30 March 2007
Red light for Blue badge
OIC have agreed to close Albert Street between 11am and 3pm for all traffic. This is to allow for a pedestrianised zone. This will stop all traffic (incl. Blue Badge holders) using the street at that time. It might be a red light, but is more likely to be a bollard! With a wide range of interests ODF has to take a balanced view on this, as we represent people with Blue Badges who lose out between 11 and 3pm, and also pedestrians with visual or hearing impairments and people with scooter and wheelchairs - who gain from the pedestrianisation. ODF's position is: given that there are times through the day for Blue Badge holders to access that part of Albert Street, and that they will continue to have access to Bridge Street and Laing Street for all of the day; also, given that the OIC have agreed to increase the number of disabled parking spaces in the pay and display car parks (in response to pressure from ourselves); and given that there is a very real benefit to pedestrians and scooter users during the 11-3pm period - we are for this change. With this being viewed as a first step by the OIC into further discussions about pedestrianisation, ODF would urge people with experiences on all sides to raise them - either publicly (e.g. letter in the paper this week), or to your councillor, or to us at ODF.
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