Our indoor and outdoor facilities at the Market Stance are available for hire. There is no dedicated caretaker so we must each do our bit to ensure our fine facility remains in pristine condition. The low hire charge reflects this. Always clean up after yourself (or others). If you find yourself there with some time, sweep the floor, wash the sinks, replenish the toilet roll holders and hand towel dispensers or whatever is necessary.
This is your facility, please look after it. Take responsibility, do not leave it for somebody else.

Bookings for all facilities except the cross country course are for whole hours, starting on the hour. 
Bookings for the cross country course are for 1.5 hour sessions.

Currently you must telephone Crantit Dairy, 872542 to make a booking. It would be more convenient for Crantit if this was done during their office hours, 8.30am-5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am-1.00pm Saturday.

Clicking on "MAKE A BOOKING" on the toolbar to the left will bring up a page where you will be able to see the availability of the facilities before you ring to make a booking. 

Both the front and side entrance doors have combination locks using the same code, which will be given to you when you make your first booking. The large sliding doors on the arena are unlocked by unscrewing and sliding back the bolts. Both halves of the door open in the same direction as indicated on them. Please ensure all doors are locked closed on departure.

The lights above the front entrance door and the side door have motion detectors fitted and come on automatically. On entering the side door there is a bank of switches on the opposite wall facing you and each switch is clearly labelled. Here you will find switches for the arena lights as well as for the car park flood lights. Please do not use lights unnecessarily and be very careful to switch off all lights on departure, remembering that the lights above the entrances are automatic.

The first car park is for normal parking while the inner one is for unloading and tying up horses. It is very important that the gates to the inner car park are kept shut to ensure that a loose horse cannot escape. At a larger event we may have to use both car parks for horses and keep the main entrance gates closed.

Alongside the front entrance you will find a disabled toilet, gents toilet and a larger ladies toilet. Please make sure you leave them in a clean and tidy condition.

Hire Charges
Indoor Arena £15 per hour plus £5 per horse for any more than one, including VAT.
End Outdoor Arena £10 per hour plus £5 per horse for any more than one, including VAT.
Outdoor Sand Arena £5 per horse per hour, including VAT.
Grass Area £5 per horse per hour, including VAT.
Cross Country Course (1.5 hour slot) £15 plus £5 per horse including VAT.
Jumpkins and poles are included in arena hire.
Kitchen and Cafeteria hire are negotiable. Please telephone Crantit.

Day Rates
Indoor Arena £100 with End Outdoor Arena included
Cross Country Course £100 for more than 3 x 1.5 hour successive slots.
All Market Stance Facilities £150 for first day.  £100 per day for consecutive following days.

Please click here to download hire charge details.

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