31 January 2012
SteptOZe Yard 1st Anniversary!

Please come along to our celebration "drop in" event at Stromness Academay Friday 3rd February from 5 to 8pm.

Did you know...... SteptOZe Yard has been open for ONE YEAR!

With your help "skipping the tip" we've managed to stop over 8 tonnes of goods going into the tip! How amazing is that?!!

How to visualise that: With your help at the yard, we've managed to divert away from the tip the equivalent weight of:
88,399 Orcadians (copies of the paper, not actual Orcadians!); or 326 Large sacks (25 kg) of tatties; or 3 averaged sized elephants!; or
0.5 million empty coke cans!; or 16,344 empty wine bottles......

Please pop by to see and hear about our work over the last year, our upcoming exciting workshops, challenges and events.

We are also launching........ "SteptOZe on Tour" where we plan to get out and about in Orkney.
We'll be there with lots of exciting facts and figures, refreshments (cake, there always has to be cake!) and lots of fun activities and freebies. We realy hope to see you!

Everyone welcome!

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