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NHS Grampian Consultation on Maternity Services
Posted on 01 February 2012

The Orkney Public Partnership Forum is linking with NHS Grampian during its formal consultation on proposed changes to the maternity service in Grampian, by holding two open meetings.

The meetings will give the public an opportunity to find out more about the proposals; how these changes will affect Orkney mothers-to-be and their families and how give their views on them. The meetings are being held from 7pm – 8.30pm on Wednesday 15th February and 2pm – 3.30pm on Saturday 18th February, to enable as many people as possible to attend.

These meetings are being held in the Saltire Room, Balfour Hospital - with access via Outpatients Reception.

People can also give their views by completing the feedback questionnaire, e- mailing comments to nhsg.consult@nhs.net or by writing to Freepost, NHS Grampian. The consultation paper and feedback questionnaire can be obtained from the Library section of this webpage or further information from  www.nhsgrampian.org/maternityreview

All responses to the consultation must be received by 22 March 2012.

Currently parts of the maternity service are not set up in the right
way, or located in the right place, to address some of the real challenges staff are facing.

The proposals aim to provide a service that is safer, more sustainable and which will better meet the needs of all women and families across Grampian – and women from other areas who need specialist care at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

These proposals will also help reduce pressure on consultant units at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and Dr Gray’s Hospital,
Elgin and improve the experience of women and families who use these services.

Final proposals will go back to the Board of NHS Grampian for approval, but a final decision on any changes rests with Scottish Ministers.

Posted on 01 February 2012