20 September 2014No camp fail to deliver first promise

The Scottish National Party has slammed the No campaign for failing to keep its first promise on more powers for Scotland the day after the referendum for Scottish independence.

Better Together promised that "The day after a No vote, the timetable for further powers will be published as a motion before the UK parliament. All UK parties will support this motion." No motion has been published.

Commenting, Bruce Crawford MSP said:

"Scots who chose to vote No on Thursday were told they were voting for more devolution, so where is the missing motion?

"It doesn't bode well for us that the No campaign - Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories - have failed to keep their first promise.

"The first part of the three Westminster Leader's 'vow' is already broken. Neither the 55% who voted for it, or the 45% who voted Yes, will let this go."


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