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Map showing Westray


Westray is one of Orkney's most prosperous isles, known for its farming and fishing fleet. It has its own community school which serves pupils from age 5 to age 15, The beaches are clean, the air pure and the roads virtually traffic free.

Children are safe, with a play area in the village and for teenagers a drop-in centre run by themselves.

Westray has an island population of around 600, with its own doctor, community school, two hotels, healthy living centre and swimming pool,  harbour and lots of fresh air.

Play area, Grobust pebbles, Hofn Youth Centre, Westray Regatta


for more information about Westray, visit these sites:

The Westray Development Trust  www.westraydevelopmenttrust.co.uk. for information about our sustainable local develop plans and projects.

The Westray and Papa Westray Tourist Association http://www.westraypapawestray.co.uk/   for information about our community, a short video, and lists of local services.

Westray Heritage Centre http://www.westrayheritage.co.uk/  to download a "whats on" newsletter and find out more about Westray's heritage.



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