Zenna by OrkZen Art

by Stephanie Cullen - 10:45 on 21 August 2018


    We currently have the whole universe upstairs in our gallery at For Arts Sake, no word of a lie. Our current exhibition by OrkZen Arts features the work of Zenna, and is largely composed of a collection of mandalas, on canvas, on boards, and on jewellery boxes.

    The mandala features in many religions but largely in Buddhism and Hinduism, it is composed of a pattern of concentric circles between four ‘gates’ (usually squares) and is used to represent balance, life and the universe. Tibetan monks would create mandala designs and give them to their teachers, therefore gifting them ‘the universe’. Zenna’s offerings certainly would be a worthy gift to anyone, they are vibrantly coloured, intricate and many have additions of pearls, jewels and glitter to further entrance and delight. One such piece is ‘Expansion’, a square canvas on which is painted a flower-like outburst from a centre-point which is a pearl button, the piece is all in greens and yellows so one may think of the creation of Earth itself or a plant growing; mandalas do focus on the macro and micro, considering them to be one and the same. Or, perhaps more importantly, the audience might enjoy the piece for simply being a beautiful pattern.

    Zenna clearly aims to inspire both harmony and happiness to her audience, although Zen Buddhism does have a large focus in her work, there are also delightful cherubs on jewellery boxes, a mixed-media piece featuring a wind-chime, drip-art inspired by the beauty of Orkney landscape, while butterflies and birds flitter across from canvases and jewellery boxes. The artist clearly enjoys working with different mediums and is a bit of a magpie for glittery things, her playfulness and simple joy in the process is obvious in the outcome, the audience can’t help but smile. So if you’re looking for a pick-me-up this month or want to gift yourself or someone the universe, come give us a visit. This exhibition is on until August 25th, the gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10-5, and Saturdays 10-4.

Comment from Zenna at 11:02 on 23 August 2018.
You are most gracious and am so glad to have the exhibition with yourself and another artist. What a lovely write up to boot. Am honoured indeed. Happiness abound. Zenna

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