Regatta 1993

Stromness Holm Westray Kirkwall


Stromness Regatta 1993

Thirty one boats from all over Orkney took part in the annual Stromness Regatta which was held on Saturday afternoon. A fair breeze from the south, though cold off the sea which kept the number of spectators down, gave the boats in the earlier events some good sailing. Later the wind went round to the west and dropped away.

Three stalwarts from Kirkwall did sterling work and helped to make it a success- Mr. Wm. Scollay the Commodore, Mr. J. Findlay vice-commodore and time-keeper and Mr. John Sinclair the starter.

The ladies of the Sailing Club served a tea in the South Pier Warehouse between the events.


Place Boat Number Skipper
1 Valhalla H10 Brian Aim
2 Sceptre H12 Leslie Johnston
3 Teeack H14 Eric McLennan

Merlin Rocket:

Place Boat Skipper
1 Skadi Leslie Tait
2 Veni Vidi Vici John Skea
3 Ella Harcus Hutchison

Other Boats:

Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Mizpah Albacore D. Grieve
2 Merry Dancer Enterprise John Leslie
3 School Enterprise J. Rendall


Place Boat Skipper
1 Esmerelda J. Malloch
2 Folk Boat Mr. Orr
3 Barabel A. Porteous

Allcomers Yachts:

Place Boat Skipper
1 Esmerelda J. Malloch
2 Barabel A. Porteous
3 Carisbayan J. Stout

Mixed Centreboards:

Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Mizpah Albacore D. Grieve
2 Onedin Line M. Dunn
3 Merry Dancer Enterprise John Leslie

Ballast Boats:

Place Boat Skipper
1 Barabel A. Porteous
2 Irene J. Merriman
3 Pansy D. Porteous

Allcomers Ballast Boats:

Place Boat Skipper
1 Valkyrie W. Black
2 Irene J. Merriman
3 Tyste D. Cursiter


Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Merry Dancer Enterprise J. Leslie
2 Wide Awake Bob Moar
3 Rural Girl Merlin Rocket E. Rendall


Holm Regatta 1993

Holm Regatta was staged on Saturday when 28 boats took part. Although conditions were far from ideal with mist and drizzle prevailing for most of the day, some very close racing took place. Four Catamrans, six 505s and 16 snipes took part in the class races in the morning and handicap allcomers at 3pm. Only two yachts attended but did not race.

At the prize giving after the sailing commodore Fred Johnston thanked all the visitors for turning up, the ladies for providing an excellent meal, the timekeepers for running the races and K. Marwick for collecting entry fees, and lastly skippers and crews of the rescue boats. Prizes were read out by the secretary R. Foubister and presented by Joan MacDonald.


Place Boat Number Skipper
1 Firewood H6 S. and Karen Muir
2 Margarita H15 Jim and Catherine MacDonald
3 Erma H1 Jack and Lynn Foubister
4 Jual J. Brown
5 Noringa G. Hill
6 Eldorado D. Harcus
7 Condor K. Manson
8 Sceptre H12 L. Johnston
9 Kontiki H7 K. Johnston
10 Fleetwing H8 F. Johnston
11 Pa'snip A. Long
12 Teeack H14 M. Foubister
13 Tyro H9 A. Johnston
14 La Rocca H11 E. Flett
15 Vicky D. Sutherland
16 Gallinago H3 M. McDonald


Boat Skipper Race 1Race 2
Banana Split E. Tait 11
Dire Straits L. Celli 22
Phoenix W. Tait 33
Breakaway D. Stevenson 44


Place Boat Skipper
1 Temeraire J. Clouston
2 Evil Edna D. Sabiston
3 Hylie Strung L. Tait
4 Abra B. Burgess
5 B&B B. Kynoch
6 Lovely Girl I. Rushbrook


Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Hylie Strung 505 L. Tait
2 Temeraire 505 J. Clouston
3 Evil Edna 505 D. Sabiston
4 Abra 505 B. Burgess
5 B&B 505 B. Kynoch
6 Jual Snipe J. Brown
7 Fleetwing Snipe F. Johnston
8 Eldorado Snipe D. Harcus
9 Noringa Snipe G. Hill
10 Sceptre Snipe L. Johnston
11 Erma Snipe J. Foubister
12 Kontiki Snipe K. Johnston
13 Margarita Snipe J. MacDonald
14 Condor Snipe K. Manson
15 Tyro Snipe
16 Firewood Snipe S. Muir
17 Pa'snip Snipe A. Long
18 Teeack Snipe M. Foubister
19 Vicky Snipe D. Sutherland
20 La Rocca Snipe E. Flett
21 Gallinago Snipe M. McDonald


Westray Regatta 1993

Considering the kind of weather that has been the 'norm' all summer, Westray Sailing Club were very fortunate on Saturday when the annual regatta was held. During most of the racing period, conditions were ideal for the sailors - a fine sailing breeze from the south west and for spectators to observe them from the pier.

The resurgence in interest in the sailing of the traditional Westray Skiff was demonstrated by the appearance of nine accompanied by a lug sail skiff from Papay to the delight of all those involved in and of those interested in, sailing. Grace was also added to the scene by the presence of seven yachts.

Of special interest was the final competition of a number of Topper dinghies which had been sailing in the bay during the whole week prior to the regatta, involving young Westray people in a sail-training scheme.

The sailing being finished about 6pm, a short period of refreshment for the sailors was allowed before the prize-giving at 7pm when Norman Cooper the Club Commodore in a brief speech thanked the visiting sailors for their support in making this regatta the biggest one in Westray to date, there being at one time 41 craft under sail in the bay. All who had contributed to the success of the occasion were thanked and appreciation was expressed that the Kirkwall lifeboat made a visit and took people out for 'joy rides' around the bay.

Appreciation was also voiced of the very good co-operation given by the Orkney Islands Shipping Company in providing a special vessel to carry the competitors boats to the pier at Pierowall as well as the ferry boat to Rapness. There is no doubt but that this encouraged a great many extra visitors to Westray.

In addition to providing this double service to Westray, the company donated a special Challenge Cup for competition by local Westray boats. This cup was competed for on Thursday before the regatta was won by a skiff, the Puffin, owned and skippered by Duncan Drever.

The trophies were given to the successful sailors by Mrs. Lauren Harcus, wife of Sam Harcus, the latest recruit to the Skiff fleet, sailing his newly named Annabella Rose.

A good regatta day was concluded by a well attended and successful dance, the music being supplied by two local bands - The Harbour Lights and a newly founded group who have not yet decided on a permanent name, but agreed that in the meantime they could be called Mike and the Peedie Boys. One of them not so peedie actually - he went home with two cups tucked under is oxters after the sailing!


Place Boat Number Skipper
1 Eldorado F. Johnston
2 Margarita H15 J. MacDonald
3 Lady Midnight M. Cooper

Snipe Special:

Place Boat Number Skipper
1 Jual J. Brown
2 Eldorado F. Johnston
3 Margarita H15 J. MacDonald

Westray Skiff:

Boat Skipper Race 1Race 2
Puffin D. Drever 1
Ivy J Brown 2
Karen J. Drever 31
Curlew J. Mowatt 2
Emu J. Scott 3

Merlin Rocket:

Place Boat Skipper
1 Rural Girl B. Kent
2 Ella Harcus Hutchison
3 Auk R. Hutchison


Place Boat Skipper
1 Hylie Strung L. Tait
2 Evil Edna D. Sabiston
3 B&B Brian Kynoch


Skipper Race 1Race 2Race 3
Mhairi Bain 111
Sheila Tulloch 222
Gary Drever 33
John Kent 3


Boat Skipper Race 1Race 2
Banana Split E. Tait 13
Spindrift P. Tait 31
Breakaway D. Stevenson 22

Yachts Race 1:

Place Boat Skipper
1 Sea Nymph D. Grieve
2 Passe Partout W. Burgon
3 Gambler George Ratter

Yachts Race 2:

Place Boat Skipper
1 Gambler George Ratter
2 Passe Partout W. Burgon
3 Swirdy J. Byres


Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Hylie Strung 505 L. Tait
2 Evil Edna 505 D. Sabiston
3 Jual Snipe J. Brown


Kirkwall Regatta 1993

Orkney Sailing Club held their annual regatta on Saturday in Kirkwall Bay. The weather lived up to this year's poor reputation with very little wind in the morning but it did improve a little in the afternoon. Thankfully the rain held off to make conditions bearable.

Making a welcome re-appearnce in Kirkwall Bay were four skiffs, three from Westray and one from Kirkwall. A total of 10 yachts, four catamarans, 20 dinghies and four skiffs took part.

The RNXS craft XSV Loyal Proctor dropped anchor at the start line at 09:50 and racing got underwayon time at 10:00.

The yachts set off first, around the Olympic style course, followed by the skiffs, snipe, merlin rocket, 505 and lastly catamaran classes.

Having the Loyal proctor made the task of the starting committee much simpler, being much closer to the action. Also the competitors could come close to the ship and have their queries answered.

Having got all the races started the committee boat moved to the finish line, which in the Olympic course is at the opposite end of the course from the start, and dropped anchor again.

As morning progressed it was seen that the wind strength was not going to be enough to enable boats to complete the whole course in time for lunch at 12:30 so the shorten course flag was hoisted and the sailors headed to the Girnel.

The mixed centreboards race and the 2nd yacht race were held after lunch. The centreboard race had a very exciting end with Evil Edna beating Hylie Strung by only 0.5 of a second.

Immediately after the end of the 2nd skiff race the allcomers race was held to end an excellent day's racing. By this time some of the sailors and boats were feeling the strain of the day's racing, so it was a much smaller fleet that crossed the starting line for the last race of the day.

Ten yachts set off for the first yacht race of the day which was won by Sea Nymph followed by Black Swan and Gambler. The second yacht race saw these three yachts finishing in the same order.

The first skiff race was won by the Puffin, Stop Gap coming second and the Karen third. The second race gave the same results.

Breakaway won the first catamaran race, Phoenix came second and Dire Straits third. Banana Split won the second cat race followed by Dire Straits and Phoenix, Breakaway coming fourth. Banana Split also won the third cat race, Phoenix getting second this time with Dire Straits third.

Ella won the Merlin Rocket class race, with Auk second and Rural Girl third.

The Snipes formed the largest class of the day, ten dinghies taking part. The first boat home was Jual from Stromness. The Margarita from Holm was second and Eldorado came third.

Hylie-Strung won the 505 race with B&B second and Evil Edna third.

The wind had increased for the centreboard race. This is a handicap race so all types of dinghies can take part. A total of 20 dinghies crossed the start line to compete for the honours but only 15 completed the course. Evil Edna won in a corrected time of 82:30 min followed by Hylie-Strung with a time of 82:35 min, a very close race. The Wayfarer Fair Dinkum came in third.

Only 10 boats crossed the line for the allcomers race. This time Hylie-Strung had her revenge beating Evil Edna by 1.27 minutes. Abra took third place.

This race completed an excellent day's racing.

The prizes were presented in the Girnel by Sheila Cameron, a special shield going to the smallest competitor in the club, Mickey, Hugh Skinner's poodle.

A dance was held after the prize giving giving the winners a chance to fill their cups and to wind down after their exertions of the day.

Also presented at the prizegiving were the season's points prizes. In the dinghy class Hylie Strung had 293 pints, Evil Edna had 286 and B&B was third with 204 points.

The catamaran points was won by Dire Straits with 121 points. Banana Split achieved 119 points and Phoenix ended the season with 117 points.

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