13 March 2012
Love Food Hate Waste Breakfast!

Start the day loving your food

63% of people believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they’re right. It revives our energy levels after a night’s sleep and sets us up for the day ahead. But one in four of us skip breakfast at some time during the week. To reduce the amount of food thrown away, lots of people plan their meals for the week ahead. If you plan evening meals why not try it for breakfasts too?


Speedy solutions

• If you enjoy cereal try adding something different. Nuts and seeds make a healthy topping or use any flavour yoghurt instead of milk. Slice the last apple on top of your muesli or add a squeeze of orange for a zesty porridge treat. Add the last blueberries, strawberries or honey to any cereal, hot or cold.

• The microwave is a great way to save time at breakfast. Use it to make quick porridge or re-heat baked beans.

• Use porridge oats to make birchers. Just add yoghurt, fruit (tinned, fresh, frozen - whatever you have), fruit juice and honey to your oats and mix together. Make a big bowl, keep it in the fridge and use over the next few days.

• Toast’s always quick and easy in the morning. If you freeze sliced bread you can toast it straight form the freezer. Why not add some interesting toppings. Bananas and honey, leftover baked beans with a splash of chilli sauce, cream cheese and the last spoonful of jam, a sliced fresh tomato or leftover tinned tomatoes from yesterday’s evening meal. Use your imagination - and your leftovers.

• Older bread’s perfect for making toast or fried bread.

• Any pastries are good at breakfast-time including scones, tea cakes, fruit flans and crumpets.

Leisurely start to the day

For those mornings when you’ve got a bit more time, enjoy a lazy breakfast at home with friends and family. There are loads of ideas to choose from.

• Make pancakes or try an omelette with ingredients you’ve already got in the fridge – cheese, peppers, mushrooms, whatever’s there.

• A full cooked breakfast’s a great way to start the day. Make hash browns to use up potatoes.

• Try kedgeree if you’ve got fish in the fridge – it’s tasty and filling.
• Yoghurt and fruit make healthy smoothies and will keep up to two days in the fridge.


Why not use up leftovers at breakfast? Try leftover baked beans, fresh or tinned tomatoes, and mushrooms. Even the smallest amount can add interest to your breakfast or serve as a kid’s portion before they go to school.


And you can keep cooked bacon and sausages in fridge for up to two days, as long as you reheat them thoroughly. All they need is a few seconds in the microwave, great for a quick sandwich

For lots more breakfast recipes visit wasteawarelovefood.org.uk



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