'Patches' by Gina Ramsay

by Stephanie Cullen - 10:49 on 25 May 2018


   A number of people are probably familiar with the designs of Gina Ramsay through her work with Sheila Fleet, her illustrations usually incorporate intricate swirling waves and ornate pictures of Orkney scenery in glorious colour that catch your eye. Hence, we are rather pleased at For Arts Sake to display Gina’s very own solo exhibition, ‘Patches’.

    In a step away from her usual illustrations of Orkney, Gina has settled on a project that is very personal to herself. ‘Patches’ is a dedication to the people who have inspired her and had a positive impact on her life in some way. As the title suggests, Gina’s illustrations are presented as embroidered clothing patches sewn onto denim backgrounds, a desire to convey that we carry the people we love and how they’ve affected us wherever we go.

   The illustrations themselves are deceivingly simplistic, brightly coloured with clean lines and colour, but like well-thought tattoo designs they try to convey an abstract feeling in a tangible form. All designs include a saying which tries to capture this feeling further: ‘feels deeply’ ‘escapes often’ ‘holds it together’, giving us insight to those people and the aspects of them that the artist admires and wishes to portray to us. Two hands clasp each other to show care, a mouth bites down on a rose to demonstrate eloquence of speech while an eye is emblazoned with the words ‘fights well’, suggesting that the person behind this illustration meets everything and everyone without blinking.. The audience doesn’t need to know the names of these people or their relation to the artist, the artwork demonstrates perfectly well what strong characters they are and what effect they may have on those they meet, if we’re lucky then we’ll recognise these qualities in the people we’ve chosen to surround ourselves by also.

    For those wishing to carry their experience of ‘Patches’ with them, we have some of Gina’s designs for sale as stickers. Come along and have a look, the gallery is open Monday- Friday, 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.

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