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It is hoped that the links provided on this page will be of interest to both members and non-members of the club.

"How-to" Documents
Photographers Rights
Photographic Organisations
Journals and Magazines

Camera Clubs
Technical Stuff
Reviews and Blogs
Pinhole Photography
Alternate Processes
Free Software

If you find that any of these links are broken or if you know of any other sites that would be of interest please e-mail the site administrator. Additionally, if you consider that the content of any of these sites may be inappropriate for family viewing please e-mail the site administrator.

How-to Documents

Tutorials produced by members. If you have any comments to make on the ideas presented here we may be contacted here.

Workflow I (TBA)

(Digital capture)

Workflow II (TBA)

(Film - scanning)

Workflow III (TBA)

(Organising your images)

Workflow IV (TBA)


Workflow V (TBA)

(Output - to screen and printer)

FastStone Resizer (TBA)

(Re-sizing and re-naming images)

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Photographers Rights

A short guide to photographers rights in the UK

UK Photographers Rights

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Photographic Organisations

Links to UK and International photographic organisation websites.

International Federation of Photographic Art

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

Scottish Photographic Federation

Royal Photographic Society

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Links to a few amateur and professional photographer websites.

David Baker

Walter Rothwell

Gary Treadwell

Jeffrey Stoner

Steven Burrows

James Symington

Andrew Gibson

Trevor Ashby

Mick Ryan

Steve Taylor

Mickael Jackson

Alex Holland

Chris Hudson

Tomas Erikson

Cole Thompson

David Saxe

John Friar

Marc Odelia

John Mobasher

Steven Dowell

Neil McShane

Daniel Taylor

Steen Doessing

Martin Cross

Susan Huber

Richard Vanek

Andrea Quattrini

Paul Gallagher

Eric Meola

Wynn White

TimeCatcher (A site dedicated to the beauty our planet has to offer)

Magnum Photos (A co-operative of great diversity and distinction)

Oneexposure (Checkout the 'Photos' and 'Artists' tabs)

Getty Images (Checkout 'Images')

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Technical Stuff

Sites offering technical assistance on various topics.

Adobe Design Centre

CGTutorials (Tutorials on various products including photoshop)

Northlight-Images (Good articles - see bottom of page)

Colour Confidence

(Visit 'The 'Learning Centre' and look at the guide to 'Digital Photography')

Cambridge in Colour

Layers Magazine


Perceptual Visions (Check out 'Articles')

Apogee Magazine

Paul Butzi (Check out 'Articles' + gallery)

Norman Koren Photography (Images and tutorials)

Gerry Eskin Studio (Check out the 'Digital imaging notes')

Naturescapes (Check out 'Articles')


Picture Framing Information

Photo Mounting

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Links to suppliers web sites.

Silverprint (Film, digital, archival products etc)

Retro Photographic Ltd (Mainly film and darkroom products)

Secol (FULL range of archival products)

Grays of Westminster (Nikon only)

Bob Rigby Photographic Ltd

Robert White

ffordes Photographic  (New and Used - 'By Beauly' Inverness-shire)

Warehouse Express

Morco Professional Photographic Products

Nova Darkroom Supplies

Fast Frames (FULL range - metal, wood, custom, off the shelf etc)

DPSB (Digital Imaging hardware, software, supplies etc)

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Links to various photographic manufacturers sites.

Nikon UK

Cannon UK

Pentax UK

Olympus UK

Fujifilm UK

Epson UK

Wacom Europe GmbH (Pen input devices)

Ebony (Possibly the ultimate cameras available)

De Vere (Possibly the ultimate enlarger)

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Reviews and Blogs

Review and blog sites that you may find worth a look.

Digital Outback Photography (Check out topics in the 'index')

Ken Rockwell (QUIRKY - check out the 'How-To' section)

NÆRFOTO Bjørn Rørslett

The Luminous Landscapes

Moose Peterson

Photography Blog


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Pinhole Photography

Explore the art of pinhole photography. Other suppliers of pinhole cameras include Silverprint, Retrophotographic and Bob Rigby Photographic Ltd.

Pinhole Visions: The Art of Pinhole Photography

Zero Image: Pinhole Cameras (Ultimate pinhole cameras + galleries)

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Alternative Processes

Cyanotype, Sepia, Platinum, Palladium etc

Unblinking Eye

Alternative Photography

Digital Negatives

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Free Software

Some useful utilities that are free for non-commercial use.

The GIMP (A FULL function image editor)

Irfanview (Image viewer - virtually ALL formats)

FastStone (Batch re-size and re-name)

DOFMaster (Depth of Field Calculator)

Quick Gamma (Monitor calibration)

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Other stuff that I've not categorised.

Digital Slides (35mm slides from digital files)

theprintspace (C-type prints from digital files)

Metro (C-type and Black & White Lambda prints from digital files)

Epson Inkjet Printer Cartridge Recycling Programme

Cleaning Digital Sensors

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The inclusion of a link to an organisation in no way implies an endorsement of that organisation's products or services by the Orkney Camera Club.



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