2009 Regatta Results

Holm 60th Anniversary Holm Yachts and singlehanders Westray Stromness

Stromness Regatta 2009

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trophy winners from stromness regatta 2009Stromness Regatta was held on Sunday 30th August 2009, after delays due to the weather conditions. The fresh Westerly breeze eased during the day giving fine conditions for the boats taking part. Unfortunately the feet size was diminished due to the delays in running the event.

Two races were held, the first being class races which attracted eleven snipes as well as four mixed centreboards. A triangular course within the harbour was set with a short beat and two long reaches.

Neil Foubister and Mairi Fleet won the snipe race sailing Fiddlesticks. Andrew Leslie's laser Lazy Linda won the mixed centreboards.

The Allcomers was held after a break. Lazy Linda broke free after a scuffle at the start winning on handicap. Freddy Johnston of Stromness won the new Davie Harcus memorial trophy for the fastest snipe in the Allcomers Race.

Holm 60th Anniversary Regatta 2009

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The 60th Anniversary Holm Regatta was held on Saturday 22nd August 2009. The fresh Westerly breeze provided fine conditions for the various races. The bright sunny weather made the sailing a fine spectacle for those watching as well as the competitors. Among the spectators were Alfie Flett and Ally Kirkpatrick, both of whom competed in the first Holm Regatta in 1949.

Mixed Centreboards

The mixed centreboards were made up of a wide range of different sailing craft, from the fast Catamaran to the more sedate Wayfarer. Nine boats took part in three races. Results from each race were calculated using the Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system. Points were awarded for places in each race, the points of the three races were summed to give an overall score. The catamaran Plum Crazy finished all three races first, but the handicap system gave the fist places to Peter mills’ Albacore Ginger Nuts in the first race, David Sabiston’s 505 Evil Edna in the second race and Michael Millers’ Wayfarer Andante in the third race. The overall win went to Andante.

Mixed Centreboards Results

        Race 1 Race 2 Race 3  
Place Boat Type Helm Time Corrected Place Time Corrected Place Time Corrected Place Points
1 Andante Wayfarer M. Miller 17:38 16:03 2 18:44 17:03 4 18:31 16:51 1 7
2 Best Kens 505 D. Sabiston 15:07 16:46 4 14:34 16:09 1 15:25 17:05 2 7
3 Ginger Nuts Albacore P. Mills 16:54 15:51 1 17:38 16:32 3 18:37 17:28 3 7
4 Plumb Crazy Hobie 16 R. Flett 12:14 16:27 3 12:13 16:25 2 13:51 18:37 5 10
5 Souper Trouper Merlin Rocket A. Beckingham 19:10 18:46 5 18:45 18:22 5 19:06 18:42 6 16
6 Das Spoot Wayfarer A. Hale RET     20:37 18:46 6 20:05 18:16 4 19
7 Rock n Roll Merlin Rocket L. Johnston 25:13 23:47 6 24:07 22:45 7 23:49 22:28 7 20
8 Sonic Fireball K. Budge 24:35 25:02 7 25:10 25:38 8 22:15 23:30 8 23
9 Cracklin Rosie Laser N.Burgess RET     DNS     DNS     29


close racing in the snipe fleetThe Snipe Class racing is always the most important event at Holm Regatta and this year was no exception. Each year the standard of competition improves, it becomes more and more difficult to get hold of the coveted Snipe Trophy. This year 18 boats took part in three back to back races.

The first race was won by Neil Foubister’s No Fear. Mark Taylor’s Wild Goose of Stromness was close behind. Wild Goose won the second and third races to get the overall trophy. Second place went to James Burgon’s Bonxie and third was Malcolm Tipler in Go Quickly Red.

Snipe Race Results

Place Boat Helm Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
1 Wild Goose M. Taylor 2 1 1 3.5
2 Bonxie J. Burgon 5 2 2 9
3 Go Quickly Red M. Tipler 3 3 4 10
4 No Fear N. Foubister 1 4 7 11.75
5 Hassfang C. Moore 4 5 3 12
6 Crewzen J. Love 8 6 5 19
7 Hamba C. Siderfin 6 7 8 21
8 Fiddlesticks L. Foubister 12 12 6 30
9 Aquamania M. Gordon 13 8 9 30
10 Valhalla A. Aim 7 15 11 33
11 Siesta R. Stevenson 11 11 12 34
12 Humdinger B. Jones 14 9 15 38
13 Snoopy T. Clewett 15 13 10 38
14 Fleetwing F. Johnstone 10 14 14 38
15 Vendetta K. Holland 16 10 13 39
16 Moonstone A. Leslie 9 RET DNS 46
17 Go Faster Blue P. Tipler 12 DNS DNS 50

Old Wood

Three old wooden snipes were launched to take part in the racing. Unfortunately Jim MacDonald’s Margarita was taking in considerable quantities of water so was unable to compete. Fleetwing was sailed by Freddy Johnston with his son Bruce as crew. The Johnston family has been involved with the Holm Club since the very early days. Valhalla was sailed by Alan Aim. Valhalla finished ahead of Fleetwing, so was awarded a bottle of whisky.

Both Fleetwing and Valhalla were built in Burray at Duncan’s boatyard, in the 1950s and 1960s. Margarita was home built in the 60s. It is impressive to see the old wooden boats competing against the modern fibreglass boats.


allcomers at the windward markThe Allcomers race was held after a lunch break, this was a longer course and included all the competing boats. Amongst the usual dinghies was a catamaran and a yole. After handicap the first three places all went to Snipe; Neil Foubister’s No Fear won the race with Malcolm Tipler’s Go Quickly Red a few seconds behind. Andrew Leslie’s Moonstone finished third. The first non-snipe finisher was David Sabiston’s 505 Best Ken’s which came in second across the line, but 6th on handicap.

Allcomers Results

Place Boat Type Helm Time Corrected
1 No Fear Snipe N. Foubister 47:24 42:26
2 Go Quickly Red Snipe M. Tipler 47:55 42:54
3 Moonstone Snipe A.Leslie 48:37 43:31
4 Bonxie Snipe J. Burgon 48.56 43.48
5 Wild Goose Snipe M. Taylor 49.01 43.53
6 Best Kens 505 D. Sabiston 39.38 43:56
7 Crewzen Snipe J. Love 49:30 44:19
8 Hamba Snipe C. Siderfin 49:34 44:22
9 Hassfang Snipe C. Moore 49:39 44:27
10 Aquamania Snipe M. Gordon 50:04 44.49
11 Andante Wayfarer M. Miller 50:14 45:42
12 Ginger Nuts Albacore P. Mills 49:11 46:08
13 Humdinger Snipe B. Jones 52:01 46:34
14 Fiddlesticks Snipe L. Foubister 52:05 46:38
15 Valhalla Snipe A. Aim 53:28 47:52
16 Plumb Crazy Hobie 16 R. Flett 36:25 48:57
17 Siesta Snipe R. Stevenson 55:15 49:28
18 Fleetwing Snipe F. Johnstone 55:25 49:37
19 Das Spoot Wayfarer A. Hale 55:40 50:39
20 Souper Trouper Merlin Rocket A. Beckingham 51:45 50:41
21 Rock n Roll Merlin Rocket L. Johnston 58:28 55:09
22 Sonic Fireball K. Budge 57:11 58:14
23 Family Pride Yole A. Budge    
24 Vendetta Snipe K. Holland RET


Following the racing trophies were presented to the race winners.

The Points trophy was awarded to the winner of the Tuesday evening points series. After 25 races over the summer the winner was Charlie and Jack Siderfin sailing Hamba. Second place went to Robbie Stevenson and Herbert Gross in Siesta. Rachel Roberts and Malcolm Gordon came in third with Aquamania.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary regatta a party was held in the Commodore. The Commodore set out a fine spread of food. Brendan Fletcher as Disk Jockey provided the music. A painting of Snipe by Jack Foubister as well as glass sailing ornaments by Lynne Foubister were auctioned, proceeds going towards club funds.


Thanks are due to the many people who made the event a success. The squad of timekeepers did as great job to get all the races running to schedule in conditions that were not always easy. Safety boats from Stromness Sailing Club, Orkney Sailing Club and Holm helped to ensure the racing went ahead safely. Many club members and supporters helped with the food and general organisation of the event. Special thanks are due to Brendan Fletcher (safety boat), Susan Foubister (catering), Mark Causer (managing registration, the tent as well as the auction) as well as Rachel Roberts who organised a great regatta meal. Thanks to the Commodore Motel for providing a great venue and fine spread of food for the party following the regatta.

Kirkwall Regatta

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Kirkwall Regatta took place on Saturday 1st August. There was a great turn out of yachts as well as a mix of dinghy classes. The dinghy classes were dominated by the Snipe class, in particular by Richard Lambert and John Williams visiting all the way from Kent.

Snipe Class

Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 Aegir Richard Lambert John Williams
2 Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler  
3 Fiddlesticks Neil Foubister Mairi Wards
4 Go Faster Blue Peter Tipler  

Wayfarer Class

Place Boat Skipper Crew
1 Andante Micheal Miller  
2 Das Spoot Alan Hale  
3 Betsy    

Handicap Dinghies

Boat Centreboards Allcomers Skipper Crew Type
Aegir 1 1 Richard Lambert John Williams Snipe
Go Quickly Red 2 2 Malcolm Tipler   Snipe
Fiddlesticks 3 4 Neil Foubister Mairi Wards Snipe
Best Kens 4 3 David Sabiston Micheal Swanney 505
Ginger Nuts 5 5 Peter Mills   Albacore
Go Faster Blue 6 RTD Peter Tipler   Snipe
Andante 7 6 Micheal Miller   Wayfarer
Das Spoot 8 RTD Alan Hale   Wayfarer
Betsy 9 DNC     Wayfarer


Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Skipper Crew
Katoosh 1 1 1 Erlend Tait  
Banana Split 2 2 RTD Peter Diamond  


Boat Morning Race Afternoon Race Skipper
Eynhalla 1 1  
Esmeralda 2 7  
Vanern 3 4  
Lily 4 8  
Stravaiger 5 2 D. Stevenson
Shiant 6 3 B. Farrer
Eureka 7 DNC  
Nereides 2 8 5 G. Shearer
New Dawn 9 6 J. Hinkley
Black Sheep 10 RTD  

Westray Regatta

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Westray Regatta was held on Saturday 25th July with a light and variable North Easterly breeze. Richard Lambert from Kent, sailing Aegir took home a pile of silverware, winning the slow handicap race as well as the allcomers race. Neil Foubister was close behind in Fiddlesticks. Fourty boats took part, including seventeen skiff and yoles making a spectacular sight at Pierowall Bay.

"Slow" Boats

Place Boat Skipper
1 Aegir Richard Lambert
2 Fiddlesticks Neil Foubister
3 Smyril Jimmy Clouston

"Fast" Boats

Place Boat Skipper
1 Ella Harcus Hutchison
2 Ginger Nuts Peter Mills
3 Cracklin Rosie Neil Burgess


Place Boat Skipper
1 Aegir Richard Lambert
2 Smyril Jimmy Clouston
3 Fiddlesticks Neil Foubister

Holm Yachts and Singlehanders Regatta

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The Holm Yachts and Singlehanders Regatta was held on Saturday 11th July 2009. A light North Easterly breeze provided fine conditions for the racing.


Seven yachts took part, in the morning the yachts sailed from Stromness across Scapa Flow to St. Mary’s. Soup and sandwiches were provided for lunch and then two races were held in the afternoon.

The passage race was won by Bob Farrer's Shiant on Handicap, although David Stevenson's Stravaiger was first across the line. George Shearer kindly donated a trophy for this race.

Boat Skipper CYCA Time Corrected Place
Shiant Bob Farrer 26.5 207.17 115.44 1
Stravaiger D. Stevenson 19.25 190.32 129.24 2
Jigsaw S. Butcher 20.75 198.08 129.37 3
Neredies G. Shearer 19.75 198.47 133.21 4
New Dawn J. Hinkley 23.25 219.87 135.02 5
Renegade D. Bruce 19.5 225.17 152.04 6
First Encounter P. Diamond 18 219.87 154.19 7

Yachts Start Stravaiger managed to win the first afternoon race, with Shiant finishing second and Nereides third. Nereides was the first across the line in the final race, but finished 2nd on handicap. Shiant won and Jigsaw came in 3rd.

    Race 2 Race 3
Boat Skipper Time Corr. Place Time Corr. Place Points Place
Shiant Bob Farrer 52:16.28 29.11 2 47:43.16 26.39 1 3 1
Stravaiger D. Stevenson 41:00.08 27.51 1 42:12.45 28.40 4 5 2
Neredies G. Shearer 46:11.37 30.59 3 41:48.51 28.02 2 5 3
Jigsaw S. Butcher 50:51.84 33.17 5 43:24.98 28.23 3 8 4
New Dawn J. Hinkley 51:35.24 31.36 4 47:02.48 28.48 5 9 5
Renegade D. Bruce 54:55.84 37.05 6 50:17.73 33.57 6 12 6
First Encounter P. Diamond 53:14.43 37.16 7 49:13.12 34.27 7 14 7


Two classes of singlehanders took part in the racing, Picos and Lasers.

Five Picos raced, having two races in the morning and two more after lunch. The light conditions were ideal for the less experienced competitors. Malcolm Gordon made a clean sweep, winning all four races. 2nd place was closely contested with Isla Wallace and Mairi Fleet both having 13 points. Isla Wallace won the juniors (under 16) trophy.


Helm Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points Place
Malcolm Gordon 1 1 1 1 4 1
Isla Wallace 3 2 4 4 13 2
Mairi Fleet 4 4 2 3 13 3
E Farrer 5 5 3 2 15 4
Alan Donaldson 2 3 RET DNS 16 5

Lasers competingThree lasers competed in five races. Andrew Leslie won four of the five races, although the racing was very close at times.


Helm Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Points Place
Andrew Leslie 1 1 2 1 1 6 1
Michal Mezka 2 2 1 2 2 9 2
Charlie Siderfin 3 3 RTD DNS DNS 17 3

Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer ImageDuring the lunch break a large Canadian Canoe arrived. The Spirit Dancer had paddled from Stromness along with some sea kayaks. The Spirit Dancer was a great spectacle at the regatta, a most unusual sight in St. Mary’s Village.

At the end of the regatta trophies were presented as well as raffle prizes.


The regatta would not have been possible without the help of many voluntary helpers. Thanks are due to the Safety Boat crews, although they didn’t have a busy time they are essential to the safe running of the regatta. Thanks are due to all the club members and supporters who helped make the event a success, by providing bottles for the raffle, sandwiches for the lunch and helping with the many mundane tasks which have to be done to ensure a successful day for all the competitors. Thanks are also due to the timekeepers who were able to keep the racing running smoothly.

Thanks are also due to Orkney Sailing Club who kindly lent Picos for the event.

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