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The General election of 7 th May 2015 has been an Election, like no other.           It is clearly a watershed moment in Scottish Politics.  The people of Scotland have spoken and made their voices heard, electing an astounding 56 MPs out of a possible 59.  One has to feel slightly sorry for some of the now unemployed Labour & LibDem MPs. I am aware that some polls were suggesting that the SNP would win 59 seats, but none of us got carried away. The Tory decline dates to the Thatcher era, while the Labour decline has been apparent since the Scottish Election of 2007. The Lib-Dem decline has been more recent.                                                                                                                                                          I I have been actively involved in SNP Politics in Orkney & Shetland since SNP first fought a General Election, back in October 1974, when Howie Firth was the candidate. There have been many ups and downs as the SNP moved into the Social Democratic slightly left of centre ground. The Lib-Dems, Labour & Tories have all, at times, taken their eyes off the ball. The May 2010 General Election and 6 SNP MPs seems a world away from to today. Alex Salmond achieved a big result for the SNP, in May 2011. SNP have routinely been coming second, in Elections, a number of times, locally. The SNP, in Orkney won the List vote for the first time in 2011.                                                                  

The two years of the Referendum campaign allowed the SNP in Orkney, Shetland & throughout Scotland to regroup, grow and engage all ages and sections of our communities. Mass participation has ensured that Scotland is no longer a country that others can do things to. Decisions about Scotland should be taken by us, the people, not someone else. There has been huge enthusiasm from young and older alike during the present campaign, over the past few months.                                                                                                                            Danus Skene has proved an excellent Candidate and has taken the SNP to within a few hundred votes of toppling the Lib Dems in Orkney & Shetland. Orkney & Shetland is now a marginal Constituency and can no longer be regarded as a Lib Dem fiefdom. Given the geography of Orkney & Shetland and at times unfavourable weather, we have a few extra challenges to overcome.                   As Election Agent It has to be a Huge Thank You to everyone involved in door knocking, leafleting, letter writing, talking to friends & family, running websites, facebook sites and other social media, attending meetings and hustings, while getting out there and into the faces of our opponents. We have contacts in all the islands and villages. Coordination of events can be difficult, making sure everyone was kept informed, while also ensuring all the organisational requirements have all been met.                                                                            It is fair to say that Alistair Carmichael & the Libdems have, previously, been difficult to pin down. Since 2010, in the Tory Lib Dem Coalition and during the Referendum Campaign we have amassed loads of evidence. We have had the confidence to demolish many of the Lib Dem stories and non-stories on police, fire service, health boards, education, transport, ferries, RET, Royal Mail privatisation, Trident renewal, the benefit cuts, the hated bedroom tax, fuel poverty, poor representation on farming& fishing, in Europe, and much besides.                        As Candidate, Danus has worked his socks off, with patience and diligence. He did a great job in outlining the key issues and handling the demanding media events, with dignity. He got a bit of unfair abuse, at times too. I regret to say that some of this came from Shetland, rather than from Orkney. This small number of bigoted individuals should be hanging their heads in shame. I have never been a Tom Morton fan, having previously heard some of his bigoted and condescending views. As for Mr Jacobson, one wonders what planet he lives on and why he so hates social democracy. The vast majority of people in both Orkney & Shetland were overwhelmingly friendly and courteous. Who cares where one was born, who one’s parents were or what school one went to. It is who we are that matters. The election results speak for themselves.                                                                                                                                          Well done, SNP throughout Scotland; Well done, Nicola; Well done, Danus;           Well done everyone in Orkney & Shetland, who helped.                                        It also gives me great pleasure to congratulate my Orcadian ex-pupil and friend Neil Gray, from Burray, who is now MP for Airdrie & Shotts.                                    All the election poster should, by now be down. If you happen to see one still on a lamp post, please remove it. May 2016 and the Scottish Parliament Election is not that far away. Branches in Orkney and Shetland will be meeting shortly and analysing the campaign. We can always do some things better.                                                                                                                        SNP in Orkney & Shetland has made a giant leap forward. Thanks again.                             

John R Mowat, SNP Election Agent for Orkney & Shetland.                             





















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