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With the natural light, high ceilings and welcoming feel we hope this will be an inspiring space to see more of the creative talent that Orkney nurtures.

We are talking to established artists to arrange exhibitions but if you would like to be considered please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery.



Current Event



Festive Open Exhibition


November 14th - December 24th








Previous Exhibitions 


2019 Exhibitions

An Orcadian Sketchbook  Cassie Sinclair
Flowing Contemplations  Zenna

Lines of Connection  Samantha Gray

Summer Open Exhibition

Scapa 100 Community Tapestry

Wild About Nature  Kim Fletcher

Early Man and the Expression of Self  Hayley Warriner

Unedited Natasha Morgan

Jack Whitwell and Indian Johnson



2018 Exhibitions

Festive Open Exhibition

Laura Johnston  All the Waters in the World

Liz Rickard   The Girl in Stripey Tights

Orkney Creative Hub   Staff Exhibition

Orkzen Arts   Zenna

Summer Open Exhibition

Gina Ramsay   Patches

Tomas Hermoso   Excerpts from the Seasons 2017

Ingrid Budge   Fade

Orkney ZeroWaste  Plastic Fantastic




2017 Exhibitions

Festive Open Exhibition

FAS Groups Exhibition

Cassie & Kelly Sinclair Sinclair Sisters

Julie Switsur   Eerie Orums

Diana Merrick & Julian Milner   Sea, Stone, Sky

Orkney Friends of Palestine  Art and Photography Competition

Summer Open Exhibition

Judith Palmer  Redefining Purpose

Orkney Arts and Crafts  Golden Jubilee

FAS Patchwork Group  'Mystery Quilts'

Orkney ZeroWaste  'Love Your World'




2016  Exhibitions 

Festive Open Exhibition

Orkney Blide Trust Exhibition Woodland

Lily May Patching Exhibition

Sheila Scott Exhibition

Summer Exhibition  A celebration of the talents of a wide spectrum of Orkney artists

Samaritan's Emotional Wellbeing Exhibition

Wood meets Textiles A collection of work by Robert Moore & Mal Cowtan

Orkney Arts & Crafts Members Exhibition

Orkney Zero Waste  'To Your Own Heart be True'


2015 Exhibitions

Festive Open Exhibition

Woolly Wally    'Rare Art'

John Wallington  'Tales & Dreams'

Diana Merrick & Julian Milner   'Sea Stone Sky'

Summer Exhibition

Kathy Pickles     Recent Works

Ingrid Budge    'Around Orkney'

Cary Welling   'Iconography'

Orkney Zero Waste   'On The Beach'


2014 Exhibitions

Festive Open Exhibition

Jenna Hume   'In the Calm'

Gloria Wallington   'Orkney & the Picts'

Lorraine Bruce, Thora Fettes and Ingrid Grieve   'Ancestral Shores'

Summer Open Exhibition

Feltcetera Exhibition   Shifting Strands

Lizza Hume   'Its the little things...'

Pat Hazzeldine    'Moods of Shapinsay'

Orkney Zero Waste     'See the Wood for the Trees'


2013 Exhibitions

Festive Open Exhibition

Lesley Poulton 'Presence & Absence'

Stephanie Spence + Kristyn Grieve  'Two Views'

Rebecca Marr 'Tangled'

Jerry Wood  'Pictures of Westray & Others'

Explore! Open Exhibition

Ingrid Grieve 'Atween the Shooers'

Peter Brown 'Small Observations'

Textile Art  from Fiona Smith  Mal Cowtan  Jo Constantine &  Dawn Mayes

Orkney Zero Waste  'Rags to Riches'


2012 Exhibitors

Festive Open Exhibition

FeltCetera Exhibition.

Age Concern AnonymArt Exhibiton

Bert Simpson 'Shorelines'

Kathy Pickles 'Flowers & Fruit'

Sheila Scott

Chloe Jowett        'Orkney Images'

Andy Fawcett

Derby Stewart- Amsden  'All Points North'

Lizza Hume 'A Time to Reflect'

Nicki MacRae     Orkney Held Me Close

Lesley Poulton & Jan Judge

Celina Rupp  Hayley Budge & Angela Geddes



2011 Exhibitors

Festive Open Show

Age Concern AnonymArt

Ingrid Grieve 'An Orkney View '

Jenna Hume 'Evanescence'

Life Drawing Group  

Britt Harcus  'The Toon re-told'

Edwin Rendall     

Kathy Pickles


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