, with the trophy presentations & fun mixed doubles. Signing on books for the following season will also be available from committee.

Friday, May 4
Charity Doubles, Masonic, 7.30pm.

Friday, May 11
Tattie Bogle Charity Shield, Legion, 7.30pm.

Saturday, May 19
Darts Do - trophy presentation & mixed doubles.
Masonic 7.30pm.

30 April 2018Clean sweep for East in Orkney championships


The Orkney championships darts play off took place in the Merkister Hotel on Friday night which saw a clean sweep for the KDDL.
The Kirkwall Legion beat the Merkister team 11- 4 to regain the title of Orkney champions. 180's were scored by Wayne Monkman, Kevin Gray, Ian Findlay x2, Derek Firth x2 from the Legion, with Mal Reid and Paul Foubister from the Merkister also scoring one each.
Robbie Stanger retained his singles title beating Paul Foubister 3-1 with 116 and 114 checkouts.
Robbie and Stevie Linklater were doubles winners against Paul And John Munson in the playoff with a 3-1 scoreline.
The mixed doubles winners were Kelly Harcus and Ivan Leslie who beat Lauren Gilmour and Erland Pirie 3-0.
Thanks go to the Merkister Hotel who hosted the event and provided supper for the players.


23 April 2018KDDL Orkney make darting history in Lerwick

Darting history was made in the Lerwick Legion on Friday night when KDDL Orkney took on Shetland in the annual inter-county, in a match which saw the reds claim eight victories in -a -row, a feat never achieved before in the history of the competition which dates back to season 1971/72. Ian Linklater also took the mens anniversay shield.

Full match report on the Inter-County News and Archive page.

17 April 2018KDDL Orkney all set for Shetland

The KDDL Orkney Darts Team who take on Shetland in Lerwick on Friday night in the annual inter-county clash are pictured being presented with new team shirts by Thorfinn Craigie of sponsor The Brig Larder.
Pictured back row from left are: Steven Moar, Leigh Shearer, Robbie Stanger, Ivan Leslie, Derek Firth, Kevin Gray and Erlend Lennie.
Front: Ian Findlay, Ryan Tulloch, Craig Taylor (captain), Thorfinn Craigie, Brian Moar, Stevie Linklater.
Missing from the picture are Ian Linklater, Simon Parry and Brett Dickinson.

On behalf of the team Craig said that the players are once again very grateful for the continued sponsorship and support by Thorfinn Craigie and George Stout at The Brig Larder.

15 April 2018Flett Shield win for Gary and Nicky

The Steven Flett Memorial Darts took place on Friday night when 16 pairs contested the competition, the first of three charity events to round off the domestic darts season, but before the season is out, there is also the big one, the inter-county match against Shetland this week in Lerwick.

Winners in the Steven Flett mixed doubles competition were birthday boy Gary Wilson and Nicky Laird who beat Mark Shearer and Anne McOmish 4-2 in the final.

Earlier, previous holders Kevin and Shona Gray were beaten in the first round by Stevie Linklater and Elizbeth Irvine, however their progress was halted by Mark and Anne and the semi-final stage.

League president Craig Taylor said a huge thanks to all who took part and donated prizes for the raffle on the night.

Funds raised at this event, which was almost £200, and from the Tattie Bogle Charity Shield next month, on May, Friday 11, will be donated to Eunson Kloss Residents Association.

The May weekend charity darts fundraiser in the Masonic on Friday, May 4, will be donated to Macmillan Orkney in memory of Carole Celli who always very kindly supported the charity fundraising at the event and many others.

This week the men’s and ladies KDDL teams head to Lerwick to contest the annual fixtures against their Shetland rivals.

The Orkney men have a record setting 8-in-a-row victories in the sights, but Shetland will be trying all out to stop them, however the reds will be determined to keep the run going. The darting drama will be played out on the big stage in the Lerwick Legion.


Thursday, April, 19

Lerwick Ladies v Kirkwall Ladies. Lerwick Legion 7.30pm

Friday, April 20

Shetland v KDDL Orkney, Lerwick Legion 7pm

Saturday, April 21

Anniversary Shield, Lerwick Legion. 1.30pm

Friday, April 27

Orkney Championships, Merkister, 7.30pm.

Friday, May 4

Charity Doubles, Masonic, 7.30pm.

Friday, May 11

Tattie Bogle Charity Shield, Legion, 7.30pm.

Saturday, May 19

Darts Do - trophy presentation & mixed doubles

Masonic 7.30pm.

10 April 2018Williamson's Darts Leagues are concluded

After 22 match weeks the KDDL leagues sponsored by Williamson's Butchers have now reached their conclusion.

Having already wrapped up the 'A' title the previous week, the Legion almost came unstuck against a plucky Untouchables 'A' side.  However, a hat-trick of big finishes each from the dynamic duo of Kevin Gray and Derek Firth saw them take the three points. 

A similarly close match was played out in the Masonic where the golf club just beat Sanday to the spoils.

The Untouchables have had a fairly unlucky season, losing key players along the way, due to work commitments and injury, and on Wednesday bad luck struck again losing a player shortly before their match with the Warriors.  Credit to the Untouchables for playing out the fixture with three men, but ultimately it was the Warriors who emerged triumphant, with clinical finishing by Stevie Moar once more their trump card. 

Shapinsay were heavily beaten by the Commodores so Quoyburray 'B' were already safe going into their game with the Arrows, and only a whitewash from them would send the Arrows down, while an 11-1 defeat would leave Shapinsay facing a play-off with the Arrows.

The teams locked horns on Monday, with the Arrows getting the two games they needed in the first two doubles, before strolling on to an 8-4 win.

The Nomads already sealed the 'B' league title last week, but their match with Tankerness was to play a pivotal role in who the other team to be promoted would be. 

As it turned out, the champs pulverised their visitors and secured second spot for the Bilco Boys, who turned over the Ale Stars the following night anyway. 

Tankerness redeemed themselves by beating Sands, while the Muppets had the narrowest of wins over Vikings. 

With the Murray Arms already having played a previous match with three players, and nothing resting on the game, they were reluctantly allowed by the committee to concede their match with the Young Loons. 

Due to circumstances outwith their control, Streamline were unable to complete their two remaining matches and forfeited both. An unfortunate end to what has been a really exciting 'B' league this year, with the standard continuing to rise and some real young talent beginning to emerge.


180s this week were hit by:  Billy Ward, Alistair Rendall, Kevin Gray, Kevin Peace, Ben Hogan, Erlend Lennie, Erlend Eunson, Gary Drever, Brian Stevenson, Allan Brown and Ivan Leslie (two).  Ryan Tulloch scored a 177.


Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Michael Muir 106, Kevin Peace 107, Darryl Robertson 111, Roy Foubister 120, Ross Groundwater 123, Robbie Stanger 144, Alan Gray 152, Kevin Gray (100, 108 & 110), Derek Firth (101, 102 & 116) and Stevie Moar (110, 113 & 120).


On Friday the Steven Flett Memorial Mixed Doubles takes place in the Legion. Names by 7.30pm. Enter with a partner.

The following week the men’s and ladies teams head to Lerwick to take on Shetland in the annual clash  between the sides, with the reds having eight-in-a-row in their sights.

A League:

Commodores 10, Shapinsay 2; Legion 7, Untouchables 'A' 5; Sanday 5, OGC 7; Warriors 8, Untouchables 4; Quoyburray 'B' 4, Legion Arrows 8


B League:

Nomads 10, Tankerness 2; Young Loons 12, Murray Arms 0 (walkover); Bilco Boys 11 v Ale Stars 1; Tankerness 9 v Sands 3; Vikings 5, Muppets 7; Murray Arms 12, Streamline 0 (walkover); Streamline 0, Sanday 'B' 12 (walkover).

02 April 2018Legion & Nomads win top spot

Congratulations go to the Legion on winning the 'A' league for the 9th year in succession and their 17th title in the last 20 years.  

The title was confirmed following a tremendous tussle with the Untouchables who they beat 7-5 in a game boasting big scores and sub 15 dart legs aplenty. This was the same score that Sanday beat the Untouchables in a catch up game played the following night.

With the Legion taking the winners trophy the runners up cup will be heading to the Golf Club, who cemented their position with an emphatic win over Quoyburray 'B'.  

Sanday secured the narrowest of victories over Untouchables 'A' while the Commodores faired slightly better against Wanderers.  

The real battle over the past few weeks has been for the second relegation spot with Quoyburray already assured of the wooden spoon.

Legion Arrows pulled clear on leg difference over Shapinsay with a narrow win over Quoyburray, while the Warriors confirmed their league status for another year with a  win over Shapinsay.  

Later in the week, Wanderers narrowly defeated Quoyburray in a  lacklustre match which signalled the end of the season for both teams.

Top met bottom in the 'B' league with the Nomads beating Ale Stars, giving Nomads the league title and resigning Ale Stars to the wooden spoon. 

The Bilco Boys fought hard against the Muppets and just came away with all the points, which means that promotion is in their hands as a win in their final match will guarantee second place.  A couple of games were postponed with the barriers being closed, but Tankerness managed to beat Young Loons in a rearranged match from previous weeks.

 Sanday 'B' managed to hold the Vikings to a draw, and in doing so ended the promotion chances of the Vikings.
180s were hit by:  Brian Moar, Robbie Stanger, Billy Ward, John Garson, Alan Gray, Craig Taylor, Kevin Gray, Keith Brumpton, Ben Hogan, Jamie Marwick, Stevie Moar, Raymie Rendall, Gary Wilson, Steven Low, Neil Drever, Mark Shearer, Brian Stevenson and Ivan Leslie (three).

Ton-plus checkouts came from: Kevin Peace 100, Wayne Monkman 105, Jim Hamilton 110, Derrick Firth 110, Raymie Rendall 111, Neil Tait 112, Wayne Small 112, Shaun Raeburn 114, Ian Findlay 118, Stuart Thomson 120, Mark Shearer 120, Gordon Rendall (SB) 128, Leigh Shearer 149 and Andrew Clouston 106 & 122.  

A League
Wanderers 4, Commodores 8; Legion Arrows 7, Quoyburray 5; OGC 10, Quoyburray 'B' 2;
Untouchables 'A' 4, Sanday 8; Untouchables 5, Legion 7; Shapinsay 4, Warriors 8; Quoyburray 5, Wanderers 7.Sanday 7 Untouchables 5.

B League
Tankerness 8, Young Loons 4; Ale Stars 3, Nomads 9; Muppets 5, Bilco Boys 7; Sanday 'B' 6, Vikings 6.

Friday, April 13, Steven Flett Mixed Doubles, Legion, names by 7.30pm
Friday, April 20, Shetland v KDDL Orkney, Lerwick Legion, 7.30pm

02 April 2018Double win for East


East A darts team. Pictured, back row from left, Ian Findlay, Stevie Linklater, Steven Moar, Derek Firth, Brett Dickinson, Robbie Stanger, Ian Linklater. Front from left, Erlend Lennie, Brian Moar, Craig Taylor (captain), Leigh Shearer, Simon Parry. Missing from the picture is Ryan Tulloch.

East B darts team. Pictured back row from left, Derek Firth, Daryl Roberston. Front from left, Lee Macpherson, Erlend Eunson (captain), Colin Findlay and Mark Shearer.
Missing from the picture are Nicol Gray, Derek Ward, Gary Wilson, George Low, Steven Low and Jamie Drever.


The annual East v West competition took place in the Kirkwall Legion on Friday night, which saw wins for both the East teams.
At the end of the nights play the East teams from Kirkwall and District Darts League beat their counterparts from the West Mainland Darts Association in both the A and B matches.
The final scores were 13-5 in the A fixture, and 12- 6 in the B fixture. It was a good night of darts played in the right spirit.
There were some very good darts thrown on the night, with three 180s hit by Mark Shearer for East B seeing him hailed as the man of the match by his teammates.
The highest finish on the night was also a B player, Lee Macpherson, with a 123, who won a bottle kindly donated by Robbie Stanger as a prize.
This narrowly beat 120 finishes scored by Robbie Stanger and Gary Aim. Stevie Moar hot a 107 checkout.

26 March 2018Stanger retains KDDL league singles

KDDL president Craig Taylor presents the league singles trophy to Robbie Stanger, who beat Stevie Linklater in the final.

The final ranking points competition of the year took place in the Masonic Club in Kirkwall when the prestigious KDDL League Singles took place.
By semi-final stage Stevie Linklater overcame Leigh Shearer, while young Steven Low's great run in the competition came to an end when defending champion Robbie Stanger proved to strong for him.
Robbie then convincingly retained the title he won the year before by beating Stevie Linklater 5-2 in the final.
With the ranking points competition finished, the committee and qualifiers met on Sunday when the East and team to take on Shetland were finalised.
KDDL Orkney inter-county team and East A team:
Captain: Craig Taylor. Players: Kevin Gray, Derek Firth, Ivan Leslie, Robbie Stanger, Ian Linklater, Stevie Linklater, Brian Moar, Leigh Shearer, Erlend Lennie, Ryan Tulloch, Simon Parry, Ian Findlay. Reserves: 1. Stevie Moar, 2. Brett Dickinson, 3.Neil Croy, 4.Steven Low.
East B Team
Non playing captain Robbie Norquoy. Players: Erlend Eunson, (vice-captain) Steven Low, Jamie Drever, Mark Shearer, Nicol Gray, Derek Ward, Lee McPherson, Gary Wilson, Neil Drever, Colin Findlay, Derrick Firth, Darryl Robertson. Reserves: 1. Ally Linklater 2. George Low, 3. Brian Murray, 4. Thorfinn Eunson.
The East v West takes place in the Kirkwall Legion on Friday night at 7.30pm.
A busy week in the leagues as several catch up games were played.  
The Legion held their top spot by beating Warriors, although the Golf Club closed the gap by beating Quoyburray and Warriors.  
Shapinsay lost to Wanderers but climbed above the Arrows by beating them.  
The Arrows also lost out to the Commodores.  Elsewhere, Quoyburray 'B' battled hard but just lost to Untouchables 'A'. The Untouchables v Sanday was postponed.
The Nomads have sealed promotion to the 'A' League by beating close rivals the Muppets, whilst two wins for the Bilco Boys moved them clear in second place, their highest position of the season.  
The Ale Stars finally broke their duck by firstly beating Sands and then drawing with three man Murray Arms, who cannot now be promoted. The Vikings won against Streamline and moved clear into third.
180s this week were hit by:  Neil Croy, Graham Firth, Allan Brown, Colin Leslie, Billy Ward, Graham Reid, Ryan Tulloch, Gordon Rendall (OGC), Bruce Moar, Robert Hutchison, Gary Wilson, Derrick Firth, Lee McPherson, Colin Findlay, Ivan Leslie, Ryan Wilkie, Leigh Shearer, two each from Simon Parry, Robbie Stanger, Jamie Marwick, Kevin Gray, Derek Firth, three each from Stevie Moar and Stevie Linklater.  Robbie Stanger also scored 174, while Wayne Monkman, Gordon Rendall (OGC) and Stevie Linklater all scored 177.
Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Colin Barnett 100, Des Gillespie 100, Robbie Stanger 100, Stevie Linklater 101, Steven Griffiths 102, Derek Firth 106, Roy Griffiths 109, Stevie Moar 111, Wayne Small 113, Neil Croy 114, Colin Leslie 114, Bruce Moar 115, Trevor Shearer 117, Jamie Marwick 117, Billy Ward 126, Gordon Rendall (OGC) 153 and Brian Moar 100, 116 & 124.

A League
Legion 8, Warriors 4, Quoyburray 'B' 5, Untouchables 'A' 7, Quoyburray 1, OGC 11,
Commodores 8, Legion Arrows 4, Wanderers 8, Shapinsay 4, Warriors 5, OGC 7,
Legion Arrows 4, Shapinsay 8.
B League
Young Loons 4  Bilco Boys 8, Nomads 8 Muppets 4, Vikings 8  Streamline 4, Bilco Boys 8 Sanday 'B' 4,  Ale Stars 6 Murray Arms 6, Sands 5 Ale Stars 7.

Week starting April 2

A League
Warriors v Untouchables, Legion v Untouchables A, Sanday v OGC, Quoyburray B v Legion Arrows, Quoyburray v Wanderers, Commodores v Shapinsay.

B League
Streamline v Sanday, Vikings v Muppets, Bilco Boys v Ale Stars, Nomads v Tankerness, Young Loons v Murray Arms. Sands - No game.

Advance notice: Steven Flett Mixed Doubles, April 13, Legion, 7.30pm.

25 March 2018County and East teams named

Following the meetings tonight the following teams are announced.

KDDL Orkney inter-county team and East A team:

Captain: Craig Taylor. Players: Kevin Gray, Derek Firth, Ivan Leslie, Robbie Stanger, Ian Linklater, Stevie Linklater, Brian Moar, Leigh Shearer, Erlend Lennie, Ryan Tulloch, Simon Parry, Ian Findlay. Reserves: 1. Stevie Moar, 2. Brett Dickinson, 3.Neil Croy, 4.Steven Low.

East B Team

Non playing captain Robbie Norquoy. Players: Erlend Eunson, (vice-captain) Steven Low, Jamie Drever, Mark Shearer, Nicol Gray, Derek Ward, Lee McPherson, Gary Wilson, Neil Drever, Colin Findlay, Derrick Firth, Darryl Robertson. Reserves: 1. Ally Linklater 2. George Low, 3. Brian Murray, 4. Thorfinn Eunson.

East v West takes place on Friday,@ 7.30pm in Kirkwall Legion.

Team v Shetland travel upon Thursday night, April 19, back on Sun 22. 1 & 2nd reserves also travel to Lerwick to take on Shetland reserves before main match.

Anyone not able to make fixtures please inform team captains as soon as possible

19 March 2018Ivan and Kelly are mixed doubles champions

KDDL vice-president Robert Stanger presents winners Kelly Harcus and Ivan Leslie with the mixed doubles winners trophy, having beat defending champions Kevin and Shona Gray 4-3 in the final.

As crunch time in the KDDL leagues starts to hit, the first casualty of the season is now known.  
Quoyburray lost out to Untouchables 'A' and find themselves doomed to relegation as they can no longer overtake Shapinsay and Legion Arrows.  
Shapinsay found themselves heavily defeated by league leaders the Legion, while the Arrows had a much closer loss to the Wanderers.  
Quoyburray 'B' took a valuable point against Untouchables, while the Warriors only just lost out to Sanday, despite a clinical performance on the doubles from the in-form Stevie Moar.  
In the tie of the week, the even more in-form Stevie Linklater put in a stellar display for the Golf club, averaging 95.94 in his win over Robbie Stanger as the Golf Club won against the Commodores, all but guaranteeing the golfers the runners up spot if nothing else.
Just as the Muppets looked out of the promotion race they confound predictions and end the week sitting third, one point behind second placed Tankerness.  
They achieved this by firstly humbling Tankerness, followed by a narrow win over the Sands.  
There are several crunch games for those fighting for promotion, and this week the Vikings just managed to pip Murray Arms, pushing the Hope team to sixth place, but still within touching distance.  
Bilco Boys triumphed over Streamline and sit two points behind Tankerness in fifth, but crucially have a game in hand which may prove decisive.  
Down near the tail end the battle of the youngsters took place, and the Ale Stars showed how much improvement they've made during the season, but unfortunately they fell just short of picking up their first point of the season.  
The Nomads outgunned Sanday 'B' to move six points clear at the top, giving themselves a very good chance of promotion and also the title.
Kirkwall men’s and ladies leagues mixed doubles took place on Friday night in the Legion.
Winners were Ivan Leslie and Kelly Harcus who beat defending champions Kevin and Shona Gray 4-3 in what was a very close final.
The last ranking points competition of the season takes place in the Masonic on Friday night to settle the teams for East A and B, and KDDL selection versus Shetland. It's the prestigious league singles, names by 7.30pm.
A play off for final team places will be organised by the committee - only if required - at 6pm in the Legion on Sunday.
The top 9 A players, and captain Craig Taylor, who was already selected by the committee, will then meet at 7pm to select the three wildcards and reserves.
180s were hit by: Stevie Linklater, Damian Stout, Davy Henderson, Craig Taylor, Graham Reid, Des Gillespie, Stevie Moar, Michael Muir, Alan Gray, Wayne Monkman, Kevin Gray, Ian Findlay, Martin Peace, Derrick Firth, Archie Yule, Aaron Edwardson and Gary Wilson (two).  Stevie Linklater also hit 174, while Gordy Rendall, Ivan Leslie and Ally linklater all scored 177.
Ton-plus checkouts came from:  James Flett 100, Darryl Robertson 100, Sam Caithness 100, Steven Skea 100, Steven Griffiths 106, Grant Harrold 108, Craig Moar 108, Leigh Shearer 111, Wayne Monkman 111, Billy Ward 122, Robbie Stanger 164 and Kevin Gray 134 & 102.


A League
OGC 9, Commodores 3; Untouchables 'A' 10, Quoyburray 2; Untouchables 6, Quoyburray 'B' 6; Warriors 5, Sanday 7; Shapinsay 2, Legion 10; Legion Arrows 4, Wanderers 8.        
B League
Ale Stars 5, Young Loons 7; Muppets 7, Sands 5; Sanday 'B' 2, Nomads 10; Streamline 3, Bilco Boys 9; Murray Arms 5, Vikings 7; Tankerness 2, Muppets 10.
Week beginning Monday, March 26.

A League
Wanderers v Commodores; Legion Arrows v Quoyburray; OGC v Quoyburray 'B'; Untouchables 'A' v Sanday; Untouchables v Legion; Shapinsay v Warriors.

B League
Tankerness v Sands; Ale Stars v Nomads; Muppets v Bilco Boys; Sanday 'B' v Vikings; Murray Arms v Streamline; Young Loons – no game.

Friday, March 23, League Singles (ranking), Masonic, names by 7.30pm
Friday, March 30, East v West, Kirkwall Legion, 7.30pm

12 March 2018Legion stay top

Time is starting to run out in the KDDL leagues as the Legion continue to close in on their 9th title in a row, defeating Sanday 9-3.  
The Golf Club produced a similar result over Wanderers to remain in pursuit, as did Commodores over Untouchables 'A'. The Untouchables whitewashed bottom side Quoyburray and in doing so virtually guaranteed themselves a top half finish. 
Down near the bottom of the table Quoyburray 'B' and Warriors played out a draw, which may prove a valuable point for both sides.  
The Arrows crunch game with Shapinsay was postponed but the Arrows did well to play out two other games in the week, going down 9-3 to Sanday and 8-4 to Untouchables 'A'.  

This means that the Arrows and Shapinsay now sit exactly level in the fight to avoid the second relegation spot, putting even more importance on their clash when it is rearranged.
Meanwhile in the 'B' league, league leaders Nomads pulled further away from the pack with a narrow 7-5 win over Streamline.  
There were three draws this week, and two of them could have a bearing on the promotion race.  
Second placed Tankerness drew with third placed Murray Arms, whilst fourth and fifth in the guise of Vikings and Bilco Boys could only do the same. Despite that, all five teams remain in contention.Elsewhere Sands held Sanday 'B' to a draw while Muppets had a good win away to the Young Loons.

180s this week were hit by:  Stevie Linklater, Keith Brumpton, Craig Taylor, Jim Hamilton, Freddie Tait, Roy Foubister, Kevin Gray, Graham Firth, Michael Muir, Colin Kirkpatrick, Stevie Moar, Steven Low, Andrew Moar, Derek Ward Jnr, Erlend Lennie and Neil Croy (two).  Stevie Linklater and John Thomson both scored 171 while Toby Penwarden scored 177.

Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Ivan Leslie 100, Allan Brown 100, Raymie Rendall 100, Ian Findlay 110, Wilfie Tulloch 111, Wayne Small 112, Stevie Moar 114, Craig Taylor 116, Trevor Shearer 118, Ryan Tulloch 120, Graham Firth 120, Robert Hutchison 121, Billy Ward 130 and Des Gillespie 111 & 119.


A League
Sanday 3, Legion 9; Quoyburray 'B' 6, Warriors 6; Quoyburray 0, Untouchables 12; Commodores 9, Untouchables 'A' 3; Wanderers 3, OGC 9; Legion Arrows 3, Sanday 9;
Legion Arrows 4, Untouchables 'A' 8.

B League
Bilco Boys 6, Vikings 6; Nomads 7, Streamline 5; Sands 6, Sanday 'B' 6; Young Loons 4, Muppets 8; Tankerness 6, Murray Arms 6.
Week beginning Monday, March 19

A League
Legion v Warriors; Sanday v Untouchables; Quoyburray 'B' v Untouchables 'A'; Quoyburray v OGC; Commodores v Legion Arrows; Wanderers v Shapinsay.    

B League
Vikings v Streamline; Bilco Boys v Sanday 'B'; Nomads v Muppets; Ale Stars v Sands; Young Loons v Tankerness; Murray Arms – no game.
Friday, March 16,
League mixed doubles, Legion, names by 7.30pm

Friday, March 23,
League Singles (ranking), Masonic, names by 7.30pm

12 March 2018Kirkwall Open win for Linklater

96 players contested the JW Gray & Co Tennent's Kirkwall Open Darts Singles on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

Organised by Kirkwall and District Darts League, the biggest cash prizes in Orkney Darts were up for grabs thanks to the sponsors.

Joining local players in the packed Masonic Club in Kirkwall were a strong contingent from Shetland, joining 12 players who made the long journey up from the Scottish Borders, as well as players from other areas, including Aberdeenshire.

Kay Peace made it to the last 16 of the competition, before being put out by Stevie Linklater, winning her the top lady prize of £100. Robbie Norquoy won the furthest progressing B player £100 prize. He too was halted by Stevie, in the quarter-final stage.

In the other quarter finals Shetland's Gareth MacRitchie took out former winner Kevin Gray 3-2, while Brett Dickinson beat Jamie Aitchison from the Borders, by the same score. Defending Champion Ivan Leslie took out Borders visitor Peter Craig 3-1, with a 180 and a 111 finish giving Ivan a 12 dart leg.

In a great atmosphere a strong crowd watched the action as to who would be crowned champion.

The semi finals saw Gareth beat Brett 4-3 in a very tight game, while Stevie overcame Ivan 4-1, with both players hitting 180's.

So it was an Orkney v Shetland final. Would the trophy go out of Orkney for the first time it the 10 year history of the competition?

This answer was no, as Stevie powered to a 5-0 victory in a one sided final, with Stevie's heavy scoring proving too much for Gareth.
Stevie won the title for the fourth time, picking up the cup and £500 cash. Gareth won £200.
(Stevie averaged 80.81, Gareth 49.03)

Each semi-finalist won £50, and the quarter-finalists £20 each. In total £1080 prize money was given out on the day.

Thanks to everyone who took part and for all the generous donations to the bottle stall and raffles.

The committee of the KDDL would like to thank JW Gray & Co and Tennent's for their valued and continued support of the event.

05 March 2018B Singles title for Drever

B league Singles champion Jamie Drever, centre, is pictured being presented with the cup by KDDL president Craig Taylor. Also pictured is runner-up Erlend Lennie.

Jamie Drever won the B League Singles in a very close final against Erlend Lennie.
The final went to 3-3 before Jamie took the last 2 legs to take the title he last won in 2013. The competition took place in the Kirkwall Masonic Club on Friday night.

There was little change in the order of the Williamson's Butchers sponsored KDDL 'A' league this week, with 9-3 scores being the order of the day in four of the six matches played.  Winning by this margin were the Commodores, Legion, Orkney Golf Club and Sanday over the Untouchables, Quoyburray 'B', Arrows and Shapinsay respectively.  
The Wanderers let slip a 3-0 lead to lose 8-4 to Untouchables 'A', while the Warriors finally returned to winning ways courtesy of a 10-2 win over Quoyburray.

The top of the 'B' league appears to be finally taking shape now.  Top side Nomads defeated close challengers Vikings 8-4, which allowed Tankerness to move four points clear in second with a 10-2 victory over Ale Stars.  Murray Arms kept themselves in contention with a narrow 7-5 win over close rivals Bilco Boys, a result which was replicated for Streamline over Sands as well as Sanday 'B' over Young Loons.

180s were hit by: Ian Linklater, Robbie Stanger, Leigh Shearer, Stuart Thomson, Stevie Scott, Gary Norquoy, Stevie Moar, Bruce Moar, Gordon Rendall (OGC), Jim Brown, Allan Brown, Jamie Marwick, Colin Leslie, Alan Gray, Gordon Rendall (Sanday 'B'), Patty Sinclair, Steven Low, Erlend Eunson, Jamie Drever, and two each from Trevor Shearer, Erlend Lennie and Robbie Norquoy.

Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Jim Hamilton 100, Raymie Rendall 100, Graham Firth 100, Robbie Stanger 101, Gordon Rendall (OGC) 106, Erlend Lennie 116, Michael Vendy 140, Ben Hogan 143, Roy Foubister 144,  Jamie Drever 119 & 120 and Michael Muir 100 & 167.

It's the big one on Saturday, the annual  JW Gray & Co Tennent's Kirkwall Open.
Now in its 10th year the biggest cash prizes in Orkney Darts are up for grabs, winner £500, runner up £200, semi's £50, quarters £20, furthest registered KDDL B player £100, furthest lady £100.
There is also the big raffle with a Michael Van Gerwen replica shirt and Target lighting system to be won, and of course the bottle stall. Prize donations very welcome on the day. Names in by 1.30pm in the Kirkwall Masonic.
Check the Orkney Darts Facebook page for further updates.

B League Singles
Jamie Drever 5, Erlend Lennie 3

A League
Untouchables 3, Commodores 9; Warriors 10, Quoyburray 2; Legion 9, Quoyburray 'B' 3;
Shapinsay 3, Sanday 9; OGC 9, Legion Arrows 3; Untouchables 'A' 8, Wanderers 4.
B League
Sanday 'B' 7, Young Loons 5; Streamline 7, Sands 5; Vikings 4, Nomads 8; Murray Arms 7, Bilco Boys 5; Ale Stars 2, Tankerness 10
Week beginning Monday, March 12

A League
OGC v Commodores; Untouchables 'A' v Quoyburray; Untouchables v Quoyburray 'B';
Warriors v Sanday; Shapinsay v Legion; Legion Arrows v Wanderers.

B League
Ale Stars v Young Loons; Muppets v Sands; Sanday 'B' v Nomads; Streamline v Bilco Boys;
Murray Arms v Vikings; Tankerness – no game.        

Saturday, March 10 , Tennent's JW Gray & Co Kirkwall Open, Masonic, names by 1.30pm.
Friday, March 16, League Mixed Doubles, Legion, names by 7.30pm.

26 February 2018Doubles win for Linklater and Stanger

League treasurer David Henderson, centre, is pictured making the league doubles presentation to winners Stevie Linklater and Robbie Stanger, and runners up, Ian Linklater and Craig Taylor.

The KDDL league doubles took place in the Kirkwall legion on Friday night when 15 pairs took part, all trying to get their name engraved on the prestigious cup which dates back to the very first season of the league 50 years ago.
At the AGM last August, it was decided to remove the doubles from the ranking points system, replacing it with the Taylor Singles cup, so that all ranking contests were singles events.
Although the number of entries was down, the standard in many of the games was high.
In the semi-finals Ian Linklater and Craig Taylor dispatched Brian and Stevie Moar 4-1, meanwhile Stevie Linklater and Robbie Stanger took out Gary Wilson and Erlend Lennie 4-2.
The final started off a close affair, with Ian and Craig moving into a 2-1 lead, before Stevie and Robbie stepped up a gear to take the title 5-2.
The final saw a 180 each for Stevie and Craig, a 111 finish by Robbie, and two 15 dart and one 14 dart leg by the winners. In total in the competition there were 6 180’s scored on the night and five ton plus finishes.

On to league business, and the KDDL season rolled into its final quarter last week when there was no change at the top or bottom of the table as the Legion whitewashed Quoyburray.  
The Orkney Golf Club retained their slim hopes of catching the Legion and have given themselves a great chance of finishing runners up after two wins, 8-4 over Shapinsay and 9-3 over untouchables 'A'.   
The Commodores moved clear of the rest in third by beating Warriors 7-5, but it was very close by all accounts.  
Elsewhere the Wanderers got revenge on the Untouchables for their first half defeat, and ran out 8-4 winners this time.  
Quoyburray 'B' produced the shock result of the week, defeating Sanday 7-5 with Ross Groundwater hitting a hat-trick of maximums. A very welcome three points for the QBB boys who now find themselves four points clear of relegation for the time being.
Only three games were played in the 'B' league but two of them had a great effect on the promotion chase.  
The Bilco Boys overpowered league leaders Nomads 9-3 and despite sitting fourth, if Bilco win their game in hand over the rest they will jump to the top spot.
Also very much still in the hunt are the Vikings, but they had to come from 4-2 down against the Sands to eventually win 7-5.  
The final game of the week pitched the Young Loons against Streamline, and it was the Streamline boys who delivered the victory with an 8-4 win.
This Friday sees the final 'B' ranking points tournament, the 'B' league singles, take place in the Masonic. This will as always be a hotly contested tournament, with quite a few potential winners within the pool of players.  
This will not determine the final 'B' team for the East v West game however as there are still points available from the main League Singles at the end of March.
The following Saturday, March 10, the 10th Tennent's JW Gray Kirkwall Open Singles takes place, with the biggest prizemoney in Orkney Darts up for grabs.
Organised by the KDDL it is open to all, male and female, over 18,  and thanks to our sponsors in conjunction with the league, well over £1000 will be given to winners on the day. The competition takes place in the Kirkwall Masonic, with names by 1.30pm. No late entries accepted.

180s this week were hit by: Ian Eunson, Leigh Shearer, Kevin Peace, Gordon Rendall (OGC), Graeme Louttit, Alan Gray, Michael Vendy, Neil Drever, Ian Findlay, Erlend Lennie, Craig Taylor (two), Keith Brumpton (two), Ross Groundwater (three) and Stevie Linklater (three). John Thomson scored a 171.
Ton-plus checkouts came from: John Hamilton 105, Gary Wilson 106, Kevin Gray 106, Geordie Coltherd 108, Brian Moar 109, Michael Moodie 120, Billy Ward 129, Damian Stout 132, Simon Parry (110 twice) and Robbie Stanger (100 and 111 twice).


A League
Quoyburray ‘B’ 7, Sanday 5; Quoyburray 0, Legion 12; Commodores 7, Warriors 5;
Wanderers 8, Untouchables 4; Shapinsay 4, OGC 8; Untouchables 'A' 3, OGC 9.

B League
Bilco Boys 9, Nomads 3; Sands 5, Vikings 7; Young Loons 4, Streamline 8.
Week beginning Monday, March 5.

A League    
Sanday v Legion; Quoyburray 'B' v Warriors; Quoyburray v Untouchables; Commodores v Untouchables 'A'; Wanderers v OGC; Legion Arrows v Shapinsay.

B League    
Bilco Boys v Vikings; Nomads v Streamline; Sands v Sanday 'B'; Young Loons v Muppets;
Tankerness v Murray Arms; Ale Stars – no game.
Friday, March 2, 'B' league singles, Masonic, names by 7.30pm
Saturday, March 10, Kirkwall Open, Masonic, names by 1.30pm

19 February 2018Erlend Lennie takes U30 title

Pictured from left are Stevie Linklater with runner-up Alan Findlay, while Kelly Harcus presents winner Erlend Lennie with his trophies.

Friday evening saw the future stars of Orkney darts toe the oche in the Kirkwall Legion, all keen to lift the prestigious under 30's open singles trophy, now in its sixth year.  
35 entered and there was a good spread from the KDDL, WMDA and one or two unregistered players all hoping to showcase their talent.
With the tunes pumping out of the jukebox, it was apparent from the start what a great atmosphere there was and the older generation could take note of how eager boys were to step in and mark, and also to follow the competition to its fruition.  
Perhaps the intrigue and anticipation of there being so many potential winners helped to fuel the interest of those who were knocked out early on.  
The excellent standard and number of very close matches would also have helped. There were cash prizes for those reaching the quarters, as well as a bottle put up by Stevie Linklater, whose idea the competition was initially, for the highest checkout – which Gary Wilson gleefully picked up with a 144 finish.
Alan Findlay, who very recently turned 18, was a potential candidate from the off and was in good form as he made his way to the final, beating Ben Johnston 4-1 in an entertaining semi-final. Ben himself had played well on his journey, beating the much fancied Gary Wilson in the quarters.
The bottom half of the draw threw together some of the main contenders and some terrific matches ensued.
Defending champion Erlend Lennie played Jamie Marwick early on and, with Jamie missing a few match darts, Erlend then proceeded to take the scalp of Mark Shearer in the next round, followed by Nicol Gray in the quarters.  
Elsewhere Jamie Drever managed to get the better of young Ryan Wilkie, before losing out in the quarters to his old doubles partner Ryan Tulloch.  
The semi-final between Erlend and Ryan was a tremendous match, possibly the game of the night, with both powering in the scores until a nervy last leg saw Erlend finally progress to the final.
Despite being a decent game, the final was understandably nervous, with 25 year old Erlend using his experience to go 2-0 up.  
However, Alan wasn't for bowing out without hitting back and after pinching the third leg he hit a terrific 132 finish to draw level. Erlend himself hit back, finding his scoring power once more and took the next two legs to go 4-2 up.  
As the finishing line drew near, Erlend's composure started to slip a little, allowing Alan to get the seventh leg.
However, Erlend showed why he is in the running for a place in the senior squad to play Shetland by holding steady and eventually hitting the double to win the trophy.
Prize money given out on the night was: £75 Erlend Lennie, £30 Alan Findlay, £10 Ryan Tulloch & Ben Johnston, £5 Nicol Gray, Gary Wilson, Jamie Drever & Sean Stanger.
180's hit in the competition: Mark Shearer, Gavin Linklater, Sean Stanger, Jamie Drever and Gary Wilson.
High checkouts hit in the competition: Gary Wilson 144, Ryan Tulloch 108, Jamie Drever 110, Ben Johnston 111, Erlend Lennie 126 and Alan Findlay 108 &132.

Week 15 of the Williamson's Butchers KDDL 'A' passed and the Legion's race to retain the league title gathers apace as they swept aside last years runners up, the Commodores.  The Untouchables had a close shave against the Arrows but managed to get the win, and in doing so drew level with Untouchables 'A', whose match against the Golf Club was postponed.  
Sanday were in an unforgiving mood against Quoyburray, pummelling them 11-1 and the week would only get worse for the east mainland boys.  
Wanderers once more got the better of the Warriors, leaving the Warriors stuck on the 11 point mark.  Joining them on 11 points are Quoyburray 'B', who drew with Shapinsay.  Shapinsay played a catch up game against Quoyburray and beat them 8-4 which leaves Quoyburray 9 points adrift from safety and almost guaranteed for the drop.  
However Shapinsay draw level on 10 points with the Arrows, and with only 1 point separating Shapinsay, Arrows, Quoyburray 'B' and Warriors, it should prove to be an eventful end to the season in the bottom half of the 'A' league.
The main shock of the predictably unpredictable 'B' league this week was that there were absolutely no positional changes whatsoever, completely unheard of this season!  
Erlend Lennie continued his sensational form and was the difference as leaders Nomads beat Murray Arms 7-5.  
Similar scores were recorded for Vikings over Young Loons and Tankerness over Sanday 'B', which opens up a slight gap at the top now for Nomads and Tankerness.  
The Bilco Boys defeated Sands 10-2, as did the Muppets over the Ale Stars.
180s this week were hit by: Kevin Gray, Leigh Shearer, Craig Taylor, Jim Hamilton, Ben Hogan, Jamie Marwick, Hamish Baillie, Brian Stevenson, Ally Linklater, Neil Drever, Craig Moar, Brian Murray, Gordon Rendall (Sanday 'B'), Matthew Wylie, Gary Wilson and Erlend Lennie (two).
Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Ben Hogan 100, Freddie Tait 107, Neil Drever 110, Robbie Norquoy 110, Ross Groundwater 112, Kevin Gray 114, Craig Taylor 115, Ivan Leslie 115, Derek Firth 132, Allan Brown 132, Jamie Drever 136, Erlend Lennie 105 & 109 and Stevie Moar 120 & 126.

Under 30's open singles
Semi-finals: Alan Findlay 4, Ben Johnston 1,Erlend Lennie 4, Ryan Tulloch 3.
Erlend Lennie 5, Alan Findlay 3

A League
Legion 8, Commodores 4; Sanday 11, Quoyburray 1; Shapinsay 6, Quoyburray ‘B’ 6;
Untouchables 7, Legion Arrows 5; Warriors 3, Wanderers 9; Shapinsay 8, Quoyburray 4.
B League
Vikings 7, Young Loons 5; Bilco Boys 10, Sands 2; Murray Arms 5, Nomads 7; Muppets 10, Ale Stars 2; Sanday B 5, Tankerness 7.
Week beginning Monday, February 26

A League
Untouchables v Commodores; Warriors v Quoyburray; Legion v Quoyburray 'B'; Shapinsay v Sanday; OGC v Legion Arrows; Untouchables 'A' v Wanderers.

B League
Sanday 'B' v Young Loons; Streamline v Sands; Vikings v Nomads; Murray Arms v Bilco Boys; Ale Stars v Tankerness;
Muppets – no game.
Friday, February 23
League Doubles, Legion, names by 7.30pm

12 February 2018Taylor cup win makes it three in a row for Kevin Gray

League president Craig Taylor presents winner Kevin Gray with the Taylor Singles Cup. Pictured left is runner-up Ryan Tulloch.

The latest KDDL ranking points competition took place in the Legion on Friday night, when the inaugural Taylor Singles competition took place.
The competition replaces in the league doubles in the raking system, with the cup donated by long serving league president Craig Taylor.
With this being the second last ranking competition, players were all keen to get their share of the points for East v West and qualification to make the team to play against Shetland in April.
With 39 entries, the major talking point was the high standard of darts played throughout the night.
In the semi-finals Jamie Marwick faced Ryan Tulloch, with Ryan winning through 4-2. In the other semi, Kevin Gray took out Billy Ward 4-1.
The high standard final saw some excellent darts by both players. Kevin ran out 5-0 winner, with an overall average of 85.4, with his darts per leg throw 26, 11, 15, 20, and 16. Ryan had 73.24 and he was on a double 3 of the 5 legs.
In the five legs Kevin hit 2 x 180s, 5 x 140+, 6 x 100+ and a 116 check out.
Ryan hit 3 x 140+ and 4 x 100+.
This was the third ranking points competition win in a row for Kevin, a fantastic achievement, and took him straight to the top of the ranking points leaderboard on 50 points.
With just the league singles to go as a ranking points fixture for A & B players, the battle for those final places will again go right to the wire.
But, lets not forget the league doubles. Although not a ranking points event, it is still a highly prestigious title to win.

On to league business. Another week passed in the KDDL season and the theme of this week was close matches with plenty of high standard darts.  
In their quest to catch the Legion, both the Golf Club and Commodores were made to sweat as they narrowly overcame Sanday and the Untouchables respectively, both finishing 7-5.  Ben Hogan in particular was in inspired form for the Untouchables, hitting a maximum score and two big checkouts.  
Unfortunately the points gained failed to close the gap as the Legion managed to recover from the Wanderers drawing level at 4-4, to eventually squeeze out an 8-4 win, but it was much closer than the final score suggested.  
The Quoyburray derby was another close affair but the ‘B’ boys managed to pull out an 8-4 win which leaves the Quoyburray side well adrift at the foot of the table.  
It also moves the Quoyburray ‘B’ team four points clear of Shapinsay in second bottom, who lost out 8-4 to the untouchables ‘A’.  
The Arrows and Warriors played yet another action packed game and Graham Firth only just missed three darts to seal the win for the Arrows, with the Warriors managing to nick a draw at the death.  
A valuable point for both teams but they will still need to look over their shoulders for a few weeks yet to be safe from the drop.
The ‘B’ league wouldn’t feel right this year without more mayhem at the top, and so it proved once again this week.  
Murray Arms started the week as leaders, but could only manage a draw with the Muppets and ended up third.  
Although a good point for the Muppets, it probably leaves them too far behind now to realistically push for promotion, but they will no doubt have more to say in who does go up.  The Nomads moved top with the narrowest of wins over Sands, while Tankerness slipped into second with a similar win over streamline, in a game which looked like a top flight match on the back of the card.  
Robbie Norquoy moved top of the ‘B’ league high finishes with an impressive 161 checkout in the game.  
Another good game was seen in the rugby club, where the Ale Stars finally went down 9-3 to Sanday ‘B’.
180s this week were hit by: Bruce Moar, Ian Linklater, Brett Dickinson, Ryan Tulloch, Ian Findlay, Davy Henderson, Hamish Baillie, Colin Kirkpatrick, Robbie Stanger, Billy Ward, Ivan Leslie, Roy Foubister, Graham Firth, Raymie Rendall, Stevie Moar, Brian Moar, Neil Croy, Keith Brumpton, Ben Hogan, Craig Taylor, Jim Hamilton, Clive Hewison, Robbie Norquoy, Erlend Eunson, Ali Flett, Michael Vendy, Keith Bain (two), Erlend Lennie (two), Derek Firth (three), Jamie Marwick (four) and Kevin Gray (four).  Roy Foubister and Ryan Tulloch both also scored 177.
Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Leigh Shearer 100, Derek Firth 100, Gary Brown 100, Colin Kirkpatrick 102, Keith Bain 104, Roy Foubister 107, Stuart Thomson 109, Patty Sinclair 110, Derek Ward 112, Gary Wilson 116, Kevin Gray 116, Ian Linklater 117, Jim Brown 117, Robbie Stanger 125, Stephen Griffiths 130, Jamie Marwick 140, Simon Parry 156, Robbie Norquoy 161 and Ben Hogan 115 & 155.


A League    
Quoyburray 4, Quoyburray ‘B’ 8; Commodores 7, Sanday 5; Wanderers 4, Legion 8; Legion Arrows 6, Warriors 6; OGC 7, Untouchables 5; Untouchables ‘A’ 8, Shapinsay 4.

B League    
Sands 5, Nomads 7; Tankerness 7, Streamline 5; Ale Stars 3, Sanday ‘B’ 9; Muppets 6, Murray Arms 6.
Week beginning Monday, February 19

A League
Quoyburray ‘B’ v Sanday; Quoyburray v Legion; Commodores v Warriors; Wanderers v Untouchables; Legion Arrows v Untouchables ‘A’; Shapinsay v OGC.

B League    
Bilco Boys v Nomads; Sands v Vikings; Young Loons v Streamline; Tankerness v Muppets;
Ale Stars v Murray Arms; Sanday ‘B’.
Friday, February 16, Under 30 open singles (over 18s only), Legion, names by 7.30pm
Friday, February 23, League Doubles, Legion, names by 7.30pm

05 February 2018Mark wins Albyn Singles


A good turnout on Friday night for the Albyn Singles held the Masonic saw 27 B league players enter the competition.
Winner was Mark Shearer who beat Lee Macpherson 5-4 in the final. It was a great close final which saw Mark scoring two 180s and having a 15 dart leg on his way to winning the title.
The Legion returned to winning ways at the top of the ‘A’ league this week, a hat-trick of 180s by Kevin Gray helping them to an 11-1 win over the Arrows.
The Commodores closed the gap on second placed Orkney Golf Club by beating Quoyburray ‘B’ 10-2.
Meanwhile two close encounters occurred in the Masonic, with a rip snorting tie between the two Untouchables sides ending with Untouchables ‘A’ coming out 8-4 winners.  
Better finishing from Sanday saw them nick the last two games against Wanderers to pinch a 7-5 victory.
Across the fourth barrier the Murray Arms won their local derby against neighbours Sands 11-1, and moved top of the ‘B’ league once more.
Nomads returned to action this week and moved second, but the Young Loons made them work hard for a 7-5 win.  
The youngsters will feel hard done by as this was their third 7-5 loss in a row, and their sixth in total this season, but a positive sign that they are not far off the pace this year. Tankerness slipped to third as fourth placed Vikings held them to a single point, but both sides remain firmly in the title hunt.
With Bilco Boys having their week off, the Muppets had a great chance to overtake them into fifth, but came up against a resolute Sanday ‘B’ team and both settled for a share of the points.  
Finally, Streamline chalked up ten games against the Ale Stars to take the victory in their match.
This Friday sees the inaugural Taylor Singles ranking competition take place in the Legion, the trophy being presented by KDDL league President Craig Taylor, and taking the place of the League Doubles as a ranking competition.  
Then a week on Friday it is the turn of the young guns of Orkney to stake a claim for the Under 30’s open singles title, with Erlend Lennie reportedly extremely keen to retain his crown amongst a growing number of up-and-coming talented players.

180s this week were hit by: Graham Firth, John Garson, Colin Kirkpatrick, Craig Taylor, Trevor Shearer, Ryan Tulloch, Alan Gray, Brian Moar, James Flett, Erlend Lennie, Leigh Shearer, Derrick Firth, Archie Yule, Neil Drever, Robbie Norquoy, George Low, Jamie Drever, Robbie Stanger (two), Gary Wilson (two), Lee McPherson (two), Mark Shearer (two), Kevin Gray (three).

Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Ryan Wilkie 102, Jim Hamilton 106, Michael Muir 106, Ben Hogan 109, Neil Drever 110, Wayne Monkman 112, Ian Munro 112, Nicol Gray 112, Michael Vendy 117, Erlend Lennie 115 & 118.


Albyn Shield Final
Mark Shearer 5, Lee McPherson 4

A League
Quoyburray ‘B’ 2, Commodores 10; Untouchables 4, Untouchables ‘A’ 8; Legion 11, Legion Arrows 1; Sanday 7, Wanderers 5.

B League    
Nomads 7, Young Loons 5; Murray Arms 11, Sands 1; Sanday ‘B’ 6, Muppets 6; Streamline 10, Ale Stars 2; Vikings 6, Tankerness 6.
Week beginning Monday, February 12

A League
Legion v Commodores; Sanday v Quoyburray; Shapinsay v Quoyburray ‘B’; Untouchables ‘A’ v OGC; Untouchables v Legion Arrows; Warriors v Wanderers.

B League
Vikings v Young Loons; Bilco Boys v Sands; Murray Arms v Nomads; Muppets v Ale Stars;
Sanday B v Tankerness; Streamline – no game.

Friday, February 9, Taylor Singles (Ranking Competition), Legion, names by 7.30pm
Friday, February 16, Under 30’s open singles, Legion, names by 7.30pm

29 January 2018Gap closes at the top

The second half of the league season resumed last week and both league leaders suffered defeats.
The Orkney Golf Club managed to finally halt the Legion’s winning streak and in doing so closed the gap at the top to just four points.  
The Commodores seemed to smell blood in the air and pounced on the bottom side Quoyburray, devouring them 12-0.  
Shapinsay claimed what they will consider a bonus point against Untouchables, but with Quoyburray ‘B’ overturning the Wanderers, the islanders find themselves back in the relegation places.  
Untouchables ‘A’ narrowly defeated the Warriors, who will be busy looking over their shoulders, as they are now only 4 points clear of Shapinsay.

What can you say about the close competition in the ‘B’ league?
Every single week there is a new twist to the story unfolding and at close of play last week they are back in a six horse race to the title, with only 4 points separating first from sixth.
With so little between any of the sides, nobody seems able to open up any kind of breathing space.
Tankerness only just lost out to the Bilco Boys, but remain top by a solitary point.  Murray Arms were held by Sanday ‘B’ and in doing so lost their chance to climb to the top, instead remaining perfectly level with the Nomads, who have a game in hand.  
Vikings demolished the Ale stars 11-1 to tie with the other three teams on 23 points while the Muppets beat Streamline 8-4 to remain well within striking distance.  
Elsewhere, the Sands got revenge for an opening day defeat to the Young Loons, edging them 7-5 this time out.

180s this week were hit by: Keith Brumpton, Jamie Marwick, Ross Groundwater, Colin Kirkpatrick, Keith Bain, Ivan Leslie, Neil Croy, Stevie Linklater, Ian Linklater, Des Gillespie, Jim Brown, Erlend Lennie (two), Davy Henderson (two), Craig Taylor (two), Robbie Stanger (two), Stevie Moar (two) and Kevin Gray (three).

Stevie Linklater and Ian Munro both also scored 174, while Kevin Gray had two 177s.  Short legs were aplenty this week with Jim Brown having a 14 dart leg, as did Kevin Gray (twice). Robbie Stanger posted a 13 dart leg but Stevie Linklater hit three 13 darters.

Ton-plus checkouts came from:  Kevin Peace 100, Stuart Thomson 100, Craig Taylor 104, Kevin Gray 106, Jamie Drever 106, Des Gillespie 110, Stevie Moar 117, Trevor Shearer 120, Robbie Norquoy 120, Colin Kirpatrick 109 & 115 and Derek Firth 111 & 130.

This Friday the Albyn Singles, a  B League ranking competition takes place in the Masonic at 7.30pm.
The following week, February 9, a brand new ranking points competition takes place with a cup donated by league president Craig Taylor.

The Taylor Singles, which replaces the league doubles as a ranking fixture, takes place in the Legion starting at 7.30pm.


A League
Quoyburray 0, Commodores 12, Wanderers 5, Quoyburray ‘B’ 7, OGC 7, Legion 5,
Untouchables ‘A’ 7, Warriors 5, Untouchables 6, Shapinsay 6.
B League
Sands 7, Young Loons 5, Tankerness 5, Bilco Boys 7, Ale Stars 1, Vikings 11, Muppets 8, Streamline 4, Sanday ‘B’ 6, Murray Arms 6,
Week beginning Monday, February 5

A League
Quoyburray v Quoyburray ‘B’, Commodores v Sanday, Wanderers v Legion, Legion Arrows v Warriors, OGC v Untouchables, Untouchables ‘A’ v Shapinsay.
B League
Sands v Nomads, Young Loons v Bilco Boys, Tankerness v Streamline, Ale Stars v Sanday ‘B’, Muppets v Murray Arms, Vikings – No game.

Friday, February 2
Albyn Singles ( B League ranking competition) Masonic 7.30pm
Friday February 9
Taylor Singles (Ranking competition) Legion 7.30pm

28 January 2018Craigie Cup win for Kevin


A great entry of 46 players took part in the Craigie Butchers Singles held in the Tankerness Hall, all keen to gain valuable points to qualify for the East A&B teams, and the team to play against Shetland in April.

In the final Kevin Gray beat Robbie Stanger 5-1 to take the title. Kevin had an average of 81.94, winning the match with a 14 dart leg. Robbie averaged 74.61. Highest B league finish was Robbie Norquoy with 120, highest A was a 130 by Derek Firth. 12 180's were scored on the night.

Huge thanks to Thorfinn & Eddie Craigie for their generous sponsorship of the event once again.

Thanks also to all the Tankerness players, Robbie Norquoy, Gary Norquoy, Graham Reid and Neil Tait for setting up the hall for the event, and to Ivan and Connan Rendall for providing the bar.

A great entry of 46 players took part in the Craigie Butchers Singles held in the Tankerness Hall, all keen to gain valuable points to qualify for the East A&B teams, and the team to play against Shetland in April.

In the final Kevin Gray beat Robbie Stanger 5-1 to take the title. Kevin had an average of 81.94, winning the match with a 14 dart leg. Robbie averaged 74.61. Highest B league finish was Robbie Norquoy with 120, highest A was a 130 by Derek Firth. 12 180's were scored on the night.

Huge thanks to Thorfinn & Eddie Craigie for their generous sponsorship of the event once again.

Thanks also to all the Tankerness players, Robbie Norquoy, Gary Norquoy, Graham Reid and Neil Tait for setting up the hall for the event, and to Ivan and Connan Rendall for providing the bar.

21 January 2018Golf Club win Royal Cup

The KDDL cup games continued last week when Orkney Golf Club beat the Legion in the final of the Royal Cup in a very close final.

It went right down to the team game one leg 601 decider after the match was even after the singles and doubles. 10 teams entered the competition, held in the Kirkwall Legion.

High finishes on the night were Gary Wilson 108, Robbie Norquoy 114, Trevor Shearer 119, Kevin Gray 125, Ian Findlay 132.

2 180’s were scored by Billy Ward.

Not a KDDL competition, however, very much supported by Legion and league members, Leigh Shearer & Robert Stanger beat Gary Wilson & Brian Moar in the Kirkwall Legion doubles final.

Robbie won the singles the week before, beating Steven Linklater in the final. Duncan Cameron & Ella Scollie ran the competition and presented the trophies.

Ranking points Cup

This Friday, Jan 26, the ranking points fixtures which are spread throughout the season to gain points for qualification to get into the team to face Shetland in Lerwick in April gets back underway.

The ER&T Craigie Cup is held in the Tankerness Hall, Names by 7.30pm.

League fixtures week beginning January 29.

A League

Quoyburray B v Commodores, Shapinsay v Quoyburray, Untouchables v Untouchables A, Warriors v OGC, Legion v Legion Arrows, Sanday v Wanderers.

B League

Nomads v Young Loons, Murray Arms v Sands, Sanday B v Muppets, Streamline v Ale Stars, Vikings v Tankerness, Bilco Boys – No Game.

The B league ranking points competition, the Albyn Singles the takes place on Friday, February 2 in the Masonic Club. Names by 7.30pm.

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