Weaver's Mail | Ten Weeks

by India Johnson - 14:04 on 03 June 2020

We just thought we'd hop on and put the last ten weeks of weaver's mail on our blog. This means, if you've only just signed up you can access all of our previous posts in one place. 

Week 1) https://mailchi.mp/a4d6bff84ad8/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3911533

Week 2) https://mailchi.mp/c06e31a7b533/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3915301

Week 3) https://mailchi.mp/69a17c155263/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3915725

Week 4) https://mailchi.mp/704d3c6ef613/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3930917

Week 5) https://mailchi.mp/321c5d38889c/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3930929

Week 6) https://mailchi.mp/2b5a2f34ca24/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3930925

Week 7)  https://mailchi.mp/b44da1cd47b7/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3957721

Week 8)  https://mailchi.mp/bbdca4d99a59/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3957897

Week 9) https://mailchi.mp/d2c1c617d29c/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3958737

Week 10) https://mailchi.mp/377a12bb80ed/new-loom-taster-sessions-spring-programme-3976757

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