As a social enterprise For Arts Sake offers opportunites for people to work as volunteers in a supported environment. 

Working in a retail position you will be learning about customer service, cash handling procedures and stock control as well as the technical knowledege of the stock.

What brush can you use with Oil paints? How do you stop Acrylic paints drying out so quickly ?

Do you have good communication skills? A good sense of humour? Can you learn new tasks? If you are interested then please drop by the shop and have a chat with one of us, or send us an email on the Contact page.

We are currently looking for a new volunteer.


Team News


MIrka has now moved onto more studies and we wish her well. We enjoyed  working with her.

We are very pleased that Stephanie has now taken up a permanent role with us, so you can see her during the week as well as on Saturdays now.

We wish Christine well as she moves from college into her new teaching role. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. 

And now sadly we wave adieu to Rebecca as she make more time for her studies. It has been grand working with you and we wish you all the best for the future. You will be missed.

Congratulations to Rebecca for completing 500 hours volunteering with us. That is a real testament to dedication to For Arts Sake over the years. Thank you for your contribution

Congratulations to Rona on achieving 400 hours volunteering with us. Sadly though she is now off to study in Skye so we wish her well. We will miss your lovely smile.


We wave farewell to Olivia who has been helping us out with the Saturday workshops as part of her post grad work experience as back to the deep south...well Lancashire!

We bid a fond farewell to Rhiana as she moves onto new projects. It has been great having you on the team and we wish you well for the future.

Great celebrations as our intrepid 3 volunteers - Rebecca, Rona and Rhiana have completed 200 hours volunteering each. As part of the Saltire Awards the trio are awarded their certificates of acheivement. Here is the award ceremony photo.

The Orcadian Photo Archive: Misc Feb 2013 &emdash;

We are very pleased to say that the web site advertising worked and we are proud to have Rebecca, Rhiana & Rona joining the team.

We wish Danielle well in her entrepid adventure out to Durban, South Africa as part of an EU programme

We are sad to say au revoir to Sarah Jane as she takes time out on a much more demanding role with a new bairn. Congratulations on your new daughter we wish you both well.

We were pleased to welcome Euan to our team for a short while before he was snapped up by Alistair Carmichael's parliamentary team. We wish Euan well as he heads off to the great metropolis.

We were sad to say farewell to Rachel & Sarah in January, The girls had worked with us on a Saturday for a long while; each had clocked up over 150 hours for their Millenium Volunteering Award. Thank you girls and we wish you well as you head off to uni.

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