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Holm Regatta

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Weatherwise, this year’s Holm regatta was a marked contrast to last year’s. The strong wind which caused so many thrills and spills (and breakages) last year was noticeably absent for the 33 boats that turned out for the start of racing. As the day progressed, however, the wind rose and the sky cleared to provide excellent sailing conditions. The Longhope lifeboat arrived just in time for lunch, providing an extra attraction for the spectators.

Class 1   2   3  
Snipes Go Quickly Red M. Tippler Silver Fern D. Harcus Wild Goose M. Taylor
Mixed Centreboard Pussy Willow C. Moore Andante M. Miller Ella H. Hutchison
Catamarans Dire Straits M. Holgate Phoenix G. Shearer Awesome L. Thompson
Catamarans (overall) Phoenix G. Shearer Awesome L. Thompson Katoosh E. Tait
Yoles Graemsa L. Wilson Frances I. Richardson    
Yoles (allcomers) Frances I. Richardson Graemsa L. Wilson    
Allcomers Njord J. Love Barbarian B. Pottinger Ella H. Hutchison

Thanks to Malcolm Gordon for the race results and report.

Skipper´s Race

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The Skippers' Race was held on Tuesday 23rd August, and concludes the regular points racing at Holm Sailing Club.

1 2 3 4
M. Bain/J. Sidderfin M. Gordon/L. Birse C. Sidderfin/D. MacAdie S. Kemp/Steve


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Class 1   2   3  
Snipes Wild Goose Mark Taylor Nemo Neil Foubister Aquamania Malcolm Gordon
Wayfarers Smyril Jimmy Clouston Fair Dinkum Simon Butcher Eclipse Donnie Sinclair
Mixed Centreboard Barbarian Brian Pottinger Ella Harcus Hutchison 1480 Gordon Rendall
Singlehanders Dream Topping Rosie Beskaby Pico Kevin Ryrie    
Catamarans Plumb Crazy Victor Byres Phoenix George Shearer    
Yachts New Dawn John Hinkley Neredes John Byres Norlantic Mike Cooper
Yoles Helga Willie Black Halle Mike Grainger Frances Ian Richardson
Allcomers Smyril Jimmy Clouston Nemo Neil Foubister Barbarian Brian Pottinger

Kemp Cup

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Class 1   2   3  
Yachts, Centenary Cup Exile George Ratter Eynhallow Robbie Drever Jigsaw Geordie Thorpe
Dinghies, Tennents Cup Best Kens Davy Sabiston Barbarian Brian Pottinger Ey Up Peter Mills
Cats Tankard Katoosh Lee Thomson Plum Crazy Richard Flett Phoenix George Shearer
Yachts, Maxwell Cup Exile George Ratter Jig Saw George Thorpe Neridies 2 John Byres
Dinghies, Kemp Cup Best Kens David Sabiston Barbarian Brian Pottinger Ella Harcus Hutchison
Cats, Errol Bruce Cup Katoosh Lee Thomson Phoenix George Shearer Plum Crazy Richard Flett
Information Plus Junior Cup Kevin Ryrie          

P&O Tankard

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Nine snipes turned out for the annual P&O tankard event in Stromness. A gusty Northerly breeze gave tricky conditions on a course which ran up the harbour, then back down. It was an excellent course involving a lot of beating and mark roundings which provided opportunities for the well sailed boats to gain places. Three races were held with a break between race 2 and 3 to allow the Northlink ferry to arrive. Nemo sailed by Neil Foubister sailed consistently well, winning the event.


Boat Helm Race1 Race2 Race3 Place
Nemo Neil Foubister 1 1 3 1
Noringa Gordon Hill 2 4 1 2
Wild Goose Mark Taylor 3 2 2 3
Silver Fern David Harcus 4 8 6  
Moonstone Andrew Leslie 5 5 5  
Vendetta James Stockan 6 7 8  
Aquamania Malcolm Gordon 7 9 9  
Go Quickly Red Malcolm Tipler 8 3 4  
Arctic Skua Neil Brown dns 6 7  

Westray Regatta

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There was a great turn out of around 54 boats for the 41st Westray Regatta on Saturday 30th July. A fairly steady F3-4 Northerly breeze blew throughout the day. Two races were held; class races in the morning with a break for sandwiches, followed by the allcomers race. There was a wide range of sailing craft on the water from yachts to picos, including many traditional wooden craft (westray skiffs, yoles and lug sails). A raft race was held between the races, with some very exotic looking vessels taking part.

As always, the biggest dinghy class was the snipes with a dozen boats. There was also a good turn out of six catamarans.

Two lap triangular courses were run, consisting of a beat, a run, then a reach. The wind direction gave a tricky start, with a gusty, shifty breeze close in to the pier. Once clear of the mixed up air at the start there was a one sided beat up to the first mark. This was followed by a run in a slightly choppy sea. The reach back into the bay was quite close, till past the fish farm where the boats could bear away a bit. In the first race Richard Lambert sailing Njord got off to a good start and extended his lead throughout the race. Peter Wiberoe sailing Fiddlesticks came in second. Neil Foubister on Nemo was third.

The allcomers race had to be restarted, due to a group of early boats obfuscating the line. On the restart Richard Lambert wasn't quite so well placed. Despite that, he showed superior upwind speed to make up a few places before the first mark. He was soon the leading snipe, with Nemo (Neil Foubister) and Moonstone (Andrew Leslie) not far behind. The northerly breeze allowed the fast handicap boats to take off downwind, while the snipes occasionally managed to get up on the plane. On handicap Barbarian (Brian Pottinger) won, Best Kens (David Sabiston) came second, with Njord (Richard Lambert) third.

The fine breeze, congenial atmosphere and competitive racing made for a highly enjoyable day out. After the prize giving a tremendous spread of fine food was laid out for the hungry competitors.

Class 1   2   3  
Snipes Njord Richard Lambert Fiddlesticks Peter Wiberoe Nemo Neil Foubister
Rockets Ella Harcus Hutchison Rural Girl Brian Kent Auk Robert Hutchison
Wayfarers Ey Up Peter Mills Andante Micheal Miller Fair Dinkum Simon Butcher
Mixed Centreboard Best Kens David Sabiston Barbarian Brian Pottinger    
Picos Ben Stabler   Kevin Ryrie   Owen Sinclair  
Catamarans Phoenix George Shearer Plumb Crazy Richard Flett Awesome Colin Drever
Yachts New Dawn John Hinkley Neredes John Byres Norlantic Mike Cooper
Yoles Olive Ian Hulme Gem Brian Bain Adventurer Chris Bain
Lugsail Ann Peter Miller Viking George Berstane Papay Lug Jim Rendall
Skiffs Onward Micheal Harcus Alice Gordon Rendall Puffin Daniel Drever
Mirrors Papay Boat John Harper Whiting Mhairi Drever Sula Tom Stout
Allcomers Barbarian Brian Pottinger Best Kens David Sabiston Njord Richard Lambert

Kirkwall Regatta

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Orkney Sailing Club hosted the annual Kirkwall Regatta on Saturday 6th August.

A strong northery breeze built up significant swell during the OSC regatta on Saturday 6th August, this made for interesting sailing. Among the snipes Cobra (M. Bain/F. Corse) had a close race with Goquicklyred (M.Tippler/..). Cobra eventually won with Goquicklyred 2nd. Wild Goose waddled in 3rd.

  1   2   3  
Snipes Cobra M. Bain/F. Corse Goquicklyred M. Tippler Wild Goose M. Taylor/J. Stockan
Mixed Centreboards Barbarian B. Pottinger/R. Brown Best Kens D. Sabiston/M. Swanney Ella Harcus Hutchison
Three Sailed Yoles morning race Frances I. Richardson Gremsa L. Wilson    
Three Sailed Yoles afternoon race Gremsa L. Wilson Frances I. Richardson    
Yoles, morning race Helga W. Black Ella R. Drever    
Yoles, afternoon race Helga W. Black Ella R. Drever    
Jack Scott Quaich - skiffs Alice G. Rendall Anno K. Harcus Puffin D. Drever
Harcus Cup - skiffs Alice G. Rendall Anno K. Harcus Puffin D. Drever
J&W Tait Hobie 18 Cup Phoenix G. Shearer Plum Crazy R. Flett Katoosh E. Tait
Long Race - catamarans Plum Crazy R. Flett Katoosh E. Tait Phoenix G. Shearer
Scollay Cup - catamarans Dire Sraits M. Holgate Plum Crazy R. Flett    
Wayfarers Hronn L. Venables Fair Dinkum S. Butcher Eyup P. Mills
Allcomers Dunfermline Building Society Cup Best Kens D. Sabiston/M. Swanney Go Quickly Red M. Tippler Fair Dinkum S. Butcher
Allcomers Under 18 Alliance & Leicester Cup Pico B. Stabler        
W&R Tullock Rose Bowl - yachts Sea Nymph W. Pottinger Jigsaw G. Thorpe New Dawn J. Hinkley
Baikie´s Cup - yachts Sea Nymph W. Pottinger Nerbidibs J. Byres Jigsaw G. Thorpe

Rousay Regatta

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Rousay Regatta was held on 9th July 2005, and suffered from a poor turn out of boats due to conflicts with other local sailing events (Island Games, Orkney Challenge). There was also a shortage of wind.

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