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Paddling this evening
Hello, I am up on a weeks holiday with my family and wondered if I could join you if there is a paddle this evening? I paddle with moray canoe and kayak club. I am four star . I have my boat with me.. Think you meet 6.30 ...will just come along unless hear otherwise.....hope that is ok..Berny
Posted by Berny welsh on 15 August 2013
I am in Kirkwall for university placement for the next month. A fellow student Lynda told me about your club after having an amazing time with you this week. I'm a complete beginner but would love to get involved in the sport. Would it be possible for me to come along on Tuesday to join in?
Many thanks Ashleigh
Posted by Ashleigh on 02 June 2013
Visit Orkney Islands
With some friends I will be visiting the Orkney islands from the 10th of June until the end of the month.
We would like to tour the area, but before starting off on a tour we would like to visit one of your club evenings and learn more about the islands from people who know the area.Get some ideas for day paddles to get used to the water(s) etc.

Posted by Iede on 01 June 2013
Hi myself and six friends are coming to Kirk wall on FRIDAY 17TH for a weeks sea kayaking we are all members of Clydebank kayak club and are all 3 star and above paddlers are any of your members paddling on Saturday 18th and could we contact them/
Posted by Alf McLean on 14 May 2013
Orkney visit end May 13
Hi - I'm staying on Orkney for a week 24/5 to 2/6 with friends from further north, who may bring one or two kayaks of their own (we're flying). Would love either to be able to join them with a borrowed/rented kayak and/or to join KKC on a club meet. Many thanks Martin Robinson (Southampton)
Posted by Martin Robinson on 08 May 2013
We welcome visiting paddlers joining us. More experienced paddlers on a Thursday evening and less experienced on a Tuesday.
Posted by Dennis on 22 May 2013
Hey there, Stromness Academies Gold Duke of Edinburgh group is interested in Canoeing as their mode of transport for their expedition. Does anybody have any contacts of canoes that can be hired or borrowed August/September time and contacts of a qualified instructor who would also be willing to help our group of 5 with the basics? Our practice expeditions would be likely happening in Orkney around the lochs. Prehaps this is the wrong place to post this but if anyone knows of anyone then that'd be great! thanks
Posted by Stromness Academy Duke of Edinburgh on 29 April 2013
sea kayaking
Hi there, I'm hoping to be in Orkney for a week, around the end of May. I'm doing some work observation at the hospital with a view to maybe moving to Orkney in the future. I have kayaked a bit (rivers and lochs) but only used a sea kayak in a loch! Really keen to do a bit of sea kayaking when im up on one of the weekends? Can anyone help, advise who i can contact? thanks so much! Lynda
Posted by Lynda on 26 January 2013
Hi Lynda, we welcome visiting kayakers. I have emailed you directly, contact me nearer the time and we can set something up.
Posted by Dennis on 26 January 2013
sea kayaking 10-11th Nov
I am coming up from Aberdeen as I have a meeting in the Orkney office on Tuesday the 13th November and have been toying with the idea of taking of coming coming up the weekend before to have a little explore about Kirkwall. I also wondered if there was a chance of any sea kayaking that weekend? I river Kayak here back in Aberdeen for the Aberdeen Kayak club but would love to try some sea kayaking if at all possible? I have my own dry kit and can eskimo roll (although ive never tried in a sea kayak!) - id just need loan/hire of a boat and the comapny of course!

If any one can help or point me in the direction of somewhere else that might be able to help then please let me know

thank you,

Posted by shelley reed on 24 October 2012
Hi Shelley, of course you can join us on a sea paddle, if the weather is okay. We can lend you a kayak too but you will need to become a visiting member of the club.
I will send you contact details.
Posted by Dennis on 24 October 2012
paddle to gloup 12th May 2011
Hi, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who I went paddling with-really enjoyed it and will be back for more and will be joining the club.I was made to feel really welcome and safe by all.
Rebecca Ray
Posted by rebecca ray on 16 May 2011
St Kilda 2011
Was wondering if this would be of interest to any of your club members,there is spaces left on both trips.

This will be guided kayaking trips to St Kilda the Monach Isles and the west coast of Lewis and Harris on the Mv Cuma. There are two dates one on 4th – 10th June and one on the 30th July- 5th Aug 2011 For further information contact murty.campbell@btopenworld.com

Posted by Murdo Campbell on 26 February 2011
Club Website
Hey guys, great website. It was really good reading Kelda's Paddling diary. I thought it was really interesting..

I'd say all thats missing is a members page, would be good to see everyone involved. :)

I hear alot about your trips and everything from Mum and Dad (Neil & Kate) and they really enjoy it. I'm looking forward to having a peedie shot of their kayaks.

Cheers and hope you have great year of paddling ahead.

Karen :)
Posted by Karen Laughton on 03 February 2010
I agree, Paddler profile would be cool!!I will Speak nicely to the Web Master...Keep watching...
Posted by Kristian on 01 March 2010
lovely paddle!
had a wonderful paddle last night.
Left from st Peters church and headed south along the caves and stacks.found a long deep cave tht comes out on the other side. A great intro to real Orkney paddling for our visiting guest!..
Posted by kristian on 31 July 2009
Canoe Polo
Congrats on the polo success this weekend lads. Sounds like you did great. Another string to the club bow. :)
Posted by Kelda on 04 May 2009
war cry
Hi great website :) keep up the good work and beware of the MONKEY lol
Posted by kenny gee on 10 March 2009
Hello from Bergen
Hi folks! Well I seem to have found myself on the committee of BSI Padling in Bergen with responsibility for trips. That puts me well placed to arrange things for folk to come to Orkney and folk to come to Norway! Any interest?
Posted by Kelda Dinsdale on 22 January 2009
hope you are all having a good time!
heres to more happy paddling in the new year!!
Posted by kristian on 27 December 2008
coastguard safety talk
Could you tell me if this talk is still on, as I would like to attend. Many thanks
Posted by chris on 28 August 2008
The talk is still on and takes place at 11 am on Saturday 30 August at the Coastguard Offices, Cromwell Road, Kirkwall.

Please let me know if you are coming.
Posted by Dennis on 28 August 2008
Sea Battle
So what about that sea battle then? We would need another paddling association (key word) to beat, but it could be a good fund raiser.
Posted by Peter on 09 August 2008
I am all for a good fund raiser, but what is a sea battle? The armament on my kayak is a bit light and I am a fairly peaceful sort of chap.
Posted by Dennis on 10 August 2008
Top Photo
I am loving the picture at the top and feel very honoured!!
Posted by Kelda Dinsdale on 10 May 2008
good stuff
great work guys.. good to see it up and running..
Posted by cooperman on 26 April 2008