2019 Burns Supper

This was a most enjoyable and very well attended event, Alec Ross addressed the haggis with beautiful and moving recitals of the poetry as well as a thought provoking speech. Raymie Peace was the piper and Robert Leslie was the MC. The addresses were all light hearted but pertinent, especially given the current political climate.  Everyone agreed that the supper was excellent and a good time was had by all.

Pictures by Anna Laird


Tickets available from Scott's House (office hours) or contact DH/KB


The Orkney Branch of the SNP meets regularly to discuss local campaigning. It is also a good place to hear more detail about the party nationally. You will hear up to date political news and discussion about the SNP and other matters in a way that is not reported in the media.

If you are a long-standing member of the party or recently joined, you would be most welcome to attend these meetings. Come along, meet the regulars and get involved. 

In the near future there are events planned to encourage more members to meet, socialise and perhaps get active too. 



For information and the latest news on the SNP nationally, including the conference, just head to their main site: 






Recently, Dr. Philippa Whitford came to Orkney and gave a compelling talk about the impact of Brexit on the National Health Service. 

It was a thought provoking event, with some chilling facts presented in a clear and informative way. Whatever your thoughts about Brexit, this is essential listening.

As well as being an MP with first hand experience of the way that Westminster works, Dr. Whitford is a surgeon with a deep understanding of the way health services work from staffing to procurement of medicines.

Listeners, some initially sceptical, were impressed by the clarity of her delivery. Although she spoke with passion, her presentation was heavy on facts and short on un-necessary drama, leaving people in no doubt about the difficulties that we are about to face.

You can view and listen to Dr. Whitford's talk here:







March for Independence

INVERNESS  28th. July

An excellent turnout including a contingent from Orkney...  Well done everyone who attended. (The organisers estimated 14,000)

Photo by Mike Robertson. You can see plenty more of his pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/soligeo/sets/72157699270765844

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