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Last update 19 September 2011

Holm Regatta Results

Results from Sunday 18th September are given below. There was a moderate North Easterly breeze became quite fresh and gusty. Aquamania hit a mark in the second race, while she was doing her turns she managed to capsize. As a result she finished nearly ten minutes behind the other boats. She had more trouble in the third race, capsizing at the gybe mark.

BoatRace 7Race 8Race 9SkipperCrew
Skeldro11Raymond GrieveJohn Skea
Moonstone221Andrew LeslieJoshua Brown
Aquamania332Malcolm GordonFrederick Sundman

Results from Sunday 4th September are given below. There was a moderate South Westerly breeze which swung round to a South Easterly direction. The dry and sunny conditions were ideal for an afternoon of racing. Course 6 was used for the first two races, course 4 for the final race.

BoatRace 4Race 5Race 6SkipperCrew
Skeldro211Raymond GrieveJohn Skea
Moonstone523Andrew LeslieFreddy Graham
Aeolus342Charlie SiderfinAlex Baikie
Aquamania134Malcolm GordonRobbie Stevenson
Topaz455Scott TullochAmy Gibson

Results from Tuesday 23rd August are given below. There was a fresh South Easterly breeze, dry and sunny. Course three was used.

BoatRace 1Race 2Race 3SkipperCrew
Freyr115Peter TiplerMalcolm Tipler
Siesta233Leyton VenablesAdrian Askew
Aeolus324Charlie SiderfinAnna Ridge
Aquamania45Malcolm GordonShane Clewitt
Red Bull53Robbie StevensonAudrey Cameron

Port to Port

On Sunday morning 5 Snipes sailed the Port to Port race from Holm to St Margarets Hope which took place in bright sun shine and light winds. First to the Hope was Neil Foubister in Kontiki and first back to Holm was Richard Lambert in Freyr. The overall winner of both legs was Richard Lambert. The race was followed by light refreshments and pier jumping with the kids in the baking sunshine.

Freya31:34.1811:29.5513:04.13Richard LambertPeter Tipler
Go Quickly Red21:34.1231:31.3823:05.50Malcolm TiplerPaula Hemsley
Aquamania41:36.0421:30.3433:06.38Malcolm GordonHarry Siderfin
Aeolus51:37.3341:31.5443:09.27Charlie SiderfinAlex Baikie
Kontiki11:34.0251:36.3553:10.37Neil FoubisterAnna Ridge

Points Total

Points Total (after 26 races): The results after 11 evenings are given below. No discards have been applied. Total points are calculated as the sum of places; where the boat hasn't competed or completed a race 18 points (the number of competitors plus one) have been awarded. Some results have been discarded, this is normally where the usual skipper has not been helming.

Boat3 May10 May17 May31 May7 June14 June21 June28 June12 July9 Aug16 AugTotal
123456789101112 1314151617181920212223242526
Kontiki2122 2213211211 111221 188
Aeolus12166 11321 452112 216
Aquamania44753 245122 244563 225
Siesta334311 57422345 4531333 252
Smurf663444 531667563 267
Red Bull58 363413436 6677 304
Rio57577 78833 44 320
Moonstone2153 121 357
Jaws9 654 564 381
Crewzen 65856 56 408
Hamba8 622 414
Skeldro 235 424
Topaz 44 42 438
Tic-Tac 55 442
Freyr 2 452
Scheme Buoy 6 456
Snoopy7 457

Results from Tuesday 16th August are given below.

BoatRace 18Race 19SkipperCrew
Aeolus12Charlie SiderfinAlex Baikie
Kontiki21Lynne FoubisterNeil Foubister
Siesta33Leyton VenablesPeter Tipler
Rio44Simon KempMalcolm Tipler
Tic-Tac55Sheena TaylorAdrian Askew
Scheme Buoy6Graham RamageAudrey Cameron

Results from Tuesday 9th August are given below. The North Westerly course 8 was sailed in a fairly strong breeze. The evening started sunny but then clouded over followed by rain. Aquamania retired in the second race after a capsize. Adrian Askew skippered the Kontiki in the second race.

BoatRace 23Race 24SkipperCrew
Kontiki12Neil FoubisterAdrian Askew
Aeolus21Charlie SiderfinSimon Kemp
Aquamania3DNFMalcolm GordonShane Clewit

Results from Tuesday 12th July are given below. Course 3 was used in the fairly light Easterly breeze.

BoatRace 20Race 21Race 22SkipperCrew
Moonstone121Andrew LeslieJoshua Brown
Skeldro235Raymond GrieveDavid Grieve
Siesta313Leyton VenablesNeil Foubister
Aquamania456Malcolm GordonUna Gordon
Jaws564Mark CauserMike Sinclair
Red Bull677Magnus WoolhamChris Woolham
Topaz42Colin MacDonaldClaire MacDonald

Results from Tuesday 28st June are given below. Race 1 was a long race from the pier out round Ness to Howequoy Head then a long beat to the West side of Glimps Holm and back to the pier.

BoatRace 18Race 19SkipperCrew
Kontiki11Neil FoubisterGlen Foubister
Aquamania24Malcolm GordonRachel Roberts
Aeolus33Charlie SiderfinJenny Killingbeck
Siesta45Leyton VenablesAdrian Askew
Crewzen56Magnus WoolhamRosie Ryrie
Red Bull6Robbie StevensonAudrey Cameron
Freyr2Peter TiplerMalcolm Tipler

Results from Tuesday 21st June are given below.

BoatRace 15Race 16Race 17SkipperCrew
Aquamania122Malcolm GordonShane Clewett
Kontiki211Neil FoubisterGlen Foubister
Siesta345Leyton VenablesAdrian Askew
Red Bull436Robbie StevensonSimon Kemp
Smurf563Mairi FleetMagnus Woolham
Jaws654Mark CauserDarren McAddie

Only three boats took part in Holm Sailing Club's Tuesday evening racing on the 14th June. It was a sunny evening with a light westerly breeze.

BoatRace 13Race 14SkipperCrew
Kontiki11Neil FoubisterGlen Foubister
Siesta44Leyton VenablesAdrian Askew
Rio33Simon KempSarah Kemp

A fresh Easterly breeze provided good sailing conditions for the eight boats taking part in Holm Sailing Club's evening points racing on Tuesday 7th June.

BoatRace 10Race 11Race 12SkipperCrew
Kontiki132Neil FoubisterIlona Foubister
Aquamania245Malcolm GordonShane Clewett
Aeolus321Charlie SiderfinAlex Baikie
Red Bull413Robbie StevensonAudrey Cameron
Siesta574Leyton VenablesAdrian Askew
Smurf667Mairi FleetMagnus Woolham
Rio788Simon KempSarah Kemp
Crewzen856Max AndrewsRosie Ryrie

Fine sailing conditions attracted six snipes to the points racing on Tuesday 31st May. A fresh Southerly breeze provided great propulsion for the racing.

BoatRace 7Race 8Race 9SkipperCrew
Aeolus11Charlie SiderfinAlex Baikie
Kontiki222Neil FoubisterSharon Low
Red Bull363Robbie StevensonAudrey Cameron
Topaz44Michal MeszkaFilip and Maciej Meszka
Smurf531Mairi FleetMagnus Woolham
Crewzin65Max AndrewsJake Lueders

On Tuesday 17th May seven boats prepared for points racing in a fresh Southerly wind. The breeze picked up a bit, so only five of these took part in the race. Malcolm Tipler in Siesta took an early lead and stayed ahead throughout the race. Neil Foubister's Kontiki finished close behind.

BoatRace 6SkipperCrew
Siesta1Malcolm TiplerAidan ONeil
Kontiki2Neil FoubisterSharon Low
Moonstone3Andrew LeslieJoshua Brown
Smurf4Mairi FleetMagnus Woolham
AquamaniaDNFMalcolm GordonShane Clewett

On Tuesday 10th May eight snipes turned out for the evening points racing. During the day there was a strong Southerly breeze, this had died off to a very light Westerly air flow by the time the first race started. Fortunately the breeze picked up again and the final two races were held in fresh southerly conditions. The racing was very close; Charlie Siderfin's new Aeolus showed good speed in the first race, winning with Moonstone close behind. Moonstone was over the line in the second race, but still managed to claw back places to win the race. Team Tipler won the third race sailing the Club boat Siesta. Red Bull capsized during the second race and didn't compete in the third.

BoatRace 3Race 4Race 5SkipperCrew
Aeolus166Charlie SiderfinAlex Baikie
Moonstone215Andrew LeslieJoshua Brown
Smurf344Mairi FleetAlan Donaldson
Siesta431Malcolm TiplerPeter Tipler
Rio577Simon KempJames Kemp
Hamba622Adrian AskewNeil Foubister
Aquamania753Malcolm GordonShane Clewett
Red Bull8RTDDNSRobbie StevensonUli Stotz

On Tuesday 3rd May ten snipes turned out for the first of the evening points racing. Two races were held in a light Easterly breeze.

BoatRace 1Race 2SkipperCrew
Aeolus12Charlie SiderfinAlex Baikie
Kontiki21Neil FoubisterGlen Foubister
Siesta33Malcolm TiplerPeter Tipler
Aquamania44Malcolm GordonShane Clewett
Rio57Simon KempSarah Kemp
Smurf66Mairi FleetAiden O'Neil
Snoopy7DNSTim ClewettJeepstar Clewett
Hamba8DNSAdrian AskewAlan Donaldson
Jaws9DNSMark CauserGary Johnstone
Red BullDNS5Robbie StevensonUli Stotz
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