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Rolfe surname
I noticed mention of this name on an earlier message. One of my neighbours in Leamington Spa was Lorna Rolfe, whose parents were first cousins from Orkney. Her grandfather Rolfe was a fishing skipper who managed the Bellevue Hotel in St Margaret's Hope in the 1920s (she thinks) before heading south to work out of Grimsby and later dying in Northamptonshire. She's been trying to find more of this family in Orkney and also the burial site of her grandfather without success. If anyone can provide any leads it would be great. I am now living in Stromness and able to visit graveyards etc locally on Lorna's behalf.

Thanks in advance and hope to hear back from someone - even if only to say that nothing is known.
Posted by Linda Forbes on 05 December 2009
Old Man of Hoy, in more ways than one
I climbed the Old Man of Hoy 20 years ago. I see that Ron Bulmer is now working in the Orkneys. It was he who taught me to climb some 28 years ago! (If anyone comes on here who knows Ron, please mention me to him: my name used to be Ian Pendlebury, he might remember me from Buile Hill High School)
Posted by Ian Stranack on 24 March 2009
lost at sea
hi my dad and 6 of his shipmates were lost in 19.53 .when there ship ran aground .at the old man of hoy .it was the leicester city .i was 6 yrs old .i also had 3 brothers older than me .i always said that when i could afford it i will make the jurney from grimsby to hoy to the spot were they died .we are going in june .i have spoken to a man called terry who is on the board .and he said that his wifes dad was one of the men who helped in the rescue of the other crew members .he has also said that he can put us up as they have a b.b..so we are looking forward to going .as my wife mother was scottish who lived in inverness and worked on the herring boats .......
Posted by lol hunt on 08 February 2009
Looking good
Your site's looking good, and the header image is abeauty even if I say so myself!

[P.S. If you find that big images are pushing the right hand column to the side make hspace zero in the image properties. I've done that for you on your home page image. Cheers, Steven]
Posted by Steven Heddle on 09 June 2008
Dev Trust
Greetings from the Shapinsay Development Trust
Nice website
Posted by Debbie on 08 May 2008
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