Regatta 2014

Last update 20 September 2014


Holm Port to Port Westray Kirkwall Kemp Cup


Holm Regatta 2014

Holm Regatta was held on Saturday 23rd August after a one week postponement due to high winds.

The day was bright and the wind fantastic making for an exciting Holm Regatta. There were two races in the morning and as the wind picked up a number of boats capsized during the second race. The course gave two long runs and two wickedly fast reaches which forced out a number of yelps and screams of delight from the competitors. In the Snipe races Sula and Go Faster Blue both had a first and second and so there everything to race for in the afternoon Allcomers race. The wind died down for lunch, whilst everyone caught their breath and refuelled with soup and sandwiches before picking up again for the afternoon.

For many the third race was a race of survival, especially with the gybes at the second and third marks. Some did not make it! Sula however established an early lead in the Allcomers and finished first to take a clean sweep of the Snipe Cups. The afternoon ended with a BBQ on the pier and prize giving. The proceeds of the Regatta and raffle will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Scotland (www.mndscotland.org.uk) which provides support for people affected by Motor Neurone Disease.

Mixed Centreboards:

Two Lasers and a Topper made up the mixed centreboard fleet; Mark Holbrook of North Ronaldsay sailing Enron, Ross Sinclair who has acquired Ian Rushbrook's Solitaire and Joshua Brown sailing the slower but colourful Topper Pinkie. Mark Holbrook made a convincing win in both races.

Boat Class Skipper Race 1 Race 2
Enron Laser Mark Holbrook 1 1
Ladio Laser Ross Sinclair 2 2
Pinkie Topper Joshua Brown 3 DNS


Nine snipes took part in the racing giving good class racing. Mark Taylor's Sula did well against Pete Tipler's Go Faster Blue, coming second in the first race then winning the second race as well as the Allcomers. Several boats retired in race 2 and again in race 3, including Mark Causer's Jaws who broke her mast after a capsize.

Boat Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
Sula Mark Taylor Archie Porteus 2 1 1 4
Go Faster Blue Peter Tipler Thorfinn Johnstone 1 2 2 5
Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler Doodie Robertson 4 3 4 11
Aeolus Charlie Siderfin Tamsin McArthur 3 RET 3 16
Kontiki Lyndsey Walmsey Fredrik Sundman 6 6 5 17
Aquamania Malcolm Gordon Lyndi Birss 5 4 RET 19
Nemo Edward Johnstone Finn Delaney 7 5 RET 22
Rio Simon Kemp Will Madge 8 RET RET 28
Jaws Emma Thomson Mark Causer 9 RET RET 29


Eight Snipes started in the Allcomers race, but the boisterous conditions took its toll leaving only five finishers. Mark Taylor won the race in Sula with Peter Tipler's Go Faster Blue close behind.

place Boat type Skipper Crew Time
1 Sula Snipe Mark Taylor Archie Porteus 34.55
2 Go Faster Blue Snipe Peter Tipler Thorfinn Johnstone 35.22
3 Aeolus Snipe Charlie Siderfin Tamsin McArthur 37.01
4 Go Quickly Red Snipe Malcolm Tipler Doodie Robertson 37.14
5 Kontiki Snipe Lyndsey Walmsey Fredrik Sundman 38.30
DNF Aquamania Snipe Malcolm Gordon Lyndi Birss  
DNF Nemo Snipe Edward Johnstone Finn Delaney  
DNF Rio Snipe Simon Kemp Will Madge  

Yoles and Skiffs:

The yoles were treated to two morning races followed by an afternoon race.

Boat Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
Lizzie 2 Richard Wilson 1 2 2 5
Lillie Ali Kirkpatrick 5 1 1 7
Sumato Kev Sutherland 5 3 5 13
Gremsa Maurice Davidson 5 4 3 12

Dipping Lugs:

It was a fine sight to see two old dipping lug sailed yoles taking part in the regatta. George Miller's Fly won both races with Peter Miller's Ann in a consistent second place.

Boat Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
Fly George Miller 1 1 1 3
Ann Peter Miller 2 2 2 6

Many thanks to the race management team: Jim MacDonald, Margaret Hinckley and Isobel Tipler. Safety boat cover was provided by Orkney Sailing Club, Stromness Sailing Club as well as Derek Johnston and Shane Clewett in Lena, many thanks for helping to make the event run safely and smoothly. The much appreciated catering was provided by Susan and Neil Foubister while Stuart and Glen manned the stall. Thanks are also due to Charlie Siderfin and Mark Causer for the race reporting and many others who helped to make the event a success.


Port to Port 2014

The Port to Port Race was held on Sunday 24th August.

There was hardly a breath of wind and the midges were biting as Holm Sailing Club prepared for the start of the annual Port to Port race on Sunday. Some decided not to sail as it looked like it would be a slow drift down the Flow. However, the wind gently picked up from the moment the first boat launched and by the starting gun there was a gentle breeze, which freshened as the afternoon went on.

It was a beat out of St Mary’s Bay and then a long reach down to Hunda and a run into St Margaret’s Hope. After just less than 1 hour and 10 minutes, Aquamania (Malcolm Gordon and Lindy Birse) arrived first, one second ahead of Aeolus (Charlie Siderfin and Tamsin McArthur), third Kontiki (Lindsey Walmsey and Emma Thomson) and fourth Siesta (Michael Foubister and Michelle Scott).

The left over sandwiches from Saturday’s Regatta were eaten on the pier in glorious sunshine before heading back. On the return leg Malcolm & Lindy established their mastery of the reach along with excellent surfing of the swell to convincingly win with over a minute to spare.


Kemp Cup 2014

The Kemp Cup was disrupted by a poor forecast for Saturday, so the event was postponed to Sunday 14th September.

Morning Race:

Place Boat Class Skipper Crew Time Corrected
1 Enron Laser Mark Holbrook   32:56 30:16
2 Smyril Wayfarer David Clouston Sam Craig 34:29 31:00
3 Andante Wayfarer Micheal Miller Mandy Sinclair 35:23 31:49
4 Skeiron Phantom Lee Thomson   32:23 32:19
5   Laser Peter Tipler   35:44 32:51
6 Defiant Laser EPS Brian Kynoch   34:57 34:08

Kemp Cup

Place Boat Class Skipper Crew time corrected
1 Smyril Wayfarer David Clouston Sam Craig 57:23 51:36
2 Skeiron Phantom Lee Thomson   52:21 52:15
3 Defiant Laser EPS Brian Kynoch   54:01 52:45
4 Enron Laser Mark Holbrook   58:07 53:25
5 Andante Wayfarer Micheal Miller Mandy Sinclair 62:07 55:51

For the Juniors Joshua Brown won the race sailing a pico with Calum MacArthur as crew.


Kirkwall Regatta 2014

There was a great turn out of boats of all shapes and sizes at this year’s Kirkwall Regatta, which turned out to be an outstanding event for the 125th anniversary. The fresh conditions allowed tough racing for all competitors on a well organised course. Competitors from most of the Orkney Clubs made an effort to attend, including snipes from Stromness, Westray Skiffs, Yoles, Yachts and Lasers. Brian Kynoch even took his Laser EPS Defiant out of a lengthy retirement to take part in this historic event.

A class race was held in the morning, with Snipes, Lasers and other boats given separate starts. A three minute starting sequence was used with starting flags. Peter Tipler, recently back from the UK National Championships in Stone Sailing Club, won the Snipe Class sailing Go Faster Blue. Ian Rushbrook made a comfortable win with Solitaire among the six Lasers.

After a great spread of sandwiches and biscuits in the Hatston clubhouse the afternoon proceeded with a mixed centreboards race and the Allcomers. At this stage the Northerly breeze had picked up to a meaty 20kts which resulted in a fair chop to contend with on the upwind legs.

The boisterous conditions took it’s toll. In the Laser class there was some gear failure; Edward Johnstone’s Laser suffered from problems with toe straps and the traveller while Ian Rushbrook’s kicker snapped putting him out of the Allcomers race. There were also plenty of capsizes among the dinghies.

The 125th anniversary festivities continued into the evening with a lavish buffet followed by dancing to the music of ‘Alpha Dixie’.

Mixed Centreboards

Place Boat Class Skipper Crew
1 Smyril Wayfarer David Clouston
2 Aegir Alto David Sabiston Micheal Swanney
3 Andante Wayfarer Micheal Miller  


Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 Go Faster Blue Peter Tipler  
2 Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler  
3 Sula Mark Taylor  
4 Humdinger Barry Jones  


Place Boat Skipper
1 Solitaire Ian Rushbrook
2 Enron Mark Holbrook
3 Warspite Andrew Leslie


Boat Type Skipper Crew am pm
  RS Feva Ross Sinclair Kevin Foulis 1 2
Pinkie Topper Joshua Brown   2 3
  RS Feva Archie Porteus Ruaridh Galbraith 3  
  Pico J Lowe     1

Mixed Centreboards (afternoon)

Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Aegir Alto David Sabiston
2 Smyril Wayfarer David Clouston
3 Solitaire Laser Ian Rushbrook


Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Smyril Wayfarer David Clouston
2 Aegir Alto David Sabiston
3 Warspite Laser Andrew Leslie


Westray Regatta 2014


Mixed Centreboards

Place Boat Class Skipper Crew
1 Skeiron Phantom Lee Thomson
2 Aegir Alto David Sabiston Micheal Swanney
3 Smyril Wayfarer David Clouston  

Merlin Rocket

Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 Ella Harcus Hutchison  
2 Monivey    
3 Rural Girl Brian Kent  
4 Aak Robert Hutchison  


Place Boat Type Skipper
1 Aegir Alto David Sabiston
2 Skeiron Phantom Lee Thomson
3 Smyril Wayfarer David Clouston


Boat am pm
New Dawn 1 4
Nereides 2 1
Selene 3 2
Enigma 4 3
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