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30 August 2013New Office search

The council says it's supporting efforts by the Orkney Disability Forum to find a new base in Kirkwall. The forum, which provides a range of services including Dial a Bus, currently operates from offices within the power station, but that lease is due to run out in November. For the past seven years the forum has been based at the north end of the Kirkwall Power Station. But, increased work involving renewables and the transmission network means that Scottish and Southern Energy themselves require more office space in the months and years ahead. The lease will end on the 20th of November, and the search is on for alternative accomodation. Forum manager Hazel Aim (pictured) says it's vital that the organisation find a new base with sufficient office space and parking for its vehicles. If that can't be done by late November she says they won't be able to carry on providing services. She said that SSE had been generous landlords and she fully understood why the current lease could not be renewed. Council Chief Executive Alistair Buchan said that the services offered by Orkney Disabilty Forum were highly valued across the community and that the OIC was working with the organisation to support its efforts to find a new home.

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