There is now a new range of cleaning products called Clean and Fair, the world's first Fairtrade marked household cleaning products. That are made with sustainably grown palm oil by smallholder farmers in Ghana. There are
Lavender and Aloe Vera Handwash
Lemon Citrus Washing Up Liquid
Lavender Breeze Laundry Liquid. and
Lemon and Lime Multi-Surface Cleaner.
At the moment we have the Handwash and the Laundry Liquid on our stall but the others can be ordered if enough interest is shown.

Traidcraft has reported that Holy Land Handicrafts based in Bethlehem have been struggling because of fewer tourists visiting the area due to the violence taking place in Gaza. They thank us for our support over the years and encourage us to keep on supporting them by buying some of the lovely olive wood products in the catalogue.

The latest catalogue is now available on our stall and it includes all Christmas items. I know it is far too early to be mentioning the 'C' word but things do go out of stock. Please take a catalogue and see if you would like to order anything. I shall be putting in orders from now till early December whenever we have enough to get our free delivery. Can you return the catalogue when finished with as we only have a limited number. Any orders to Cristine Ferguson, either at Church or on 811-353.

You can also look online by clicking on the following link