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Our Covenant With Silence

A photographic exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary
of the death of Orkney Poet, Edwin Muir.

 In response to an invitation from the Loft Gallery, St. Margaret’s Hope, the club decided to mark this anniversary with a photographic tribute, interpreting Muir’s famous poem, “The Horses”.

 It was a different experience for the camera club to use a piece of imaginative literature to spark their photographic inspirations and this was a long-term project, over 18 months. Members came upon the poem from many different angles, picking up individual words, phrases, images, or the changing mood of the poem to guide them.

 The club is very grateful to the Loft for the invitation to exhibit. They also benefitted greatly from the advice of Orkney photographers Rebecca Marr and Sharyn Crossley and of poet Yvonne Gray. Thanks are also due to Orkney Collegians Kirsty Macdonald and Morag Tweedie, who joined in to tackle the final selection of the prints to go on show.

 It is hoped that the images displayed on this page will be of interest to both members, non-members and future members of the club.

Steve Henderson (President)

Click on each image to view each part of the presentation that accompanied the exhibition
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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