2010 Regatta Reports

The 2010 Orkney regattas got off to a shakey start; Stronsay was postponed and then cancelled and Finstown was cancelled, nevertheless Longhope went ahead on Saturday 3rd July. Longhope turned out to be a superb event. The 2010 Holm Yachts and Singlehanders event was cancelled and then the Holm Regatta was postponed till Sunday 22nd August due to weather conditions on Saturday 21st. Westray Regatta was a great success on Saturday 31st July.

Holm Regatta 2010

The 2010 Holm Regatta was due to be held on Saturday 21st August 2010. Due to windy weather the event was postponed and held on Sunday the 22nd. Despite the postponement there was a good turn out of Snipes, Cats and Yoles. Two class races were held followed by a break for lunch and then the Allcomers race. Thanks to all those involved in the organisation and execution of the regatta, it takes a lot of effort to run a successful event, these efforts are very much appreciated. Many appologies for the gaps in these results.

Snipe: 15 snipes took part in the racing with a close finish between Neil Foubister's No Fear and Chris Moore's Hassfang. Due to the close nature of the racing it was decided to award the trophy jointly to both No Fear and Hassfang.

Boat Race 1 Race 2 Skipper
No Fear 1 2 Neil Foubister
Hassfang 2 1 Chris Moore
Wild Goose 3 ? Mark Taylor
John Love ? 3  

Cats: 4 Cats took part in the racing, doing two long races.

Boat Race 1 Race 2 Skipper
Hurricane 1 1 Lee Thomson
Dire Straits 2 2  
Banana Split 3 3 Erlend Tait
Awesome 4 4  

Yoles: Three Yoles, three races, with a well defined pecking order.

Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Lily 1 1 1
Helga 2 2 2
Lizzie 3 3 3

Allcomers: Snipes only in the Allcomers Race this year. After an unexpected early start to the race many boats were left behind. Despite that, James Burgon's Bonxie come out on top in a closely fought race.

Boat Place Skipper
Bonxie 1 James Burgon
Go Faster Blue 2 Peter Tipler
Aqua Vitae 3 Charlie Siderfin

Longhope Regatta

Longhope Regatta was held on Saturday 3rd July in perfect sailing conditions. The wind was fresh at times, but less than the forecast 20kts, providing exciting but manageable sailing. The rain stayed away and there was quite bit of warm sunshine. A long figure of eight course was laid providing a short beat to start followed by a reach, a long run, another reach and a long beat to finish. Two races were held with a break for lunch in between. The first race was a class race, the Allcomers was held after a meal of soup, mince and tatties.

The number of boats was a bit low compared with previous years. Only one yacht showed up, but among the dinghies there was representation from Stromness, Holm and Kirkwall. Six Toppers raced, sailed by local juniors. These youngsters have been training for a week prior to the regatta with the help of Lee Thompson. There was a great fleet of traditional yoles and a fleet of cats provided some high speed action (notably Lee Thompson's Kleen Gyte).

On the final beat there were some exciting moments as Go Faster Blue, Moonstone and Fiddlesticks fought for the second Snipe place. Fiddlesticks, ably helmed by young Robbie Stevenson eventually came out on top with Moonstone close behind and Go Faster Blue the third Snipe to finish.

After the second race mince rolls were provided, the raffle was drawn and trophies were presented. A bus was provided to allow visting sailors to get home on the Moness ferry over to Stromness. The whole event was a thoroughly enjoyable day out.


The main fleet was the Snipes with seven boats and very close competition at the front of the fleet. The long beat gave plenty of opportunities for place changes. Neil Foubister came out on top with the two Tipler boats close behind.

Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 Fiddlesticks Neil Foubister Robbie Stevenson
2 Go Faster Blue Peter Tipler Barry Jones
3 Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler Paula Hemsley

Mixed Centreboards

The Mixed Centreboard fleet was very mixed being made up of David Sabistons brand new Aegir alongside a smart little Mirror as well as an elderly Merlin Rocket. Unsurprisingly David Sabiston's Aegir with her large asymetric spinnaker dominated the race.

Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 Aegir David Sabiston Micheal Swanney


In the Allcomers race David Sabiston's Aegir finished well ahead of the other boats but was beaten on handicap by Chris Moore's Hassfang. Young Robbie Stevenson did well helming Fiddlesticks to third place.

Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 Hassfang Chris Moore Harvey Dunnett
2 Aegir David Sabiston Micheal Swanney
3 Fiddlesticks Robbie Stevenson Neil Foubister

Westray Regatta

The 2010 Westray Regatta was held on Saturday 31st July. The event was a great success with the usual outstanding hospitality.


Place Boat Skipper
1 No Fear Neil Foubister
2 Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler
3 Hassfang Chris Moore


Place Boat Skipper
1 Hassfang Chris Moore
2 Solitaire Ian Rushbrook
3 Ella Harcus Hutchison


Place Boat Skipper
1 Katoosh Erlend Tait
2 Plumb Crazy  
3 Banana Split  

Merlin Rockets

Place Boat Skipper
1 Ella Harcus Hutchison
2 Rural Girl Brian Kent
3 Levathian  

Mixed Centreboards

Place Boat Skipper
1 Solitaire Ian Rushbrook
2 Ginger Nuts Peter Mills
3 Temeraire David Clouston

Kirkwall Regatta

The 2010 Kirkwall Regatta was hosted by the Orkney Sailing Club on Saturday 7th August. The event attracted classes of Laser and Snipe as well as various skiffs, yoles and mixed centreboard dinghies.


Place Boat Skipper
1 Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler
2 Crewzen  
3 Hassfang Chris Moore


Place Boat Skipper
1 Little Gem Michal Meszka
2 Solitaire Ian Rushbrook
3 St. George Jonathan Walters


Place Boat Skipper
1 Barbarian Brian Pottinger
2 Hassfang Chris Moore
3 Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler


Boat Skipper Race 1 Race 2
Katoosh Erlend Tait 1 1
Plumb Crazy   2 2

Mixed Centreboards

Place Boat Skipper
1 Barbarian David Pottinger
2 Ella Harcus hutchison
3 Little Gem Michal Meszka
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