Children - are welcome in our church.

Families with younger children are welcome to come and use the crèche area at the back of the church during the service and/or just stay for the first half of the service or take younger children up to soft-play room during the second half of the service.

Monday mornings is Peedie Pandas - 10am to 12noon.


We welcome children of all-ages to our church and welcome them for baptism or blessing whether babies or older.

There is a requirement for one or both parents to be involved in the life of the church before a child can be baptised. The parents make vows proclaiming their faith in Jesus and promising to bring their child up in the life of the church.

We also do a blessing service for babies where there is no membership requirement. At this service the parents take vows of parenting, the child is named, blessed and prayed for and is presented to the whole congregation to ask them to pray for the child as he/she grows up.

The minister will be happy to explain these services in more detail.






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