Taster Sessions

Wouldn't it be good to try out art materials without having to buy them first ??  Well our Taster Space now allows you the opportunity to do just that, whenever the shop is open. Come along and explore the materials.


For the month of December we will be offering Saturday afternoon taster sessions in PAPER CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. All materials and a cup of tea or coffee provided.



The Taster Session programme has been re-instigated under a new structure:



It will be held each Saturday afternoon from 13.30 to 15.30. Each month we will focus on one type of media, or you can bring along your own work.

To get us started, January will feature CHALKS.

We shall continue in February with OIL PASTELS

In March, we shall be trying WATERCOLOUR

In April, we will be playing with INKTENSE - these are versatile pencils that you can draw and paint with.

May we will be featuring COLOUR PENS  - there are so many to choose from and our inspiration will come from creating Journals

June will feature how to use COLLAGE PAPERS

In July we shall be exploring how to use MONO PRINT

August's topic will be ZENTANGLE

In September we will be featuring DRAWING CHARCOALS.

In October we shall look at some of the different techniques of ACRYLICS

In November we shall be looking at drawing with COSMIC SHIMMERS

For December, we'll be looking at GLITTER BAUBLES, create something for the festive season!

We look forward to seeing you!


People of all ages are welcome to our Taster Sessions, although if you are under 16 you will need to be accompanied by an authorised adult.

If you would like to come you can just turn up on the day. Booking isn’t essential, but if you can give us a call on 873234 beforehand we will have an idea of the numbers attending. Thank you.

Whether you live in Orkney or are here as a visitor, you will be very welcome to come along to these sessions and try out the different materials and media.

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7th February Faber Castell Gelatoes
7th March Tinted Charcoal Pencils
4th April MonoPrinting
2nd May InkTense Blocks
6th June Charcoal
4th July Acrylic Paints
1st August Needle Felting
5th September Needle Felting
3rd October Needle Felting
7th November Needle Felting
5th December Needle Felting


Taster Sessions 2014

4th January Gouache Paints
1st February Pen & Ink
1st March Needle Felting
5th April Derwent Art Bars
3rd May InkTense Bars
7th June Gouache Paints
5th July Ink Pens and Zentangle Art
2nd August Twin Tip Pens
6th September Monoprinting...postponed
4th October Monoprinting
1st November Ink Tense Pencils on Fabric
6th December Festive Zentangle


Taster Sessions 2013

5th January Derwent Art Bars
2nd February Drawing Inks
2nd March Aquatone Pencils
6th April InkTense Pencils
4th May Soft Pastels
1st June Coloured Charcoals
6th July Gouache Paints
3rd August Ink Pens & Zentangle design
7th September

New Promarker Pens

5th October Water Soluble Sketching Pencils
2nd November Twin Tip Pens
7th December Ink Tense Blocks


Taster Sessions 2012

7th January Aquatone Pencils
4th February Oil pastels
3rd March Inktense pencils
7th April Pen and Ink
5th May Derwent Art Bars
2nd June Charcoal and Graphite
7th July Watercolour
4th August Inktense Blocks
8th September InkTense Pencils
6th October Charcoal
3rd November Twin Tip Pens
1st December Mixed Media


Taster Sessions 2011

22nd January Twin Tip Felt Pens
26 February Inktense Pencils
26 March Tinted Charcoal Pencils
23 April Pastel Pencils
4th June Collage & Mixed Media
2nd July Watercolours
6th August Inktense Blocks
3rd September Twin Tip Felt Pens
1st October Soft Pastels
5th November Aquatone Pencils
3rd December Oil Pastels


Taster Sessions 2010

3rd April Soft Pastels
1st May Pencil & Charcoal
5th June Oil Pastels
3rd July Coloured Inks
7th August Watercolours
4th September Graphite & Charcoal
2nd October Acrylic Paints
6th November Oil Paints
4th December Mixed Media