Regatta 2016

Last update 29 October 2016

Holm Westray Kirkwall Stromness Port to Port

Holm Regatta 2016

Holm Regatta was held on Saturday 9th July this year. A summary of the results is given below.

Mixed Centreboards

Boat Helm Time Corrected Place Time Corrected Place Points Place
Enron M. Holbrook 36:59.9 33.79 1 34:46.0 31.75 1 2 1
Warspite J. Brown 42:18.3 35.40 2 39:37.0 33.15 2 4 2
Too   55:58.6 52.83 4 52:56.0 49.01 3 7 3
Pico3 G. Foubister 53.03.6 39.9 3 DNF     8 4


Boat Helm Race 1 Race 2 Total Place
Go Faster Blue Ed Johnstone 37:13 34:37   1
Boreas Ian Johnstone 37:15 34:58   2
Skeldro Mark Taylor 37:06 35:08   3
Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler 35:08 37:46   4
Aquamania Malcolm Gordon 38:00 35:53   5
Hassfang Chris Moore 37:35 36:38   6
Kontiki Alan Aim 36:44 39:19   7
Fiddlesticks Lynne Bartlett 39:25 37:30   8
Wild Goose Michael Foubister 39:46 37:20   9
Double Dutch Kenny Holland 39:16 38:26   10
Boat Helm Corrected Place
Go Quickly Red M. Tipler 30.74 1
Boreas I. Johnstone 31.05 2
Skeldro M. Taylor 32.26 3
Warspite J. Brown 32.34 4
Go Faster Blue E. Johnstone 32.45 5
Fiddlesticks L. Bartlett 33.22 6
Aquamania M. Gordon 33.42 7
Hassfang C. Moore 33.43 8
Double Dutch K. Holland 33.83 9
Wild Goose M. Foubister 34.76 10
Kontiki A. Aim   RET
Boat Helm Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Katoosh E. Tait 1 1 1
Willy Fippit C. Rendall 2 3 3
Awesome I. Rushbrook 3 2 2
Plum Crazy R. Flett 4 4



Boat Helm Race 1 Race 2
Harmony H. Hutchison 1 1
Panache J. Clouston 2 2
Enigma S. Butcher 3 3

Westray Regatta 2016

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Westray Regatta was held on Saturday 30th July in a fresh West North West breeze. The ferry left Kirkwall at 7:30 on Saturday with a hold full of sailing boats. On arrival at Pierowall the sailing craft were offloaded and boats were prepared for the two back to back races. The boats were sent on a large triangular course.

There was a good representation from the various active classes in Orkney, including cats, snipes, lasers, yoles, skiffs and even a couple of Merlin Rockets. Seven yachts took part, including some visitors from Shetland.

Among the Snipes Neil Foubister won the Snipe class trophy sailing No Fear, Mark Taylor won the fastest Snipe in Allcomers trophy. Andrew Leslie won the Mixed Centreboards trophy while Mark Holbrook won the Allcomers. Harcus Hutchison won the Merlin Rocket trophy, Ian Rushbrook won the cats.

After the racing the sailors congregated in the primary school for the prize giving, a sumptuous buffet meal and a dance. The event was sponsored by Scapa Distillery, bottles of amber nectar were awarded to trophy winners.

Kirkwall Regatta 2016

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The 2016 Kirkwall Regatta was held on Saturday 6th August. After a briefing at the Hatston training centre all the boats took to the water and headed over to the race start near to Cragiefield House. The first race was a triangle sausage course arranged near the middle of Kirkwall Bay. In the morning the wind was very light and shifty. Dinghies were given two laps to complete in the morning before a bit of relaxation and sustenance (very tasty mince and tatties) in the Girnel. The breeze settled in after lunch to fairly steady but gusty South Westerly. A mixed centreboard race was followed by the Allcomers.

The Mixed Centreboards race consisted of two laps of the olympic triangle course. The Allcomers race followed with just one lap of the course. In the evening a prize giving was held in the Girnel.

There was a good mix of sailing craft at the regatta, from the diminutive optimist in the junior races to the rapid cats, along with a range of yachts and yoles. Among the dinghy classes were two snipes, five lasers and Lee Thomson’s phantom. The catamarans have been enjoying a resurgence recently, and five boats attended the regatta sailing an extended course.

Stromness Regatta 2016

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Stromness Regatta was held on Saturday 20th July after being postponed due to adverse weather conditions. There was a good turnout of 10 Snipes, along with Yoles, a couple of juniors and a Laser. In favourable weather conditions the boats two races inside the harbour. Neil and Glen Foubister sailed No Fear to win the Snipe Class trophy and came second in the Allcomers. The Allcomers race was won by James Burgon sailing Bonxie with Magda Bishop.

Snipe Class Race
Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 No Fear Neil Foubister Glen Foubister
2 Go Faster Blue Edward Johnstone Ross Harvey
3 Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler Doody Robertson
4 Boreas Ian Johnstone John Young
5 Double Dutch Kenny Holland Paula Hemsley
6 Wild Goose Michael Foubister Fredrik Sundman
7 Scooby Donnie Hall Finley Hall
8 Noringa 3 Calum Miller Antony Mottershead
RTD Bonxie James Burgon Magda Bishop
RTD Skeldro Mark Taylor Lewis Burgon
Place Boat Type Skipper Crew
1 Bonxie Snipe James Burgon Magda Bishop
2 No Fear Snipe Neil Foubister Glan Foubister
3 Enron Laser Mark Holbrook  
4 Go Quickly Red Snipe Malcolm Tipler Doody Robertson
5 Go Faster Blue Snipe Edward Johnstone Ross Harvey
6 Boreas Snipe Ian Johnstone John Young
7 Wild Goose Snipe Michael Foubister Fredrik Sundman
8 Skeldro Snipe Mark Taylor Lewis Burgon
9 Noringa 3 Snipe Calum Miller Antony Mottershead
10 Scooby Snipe Donnie Hall Finley Hall

The Laser 'Enron' sailed by Mark Holbrook was the only competitor in the mixed centreboard class.

Boat Skipper Type Race 1 Race 2
  Liam Thomson RS Feva 1 1
  Joshua Brown Pico 2 2
Boat Race 1 Race 2 Skipper Crew
Helga 1 2 Willie Black Alexander Sinclair, Paul Sneesby
Solwyn 2 1 Leyton Venables Ian Richards, Adrain Askew
Lily 3 3 Ally Kirkpatrick Angus Budge, Sheena Taylor, Bill Sutherland

Port to Port

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Four boats took to the sea at St. Mary's for Holm Sailing Club's annual Port to Port race on Sunday 28th August. There were very light conditions. Normally the race runs from St. Mary's to St. Margaret's Hope but the course was shortened due to the lack of breeze. Two races were held, the first round the salmon cages and back and then a second using the usual course 5 round the buoys. Raymond and Yvonne Grieve sailing Still Game won the first race, with Wild Goose Second and Rio third. Malcolm Gordon and Emma Thomson sailing Aquamania won the second race with the finishing sequence reversed. Still Game won the event after accumulated times.

Many Thanks to Derek Johnstone for managing the safety boat and the time keeping.

Port to Port
Boat Pos Long Race Pos Course 5 Pos Overall Skipper Crew
Still Game 1 1:44.34 4 46.13 1 2:30.47 Raymond Grieve Yvonne Grieve
Wild Goose 2 1:47.17 3 46.02 2 2:33.19 Michael Foubister Michelle Scott
Aquamania 4 1:56.56 1 41.54 3 2:38.50 Malcolm Gordon Emma Thomson
Rio 3 1:56.51 2 45.20 4 2:42.11 Simon Kemp Adrian Askew


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