Summer Exhibition 3/3 'Curiousities'

by Stephanie Cullen - 11:26 on 12 July 2018


   Aside from our more regular display of paintings and designs featuring different aspects of Orkney, we have a number of beautiful objects that should provoke amazement from gallery visitors.

    We have some lovely knits produced by Anne Lea, she has created both a delicate Faroese leaf shawl and a cosy cardigan with leaf-pattern in a mix of Autumnal colours. Meanwhile, Jane Pattenden has crocheted a cardigan in bright and vibrant colours and designed a denim bag out of old clothes, a perfect example of upcycling.

   Zane Uzklinge is also known as her Instagram name ‘Pomegranate Wolf’, her account is where you may find a magi-zoological treasure trove of small cute critters with a number of eyes and tentacles. We have a sample of her more regular felted animals in the gallery, albeit the mouse is wearing a knitted strawberry cardigan and hat. Zane’s animals are amazingly detailed and show a skill with felt that many would envy, the mouse and hare in our gallery almost leap out of their embroidery hoops, they definitely have a life and personality of their own.

  Zane isn’t the only person to feature animals in their work, Mac Dodge has entered a handsome portrait of a white horse done in pastel, Kim Fletcher has drawn a life-like close-up of a cat and Frances Wiles has entered an adorable watercolour splatter-effect bunny. Frances is a regular attendee of our Painting workshops at Number 25 so it’s brilliant to see her work up with the rest, fellow attendees, Doreen Marshall, Michelle McKeever and Teresa Allen are also showing off their work with some pallete-knife paintings in a range of colours with different focuses.

   We also have paintings by Diane MacFarlane, who has done an ode to Monet’s lilies and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in swirling, vibrant oil colours. Meanwhile, Margot MacFarlane has interpreted the myth of Hades and Persephone into a picture of bright daffodils standing in the snow. Leah Moodie has contributed a somewhat solemn portrait ‘Blue Boy’, showing her skill with structure and capturing atmosphere. Lastly, Kathleen Keldie has stuck a number of pebbles on parallel lines to mimic birds sitting on telephone wires, ‘Family Gathering’ is simple, sweet and effective in design.

   There’s still a number of artists and works that haven’t been touched upon but not for lack of wanting to, there’s simply too many to mention. As said before, we at For Arts Sake have been floored by the number of contributions we received this year, we thank you to all artists and gallery visitors for coming to the gallery. We hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as we do.

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